Breast implants before and after — compression, rehab, when you can sleep on your side, complications

Breast implants is not new, but very popular trend in plastic surgery. For many women, this operation is the only way to achieve the beauty and confidence.


To plastic surgery resorted to in order to change the shape and improve the appearance of Breasts.

This need arises for several reasons:

  • Too small Breasts. Universal standards in this matter, the woman determines for itself the optimal size. If she feels quite comfortable with the current volume, then the bust is too small.
  • Too large Breasts. The breast implants used in the case if too large a bust size delivers significant discomfort.
  • The change in the volume and shape of their Breasts after childbirth or weight loss, stretch marks, sagging.
  • Asymmetry of the Breasts. In some women, the mammary glands are located on different levels, it so happens that one breast may be larger than the other.
  • Breast reconstruction after surgery, the installation of the prosthesis after mastectomy (breast removal).


Contraindications for this surgery are:

  • Oncology;
  • the acute form of diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the age of 18;
  • breastfeeding;
  • disturbed blood clotting.

Expert advice

No plastic surgery is not without the initial consultation. For this you need to make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon.

At the reception, the doctor:

  • inspect the mammary glands;
  • listens to the wishes of the patient;
  • gives recommendations on which form is more appropriate in a particular case.

Also at the reception, revealed the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

Consultation includes a detailed story about the breast implants used techniques, rehabilitation, possible complications, etc.

The patient gives the doctor all the questions, including:

  • what materials are used (in the case of breast augmentation);
  • as the operation proceeds;
  • the time spent in the hospital;
  • what is included in the cost of operation, etc.

Not be amiss to ask the surgeon to show work samples, to visually evaluate the results before and after.

In addition to this, you will need the special fitting of implants-siterow, making it easier to determine the desired shape and volume of the glands.

Photo: Comparison of the breast after surgery

What to do before surgery

Before the surgery, the woman must undergo a preliminary preparation, which includes:

  • history taking (interview with a plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist);
  • instrumental and laboratory tests (standard tests, ultrasound of the breast may additionally be assigned to ultrasound of internal organs).

First you need to donate blood for the General analysis and biochemistry. This is done two weeks before the intervention.

A General analysis allows us to estimate the settling velocity of red blood cells and their number, to identify the level of white blood cells and hemoglobin. Low level of hemoglobin and erythrocytes indicates anaemia. The operation in this case is not possible.

High levels of leukocytes indicates inflammation. It is also a contraindication to breast implants, as it increases the risk of infectious complications.

Mandatory studied the blood clotting. With a low rate increases bleeding during surgery, therefore, increases the risk of bruising.

Before breast implants seems a pregnancy test. A woman may not be aware of on the conception, surgical intervention in this case is highly undesirable. To assess the condition of the heart and lungs is performed EKG and chest x-ray.

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Before the procedure stop taking drugs affecting blood clotting. These include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin.

The doctor should tell you about all the medications, supplements and vitamins that have recently taken.

Should abandon heavy, difficult digestible foods (the recommended protein-low carbohydrate diet). Before surgery you need to abstain from the evening meal.

Not allowed drinking alcoholic beverages and Smoking. The earlier you stop Smoking, the better for health, since nicotine has a vasoconstrictor effect.

Because of this disturbed blood circulation, which negatively affects wound healing.

What to do after mammoplasty

After mammoplasty, the patient wakes up in the house, when it is necessarily the staff. The first sensation is numbness, pain and weakness.

Pain kept the first few days, then gradually start to subside.

This period is shown taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The doctor himself will appoint suitable means, independently of anything can not be accepted.

After a week, significantly improved well-being. However, all women rehabilitation after mammoplasty is different, so the discomfort and pain can stay longer.

After the intervention decreased sensitivity of the nipples and areolas, they fully recovered in 5-6 months. In the development of inflammatory process is taking antibiotics.

Key recommendations

The essence of the restrictions during the recovery period is to reduce postoperative edema and improve the appearance of scarring.

Implants must be securely fixed prior to full ripening of the capsule. Otherwise, the breast shape will change and require further correction.

In the postoperative period must be strictly follow all recommendations of the doctor to avoid possible complications.

During the day the patient is in the hospital, discharged home in 1-2 days. After a few days you can start to integrate into normal life.

Arm movement should be limited, especially if carried out axillary intervention.

During the first month prohibited any physical activity, then classes can resume, gradually increasing the load.

Shower take in 6-7 days after the correction. Do not use a washcloth, push or RUB the chest.

Major limitations:

  • In the first two or three months, don’t visit the sauna, sunbathe on the beach and in the Solarium. Even after this time, the postoperative scars should be protected from ultraviolet light.
  • A month and a half should not be worn on the hands of a child and Pets. If such a need is present, the weight should be distributed across the back. Maximum load up to 3-4 kg.
  • It is impossible to raise his hands up, as can stitches.

