Breast enlargement using own body fat price

Correction glands the fat of the own material – a surgical procedure in which their shape is changed by the introduction taken from the patient’s adipose tissue.

The technique was developed quite a long time, but widely around the world began to be used only after the invention in the late 20th century method of vacuum removal of fat.

Use your own fat cells allows the woman to avoid complications and rejection of the material.

The method

The method consists in the removal of fatty material from «problem» areas and transfer it to the gland.

In fact there is a transplantation of fat from one body part to another.

Material for the procedure may be removed from:

  • buttocks;
  • abdomen;
  • thigh liposuction.

The procedure is shown to those women who simultaneously wish to improve breast volume and to remove from other places excess fat.

This process does not lead to rejection, side effects are minimal, since all the material used for the body is completely harmless and organic.

The application of fat also allows after the removal of tumors or mastectomy to reconstruct the breast, returning them to their original form.

This technique is used to hide the edges, asymmetry and irregularities in the existing implants.

Serious cuts affecting the appearance of the chest, during the lipofilling is done.

Surgeons are microscopic punctures, which do not violate the integrity of nerve fibers and blood vessels.

It is possible to combine this surgery with other procedures for correction or modelling of the face and body.


Making a comparison between lipofilling and other ways to increase glands, this procedure has many positive aspects.

The advantages of this method are:

  • short periods of recovery and rehabilitation;
  • the naturalness of the breast;
  • and scars do not exist;
  • safety of the method due to the absence of alien elements;
  • there is no likelihood of rejection of the material, and allergic reactions because of the complete compatibility of the body’s cells and adipose tissue;
  • not distorted the results of studies of tissues in the breast and organs in the thorax;
  • the procedure is combined with other methods of correction and increase glands;
  • the result is correctable;
  • simultaneously with the increase glands correction of problem areas of the figure due to removal of fat;
  • the visual rejuvenation of the figure, to create new contours;
  • the result is visible immediately;
  • the cost is much lower than similar treatments.

A large number of benefits in recent times makes this technique increasingly popular.


Each operation or procedure is a big risk for any person. No need to save money and risk your health and life.

Before you decide a woman on the correction of chest fat, you must find out all the shortcomings of this procedure and possible complications.

The disadvantages of surgery for breast enlargement include:

  1. Is not suitable for every type of figure. Skinny women procedure is contraindicated.
  2. After 2 years reduced breast volume due to resorption of the material.
  3. The instability weight of the girl will cause a change in volume of the glands.
  4. To achieve breast enlargement only size.
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According to some experts, breast augmentation using your own fat improves significantly the risk of development of malignancies in the glands.

Cause of cancer, according to them, migration is the ability of adipose tissue. This statement is under a no direct evidence.

The end result of any surgery is difficult to predict. When compared to other large and complex plastic surgery, the risk of the injections is minimal.

Considering all properties of adipose tissue, only a small percentage of women may appear complications.

In rare cases, observed the following complications:

  1. Fibrosis – the presence of a tuberosity on the skin and its roughness.
  2. Asymmetry.
  3. The development of atrophy of adipocytes.
  4. Prolonged pain in areas of the fence or the introduction of fatty tissue.
  5. The emergence of grey and bruises.
  6. The development of inflammatory and infectious processes.

In spite of all these disadvantages, the correction process in the glands of their body fat remains a good alternative to silicone transplantation for women who dream of a perfect form.

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The most important being the standard of beauty of a woman and her femininity, the breast, many of them do not have the desired volume and shape.

A not unimportant influence on the size of the glands have anomalies of their development and several diseases.

The presence of these abnormalities is an indication for performing the injections:

  1. Hypoplasia – underdevelopment of glands in relation to the General morphology of the patient. This pathology may be physiological in nature, occur during puberty for girls, result from pregnancy and breastfeeding, to be the consequence of significant weight loss.
  2. Syndrome Palanga – pathology of genetic nature. The woman observed a partial, and sometimes complete lack of chest muscle.
  3. «Tuberous breast» — a congenital deformation of the glands, which is characterized by increased distance between them, a significant amount of nipple-areolar complex. Breasts hanging down on opposite sides with a strong asymmetry.

Volume change chest fat shown if needed:

  • to increase its volume;
  • eliminates their asymmetry;
  • to hide the eye-catching edge implants;
  • to fill in the roughness of the skin and leveling the surface after injury (operations).


The procedure for changing the volume of the breast fat is an ideal solution for most women, dreaming of her beautiful form, but who do not want to resort to implantation.

