Breast enlargement during pregnancy — during the characteristic, after

Breast enlargement during pregnancy: the main methods and their advantages. Whether to enlarge Breasts during the period of carrying a child.

To be or not to be

Ample bosom is one of the main characteristics of the external female beauty, which highly valued the male sex.

Unfortunately, not all women nature gave beautiful shapes, so they are struggling to achieve this.

Some women can’t wait until baby is born and are planning to enlarge breast during pregnancy.

Most physicians still have a negative attitude to this idea, arguing that the fact that the expectant mother may harm the health and development of the baby.

Doctors advise waiting until the baby is born, and then to enlarge Breasts.

In spite of this, to decide what to do should the woman choosing for herself and the fetus only the best.

The pros and cons of different methods

Folk methods of breast augmentation have the following advantages:

  1. In most cases they are harmless, so you can use them during pregnancy and not be afraid of side effects.
  2. Some traditional methods involve the use of useful products that will improve the course of pregnancy, as during this period a woman needs plenty of vitamin and minerals.
  3. People’s methods are usually «built» on the natural supplements, therefore they have so many contraindications, such as, for example, surgical techniques for breast augmentation.

Disadvantages of traditional medicine to increase the breast are:

  1. Some recipes may involve the use of raw dough or large amounts of cabbage, which will disrupt digestion. This, in turn, can negatively appear on the pregnancy and the health of women.
  2. Most popular methods will not bring quick results.
  3. Some folk remedies can be harmful to the fetus, for example, the use of their infusion of hops. For this reason, before using for such funds it is necessary to consult with the doctor otherwise you can contribute to the deterioration of the unborn child.
  4. For external use recipes in the form of lotions or compresses can burn the skin. This, in turn, will affect the emotional state of the pregnant woman, and cause her stress. This phenomenon will immediately appear on the child. This should not be allowed.

Natural breast enlargement has the following advantages:

  1. The chest can really increase 1-2 sizes.
  2. The woman does not have to take any action, as the Breasts grow because of physiological and hormonal changes in the body.
  3. Breasts can not only grow in size but also become more elastic, and total.

The cons of this increase, the mammary glands are:

  1. Unfortunately, after birth and breastfeeding the Breasts go back to its usual size. Moreover, with regular lactation there is a risk that the Breasts will SAG and lose elasticity.
  2. During pregnancy the breast is almost every woman, however, is always accompanied by severe pain in the nipples.
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The operating method of breast enlargement has the following advantages:

  1. The woman will be able to correct their physical flaws. Modern breast implants gives you the opportunity to literally «make» the chest be what it wants to see the patient.

While surgeons can change not only breast size but also its shape, sensitivity, and adjust the location (breast asymmetry).

  1. Getting rid of the complexes that plagued the woman for a small bust. It is proved that curvy shape give the opportunity to loosen up and feel more confident. In addition, when a «new» Breasts a woman can wear clothes with a deep neckline, and it can not but rejoice and not to improve mood.
  2. Increased attention from the male sex. It is no secret that more than half of men prefer women with a second or third breast size.
  3. Improving self-esteem. When obviousa or small Breasts, many women feel constrained, however, with the appearance of new forms, they get rid of this feeling.

Despite the above advantages, surgical breast augmentation has a number of drawbacks:

  1. Breast implants are always performed under General anesthesia, which not only will be useful to the fetus and expectant mother.
  2. After surgery the woman will need to take pain medicine, because without them it is simply not enough. These drugs also have a negative display on the internal organs of the expectant mother and the fetus.
  3. Before surgery and after pregnant woman will feel stress and nervous tension, which will be passed to the child. This in turn may contribute to the development of pathologies of the nervous system of the baby.
  4. A very large risk of mammoplasty in the first months of pregnancy when the fetus lays the Foundation of nervous system, internal organs, etc. Any violation of the condition of the pregnant woman during this period threatened dire consequences for the further development of the baby.
  5. Scarring is also a big disadvantage, and not so much aesthetically as in physiological. The fact that after birth a young mother to breast feed. When the Breasts will be scars, it is much heavier lactation. In addition, milk can and does divide.
  6. Loss of sensation in the nipples is almost 70% of all patients, who have increased their breast. During pregnancy it can be dangerous, as in the mammary glands will be collected from the milk, and the woman just will not feel it. This condition threatened mastitis.
  7. The impossibility of screening mammography. As you know, after the establishment of artificial implants, a woman can no longer do this procedure, as silicone implants simply will not normally consider the condition of the mammary glands.
  8. The appearance of the contracture can happen when establishing a large implant to women who do not have enough reserve muscle. This condition threatened rupture of the implant, and externally it looks extremely ugly.
  9. Getting an infection is one of the most significant disadvantages of breast enlargement during pregnancy. The fact that in this condition the woman may develop a fever, appear purulent discharge from the joint and to increase the body temperature.
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These phenomena have a negative display on the fetus. In addition, when a serious condition of the patient she will have to do a second operation, and this means secondary anesthesia, antibiotics, etc. these treatments are life threatening to the fetus and can even disrupt pregnancy.

  1. A recovery period. After each mammoplasty awhile the woman will have to stay in bed and wear a tight compressor linen. The data necessary things normally are transferred in the normal state, but during pregnancy it can be difficult.
  2. The risk of hematoma or seroma. These complications are very dangerous and require both surgical and medical treatment. It is certainly not harmless to the fetus.
  3. The development of necrosis (necrosis) of the tissues always requires re-operation. Because of this, still it is undesirable to take risks and to pursue a breast augmentation at the first signs of pregnancy.

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Natural breast enlargement in the period of carrying a child is due to hormonal changes in the body.

Usually Breasts «swell» by about the tenth week of pregnancy. Also just before birth the Breasts become as large as it starts to gather milk.

It is important to know that natural breast enlargement is always accompanied by increased sensitivity and pain. This is completely normal. Can also increase and nipples.

On average, during pregnancy, the Breasts may increase a couple of sizes.


Operating breast augmentation is called mammoplasty. The woman set the implants, which can be of different size, shape and filling.

The modern technique this operation allows to keep the possibility for breastfeeding, but only when when the patient does not develop any.

Duration of breast implants is different. It depends on the complexity of the operation and volume of work. On average, it lasts for 1-2 hours.

Despite the quick results (mammoplasty «will do» big chest faster than all existing methods), it is better not to carry it when carrying a baby.

Primarily, this is due to higher risk of various complications and the necessity of the transfer of the anesthesia.

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Photo: Before and after surgical intervention


Traditional methods to increase milk jelly include this:

  1. Eating bread crusts in a few months.
  2. Frequent consumption of cabbage.
  3. Regular application of warm compresses to the breast of the blue clay.
  4. Taking baths with sea salt several times a week.
  5. Use decoctions and tinctures of hops or a simple beer. This tool can help to enlarge the Breasts, but still not worth it to practice during pregnancy.
  6. Often eat nuts and honey.
  7. Eat fish (it contains a special substance that helps to increase the breast).
  8. To make iodine mesh on the chest.
  9. Eat a lot of fatty meals. In this case, unfortunately, can recover not only the chest, and also buttocks, stomach, thighs, etc.
  10. To take a contrast shower.

Dangers of breast enlargement during pregnancy

Increase bust during pregnancy is dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. The risk of miscarriage.
  2. The risk of a child with various disorders.
  3. The risk of loss of ability for breastfeeding.

These facts are quite significant to say that pregnancy is a very sensitive situation in which a woman should as protected as her body develops a little man.

Useful tips

In order not to cause any complications in the pregnancy, you should follow these tips:

  1. Before using the methods of folk medicine for breast enlargement you should always consult with a physician.
  2. When breast enlargement should undergo regular examination by a gynecologist to fully monitor the status of the fetus.
  3. If there are any abnormalities in the unborn baby need to abandon the idea of breast augmentation, because the child is much more important.

Breast enlargement in the period of carrying a child is a pretty specific problem, which is unlikely to approve doctors.

Therefore, it is better not to risk it and carry out breast augmentation after pregnancy.