Video: surgeon


The duration of recovery depends on the type of mammoplasty and techniques used. The body needs to ensure complete relaxation, especially for the first week.

This is the most difficult period, which is always accompanied by pain and swelling. The woman feels tired and exhausted, some even have a fever.

To normal life can return in 3-4 days. However, you need to be very careful with movements to avoid displacement of the implants.

First, the Breasts will be very sensitive, the nipples are not affected. After some time as normal.

Many women are concerned with the question of why the bust is much larger than the expected size. It’s all in the edema, which subsides only after some time.

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In General, the duration of recovery is determined by time, swelling of the glands. On average, the swelling completely subsides in a month and a half.

The first months the Breasts will be hard as it adapts to the new condition. After three months it becomes more soft and natural in appearance.

Dressings are performed on the third, seventh and tenth day after grafting. Then once a month until full recovery, the surgeon inspects.

For faster recovery-balanced diet and walks in the fresh air. Alcohol is contraindicated during the first two weeks after surgery.


Immediately after the intervention is put on a compression garment, which can not be removed for 3-4 weeks.

It captures the correct position of the bust and provides a better result in the future.

You need to have several sets, as the compression garment after mammoplasty is necessary to wash and change.

Underwear should be properly matched in size. It is better to buy it in advance taking into account the future size of the breast.

When you can sleep on your side

The first week you need to sleep on your back because the cancer during this period, very painful, swollen and sensitive. Under the back can put a pillow to make it easier.

In General, sleeping on your side, you can start whenever it is convenient. Usually before this takes 2-3 weeks.

Some women begin to sleep on your side already on a 6-7 day, but this is not recommended.

When a woman is lying on her back, healing proceeds much faster. Implants are starting to settle down in 2-4 weeks. That’s when you can begin to change the posture to sleep.


Complications occur after any breast surgery, but it often occurs after increase the bust implants as most women make it such an operation.

Complications can be divided into two groups:

  • those that develop immediately after the intervention;
  • appear after one to two months or later.

One of the complications that occurs after some time – the development of contractures. In this case, the operation is performed repeatedly, or remove the implants.

If the implants are under the pectoral muscles and under the tissues of the gland, the risk of developing contractures less. But the pain in the first week will be much, much stronger.

If we have used the axillary arthroplasty, will feel the tension of the chest muscles and moderate pain. These stitches are absorbable, so to remove them is not necessary.

In addition there is the risk of secondary prolapse of the glands, which is also corrected by the secondary correction.

Another postoperative complication is the accumulation of fluid in the cavity with a prosthesis. It is pumped through a puncture with a syringe.


Excessively severe pain is not typical for breast augmentation, while the loss in sensitivity is possible.

It is noticed that the more implants, the higher the level of loss of sensitivity.

The likelihood of such complications depends on the localization of the operating access, the methodology used, individual characteristics of the organism and other factors.

For some time after the operation is shown taking analgesic drugs that the physician prescribes.

This measure is necessary to help with the pain glands.

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If the chest hurts too much, no need to wait for planned visits to a plastic surgeon. You should apply as soon as possible to find out the cause of this phenomenon.


What will be the postoperative scar depends on the propensity of the organism to the formation of colloid and hypertrophic scars.

It is also important proper care in the area of operating wounds.

The main recommendation is the minimization of tissue tension on both sides of the scar.

To do this paste special strips (paper strips or silicone stickers), which do not allow to separate the edges of the wound.

The scars will stay anyway, but they will be hardly noticeable. A year later they can only be seen by a qualified technician.


Asymmetry after correction of the breast – specific complication, which is corrected only surgically.

Caused by:

  • improper planning;
  • medical errors at the time of surgery;
  • failure to comply with the recommendations of the patient during the rehabilitation period.

Asymmetry is not immediately. In the early days of swollen glands, and restored only after two to three months.

Asymmetry can talk after the removal of gauze dressings, when bruising and swelling are gone.

Signs of asymmetry:

  • difference glands in size, shape, volume;
  • deformation of the areola;
  • redness, blueness of the skin;
  • pain on palpation;
  • tingling.

Pitfalls of operation

You need to remember that breast implants is the surgical intervention in the body, which leads him to stress.

That is why the decision should be balanced and carefully thought through.

It is extremely important to choose the right clinic and surgeon. It affects not only the final result but also your overall health.

Often women resort to increasing the breast augmentation using implants. The success of the correction is largely determined by the quality of the dentures.

Do not use implants obscure and questionable manufacturers. The most popular manufacturers is Mentor Corp and McGhan Medical.

Dental implants differ not only in size and shape, but also on the quality of the shells. The shape of the prosthesis is the anatomical, round, high profile, medium -, and low-profile. The shell is rough and smooth.

We must not forget that the result of the operation is not eternal. In ten years or even earlier, you may need re-correction. It also depends on the experience and qualifications of the surgeon, but also on the characteristics of the organism.