Breast implants — before and after photos, how much, reviews


You must mention that the term «pump up the breast with silicone» means the use of silicone filled implants. Injections in the chest with a syringe have only historical value. In the European countries and the United States the introduction of fillers based on silicone Breasts is prohibited by law because of the harm of the procedure and its frequent complications.

For men and women

About silicone prostheses for the female breast to know everything. The installation of breast implants for men – a relatively new direction of plastic surgery. And the question here is not about the sex change surgery.

Male breast implants often referred to spektralnyi, not to be confused with the female. They are most often used by those who are actively involved in sports in order to achieve the perfect figure.

Usually those men who have constitutionally narrow and flat chest and exercise fails to gain the desired muscle volume. Often the procedure pectorally implant combined with liposuction and mastopexy about gynecomastia.

The attitude of the men

Men’s attitudes depends on what kind of breast implants will make a woman. There is a widespread view that this chest:

  • much denser than natural;
  • it has huge size;
  • the operated breast has an unnatural shape, which often does not correspond to age, weight and so on.

In fact, none of these qualities is not mandatory, but they are all together or in various combinations are found in women that when selecting implants focused only on the size.

Often these qualities are so pronounced that the question of how to distinguish silicone from natural breast does not occur, everything is obvious. Except for size they have a sufficiently large number of other characteristics. If you approach the question of choosing implants with the mind, nobody will be able to distinguish between artificially enhanced Breasts from natural.

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The types of implants

The density of the breast to the touch is determined by the density of the implant. If you select soft, the illusion of a natural breast to be full. In addition, such implants and will behave in a natural way: take a different shape depending on the type of bra, clothing, body position.

If you select dense, a breast will be pleased to consider in the distance, but to the touch it is clearly artificial and rigid. And the shape of this chest will retain same in any position and any linen.

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The size and shape

Megalomania and the unnatural shape of the breast, which is selected in accordance with a template and an exaggerated idea of the beauty, without considering the peculiarities of figure and appearance in General, is something that can often be seen on the before and after photos.

Size doesn’t matter in that case, if the initial zero size Breasts a woman who is not very thin, makes the choice between the second and incomplete third the size.

If we are talking about a fourth or a fifth the size of the girl-twigs, it is safe to say that unnatural is not just noticeable, it will be evident.

As to the shape, some ladies after the age of thirty years often change implants just to make the breast more natural for his age. Most interesting is that no male on the forums any comments about the presence of scars as a sign of a silicone breast.

The presence of scars for women only is an indicator of senatorelect, and not for everyone. This means that if the choice of size, breast shape and density of the implant is approached wisely, there are no suspicions in relation to your new forms from others will not arise.

Advantages and disadvantages of silicone breast

The pros and cons of silicone breast relative and are often the result of what the implants chosen by the patient and how well the operation was performed.


  • excellent mood and self-esteem from the fact that the chest looks great;
  • the ability to become pregnant and breastfeed without restriction in case, if during the operation do not damage the ducts of the mammary glands;
  • a new wardrobe and a new collection of swimwear every year;
  • a new relationship with an old or new partner.


  • the cost of surgery, implants, compression underwear, recovery period;
  • the surgery is performed under General anesthesia;
  • the need to spend on the operation and the postoperative period of the planning or unpaid leave, as plastic surgery of hospital do not give;
  • the recovery period requires compliance with a large number of constraints.
  • after birth, the shape of the operated breast may change for the worse;
  • possible adverse effects of surgery, such as implant displacement, the gap, contouring of the implant under the skin, back pain and many more;
  • inability to breast-feed in that case, if during the operation through an incision around the nipple there is damage to the ducts.
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Frequently asked questions

What to choose?

If you chose implants solely on the principle «the more», now the huge size is not in fashion. In the fashion of ideal forms as an indicator of youth and health. Therefore preference should be given to safe, proven products, those manufacturers that have proved themselves.

The shape and size you need to choose based on the shape and size of bust you want. To prevent a complication such as capsular contracture developed implants with a rough surface.

What you can save during breast augmentation?

The cost of implants will not save, as the replacement of defective prostheses is in full operation, which is performed under General anesthesia and is worth the money. There are ladies who find some offices in Europe that sell them cheaply. If you want to repeat their experience, keep in mind that it is only under your responsibility.

On compression does not save, as it determines the effectiveness of healing during the recovery period. On the anesthesia the operation is also not save, because you can choose a budget version of the anesthesia, but it is a long recovery from anesthesia after surgery, malaise, nausea and vomiting.

Feeling much better those who did anesthesia good drugs. After this anesthesia by the evening and dinner full, and feeling much better.

During the recovery period will also be periodically necessary the medicinal drugs like painkillers and antibiotics, the silicone patches, creams for scar removal.

The only thing you can not pay, it’s for the pathos of the clinic. But only in those cases if you can find the excellent recommendations of the surgeon, whose services will be worth reasonable money.

Can I breast feed this child?

It all depends on the method of operation and locations of incisions. To preserve the ability to breast feed, it is necessary to observe two conditions:

  • the incision should not pass in the region of the areola, as in this place the milk ducts closest to the skin and there is a risk of damage;
  • the implant should be installed under the muscle or partially under the muscle, under the glandular tissue of the breast, as this may be damaged glandular tissue of the pancreas.
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How surgery can affect pregnancy?

The operation can only then be a problem if it occurred during the first days or weeks after conception. Drugs for anesthesia, anesthetics, and antibiotics can have toxic effects on the fetus and cause congenital malformations. Because this pregnancy recommend to interrupt. In other cases, no plastic surgeries are not a contraindication for conception and carrying a child.

The scars will be very noticeable?

If there is no tendency to form hypertrophic or keloid scarring, the risk of development of rough scars. In order to look at all perfect, you can perform an incision in the armpit or to conduct endoscopic surgery.

Implants need to be changed?

The implants of the 3rd generation, which are now used for breast augmentation, do not require routine replacement. Re-operation will be required if you develop mastoptosis, these are cosmetic defects such as skin ripples.

The cost

Name of service Price in rubles
Augmentation mammoplasty 150000-350000
Endoscopic mammoplasty 180000-320000
Mastopexy and breast augmentation prostheses from 140 thousand in one breast

Prices often depend on the experience and reputation of the plastic surgeon, because any attempt to save may result in unplanned costs to fix the obtained cosmetic defects that can appear after an unsuccessful operation for breast augmentation.

The before and after photos

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