But the operation is contraindicated if the woman identified the following diseases:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • malignant neoplasm or suspicion on it;
  • diseases of the heart and its vessels;
  • an allergic reaction to the anesthesia;
  • menstrual cycle or the first few days after its completion;
  • the presence of viral, fungal, infectious, bacterial diseases of the skin;
  • neuropsychiatric problems;
  • the violation of blood coagulability;
  • acute or chronic form of connective tissue disease.
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Is denied in the procedure thin women due to the lack of on the body required amount of fat.

The waiver will also receive patients who:

  • you need to change the breast size more than the size;
  • needed braces;
  • planned pregnancy during the first year after surgery.

Before you decide on such an operation, the woman should find out about the permissibility of the procedure and about the existing contraindications.

Not each of them, even with her testimony, it will be possible to do this operation.

Photo: Before and after surgery

The conditions for the operation

Already at the first appointment the surgeon held the patient’s examination. It evaluates the anatomy of the body, defines region from which in the right amount extract fat and the degree of correction glands.

There are a number of necessary conditions under which it is possible to conduct the procedure:

  1. The patient should not be health problems at the time of surgery.
  2. The woman should be required for the operation the amount of body fat.
  3. Each patient should be informed of the shortcomings of the procedure and its possible consequences.

The woman must stop taking anticoagulants, especially aspirin for 5-7 days prior to surgery and not to take them after her.

The necessary research

Prior to the procedure to change the size of glands, each patient must pass a number of studies.

In the list of obligatory examinations are:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • biochemical examination of blood;
  • screening for the presence of HIV, HbsAg, RW;
  • urinalysis;
  • fluorography;
  • ECG;
  • mammography;
  • Ultrasound glands.

Given the existing contraindications and complications, the woman is required to visit breast physician, therapist to determine whether it had the contraindications to this operation, or the lack thereof.

14 days prior to the scheduled date of surgery you must stop taking all medicines.

The discontinuation of essential drugs discussed only with your doctor. It is important to exclude alcoholic beverages.

How is the procedure breast augmentation using your own fat

Breast enlargement fat is a modern procedure that combines liposuction and injection method.

The operation is performed in a hospital. Here the woman is up to 3 days.

Before the procedure the morning can not eat or drink anything. You need to take the compression garment and bra in my new size to wear after surgery.

Correction glands performed under anesthesia. Depending on its complexity, the operation lasts from 1.5 to 3 hours.

Before the procedure, the patient’s body, the surgeon makes with a marker markings, which then helps it to evenly remove the fat.

Breast correction is performed in stages:

  1. Fence fat from «problem» areas. The main condition for this stage is the preservation of the viability of the cells of the fat layer. Damaged or already dead material will quickly dissolve and can cause fibrosis.
  2. Preparation of the transplanted fat. The special material filters, centrifuge exempt from those present in this anesthetic, lipids and clots of blood cells. This method also helps to increase the viability of fat material, to reduce the risk of death and rejection.
  3. The skin glands are a few small punctures required for transplantation of the prepared fat.
  4. The introduction of the doctor of fatty material in the chest and uniform distribution.
  5. The place where the punctures were made, processed antiseptic composition and closed with plaster. Deleting it is only possible after inspection of the glands doctor.
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The recovery period lasts different from a few weeks to 1.5-2 months.

On the next postoperative day may appear edema, small hematomas, subcutaneous hemorrhage.

These effects will disappear after a few days without additional treatment.

To observe the result of the operation will be 7-10 days when you go swelling his chest.

During this time the woman should avoid physical loading and mechanical impact on the chest.

Repeat the correction procedure is possible in 2-3 months if you wish further enlarge Breasts.

The average cost

The average cost of the procedure primarily depends on the level of medical institutions and price policies to it, from the equipment used, the skill of the doctor, the degree of correction glands.

The final price is determined by the surgeon after consultation. A full set of services in the average price of 170 000 roubles.

This price includes services:

  1. The analysis is from 8 000 rubles.
  2. Anesthesia – from 10 000 rubles.
  3. Performing liposuction from 75 000 RUB.
  4. Implantation of fatty material in the Breasts – from 80 000 RUB.
  5. The simulation result of the procedure – from 4 000 RUB.

The final cost will be affected by type of anesthesia (General or local), the method of extracting adipose tissue (extraction of a syringe or liposuction), the required number of procedures.

Self-esteem women have always been influenced by the fullness of her Breasts and size. Many of the factors faced by women in their lives, lead to a loss of shape of the glands.

Some Breasts are naturally small in size.

For many years some women wanted to restore her breast beauty, others to increase it.

But new technological and scientific advances in plastic surgery, the dream of many women is made a reality.