Breast implants size 3 — before and after


Whether such victims

A breast augmentation allows women to get the desired shape and breast size.

To decide to do it or not, every woman should own, as it is quite serious and responsible step that can make a difference, not only in appearance.

Quite often, after correction of the breast in women increased self-confidence. This is a purely psychological pattern that occurs after the improve the body.

Before you decide on breast surgery, you need to know about its main advantages.

The advantages of this operation are:

  • improving the appearance of the breast will enhance the attention of others, particularly men.
  • lowering the risk of developing breast cancer;
  • increase self-esteem and confidence;
  • getting rid of possible complexes.


Following are contraindications, in which it is not desirable to carry out the operation for correction of the breast:

  • the patient’s pregnancy and breastfeeding (doing mammoplasty can be no earlier than eight months after the end of lactation);
  • the age of eighteen, when the body is still not fully formed;
  • the presence of chronic diseases (diabetes, hepatitis, HIV infection);
  • a weakened immune system;
  • disease of the connective tissue (lupus erythematosus);
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • oncological diseases;
  • acute infectious or respiratory diseases (tonsillitis, flu, fever, etc.);
  • serious diseases of the nervous system when a person is not in control of his actions;
  • unfinished period of rehabilitation after surgery.

When thinking about surgical correction

Mammoplasty breast 3 size women do not as common as the zero or the first when the mammary glands are very small.

Despite this, even at this size there are special indications for the correction of the breast.

Experts advise to do breast surgery in such cases:

  • congenital breast asymmetry (when one breast is higher than the other);
  • sagging Breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, which not only adorns, and also gives the woman physical discomfort;
  • to prevent the development of diseases that can occur due to large breast;
  • the removal of one breast after the detection of the tumor;
  • sagging Breasts associated with aging (impaired skin elasticity and firmness of the muscles);
  • hypertrophy;
  • change the shape of the breast.
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Augmentation mammoplasty by the 3rd of the size of the breast

Augmentation mammoplasty-to-third-breast size is quite popular, but not everyone fits.

Is justified by the fact that 3 breast size using large silicone implants (with a volume of 200 ml).

If the patient is too thin, such large prostheses are unnatural to look at her chest.

This may create a feeling of artificiality, which is highly undesirable for mammoplasty, which seek the most naturally correct breast.

In addition, when a narrow chest surgeon will be difficult to implant artificial Breasts, as muscle tissue overlying them is too little.

As a result, the incision may be a long time to heal, and the breast may be too «tight» and solid. This, in turn, will provide the woman constant discomfort.

To avoid this happening, surgeons, in most cases, themselves select patients for the appropriate size and shape of implants that will look best after the surgery.

Also, the doctors determine what would be the surface of the implant, and in what way they will be introduced to the patient (there are different methods of incisions).

For this reason, it is recommended to find an experienced surgeon who will be able to correctly calculate the size of the «new» chest.

Up to what size can enlarge Breasts

The size of implants is measured in cubic centimeters.

If a woman already have 3 breast size, it may increase it three or four sizes.

For this she will have implants in volume from 240 см3до 740 cm3.

The specific size and shape needs to select the treating doctor, depending on weight, breast shape, height and physique of the patient.

Video: the result of the operation

How your Breasts look 3 sizes before and after surgery

Before the surgery the breast 3 sizes looks quite large, but often its appearance spoils of excessive sagging.

Because of this, the Breasts seem flat and unattractive. They seemed deprived of elasticity.

For this reason, mammoplasty surgeons are often not only adjust breast shape, but also tighten skin, making it more elastic.

If the patient’s breast with 3 size just to insert the implant (without the braces), in the end, her Breasts can be like hanging stuffed pear that is certainly not a top beauty.

After surgery, with the third dimension becomes more lush and rounded. Thanks to perfectly smooth implants, the surgeon is able to correct all the flaws and defects.

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Pitfalls of surgical intervention

As with any surgery, breast implants can cause serious complications.

The risk of their occurrence increases when correction of Breasts is done if there are contraindications or the patient does not comply with medical recommendations (compressor not wearing underwear, sports until the end of the rehabilitation period, etc.).

Also complications can occur if mismatched shape and size of implants.

Often, after surgery there may be complications:

  • loss of sensation of nipples. Usually this symptom occurs if you use large implants;
  • tissue inflammation and the entry of the infection is especially dangerous because in this case, the duration of rehabilitation can be very lengthy. In addition, if the patient will greatly increase the temperature, then the surgeons will have to remove the implant, so as not to put her health in danger;
  • severe swelling of the breast after surgery can bring not only discomfort but also pain;
  • the need for re-operation may occur due to displacement of implants, their course or education contacturi on the chest (when the artificial breast is too allocated from the area of the chest);
  • wrinkling of the implant will require surgical correction, since the Breasts will lose their elasticity;
  • the formation of postoperative hematoma occurs no more than 2 % of women. Because of her prosthesis cannot be fixed. In addition, in this state, there is a serious risk of getting a wound infection;
  • the opening of bleeding during surgery;
  • the accumulation of serous fluid can deliver a lot of trouble and pain to the patient;
  • joints (can happen if you install too large of an implant or by excessive activity of the patient);
  • the pushing of the implant (may occur when the suture in the first days after surgery). In this state, the woman will require a second operation;
  • the offset of the prosthesis, due to which the Breasts may acquire an irregular shape (happens when the patient is not wearing supportive bra compressor in the first weeks after surgery);
  • necrosis (death) of the skin occurs due to excessive scarring and infection. In this condition the woman may require skin grafts;
  • implant rupture is quite rare. Most often this is caused by mechanical trauma. It should know that the signs of rupture of the prosthesis are not immediate – it can become noticeable after several weeks or even months;
  • later infection of the implants can occur even several years after mammoplasty. According to studies, more than half of the cases lead to infection of bacteria that affect the implants and the muscles around it;
  • leakage of saline solution from the implant. While in itself this fluid is not dangerous – it just dissolve in the blood. The problem becomes that the breast «deflates». It can lose its shape and elasticity;
  • the inability of mammography due to the fact that the doctor just can’t see the breast tissue, especially if the implant be under the muscle and just under the top layers of the skin of the breast.
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Breast implants 3 breast size has its own characteristics and advantages. Before its implementation, it is recommended to consult with several doctors and see the results of such operations.