Breast lift and breast augmentation (arthroplasty with mastopexy) — pictures, prices, as is done

What results you can expect:

  • well-formed Breasts makes a woman younger and more attractive in your own eyes and in the eyes of others;
  • after operation changes in posture and gait, aided by the increased weight of the Breasts, and changed the woman’s self-esteem;
  • when a psychological problem of small or saggy Breasts out, the woman improves interaction with people, interpersonal relationships, and increased satisfaction with their sex lives.

Most popular women plastic surgery is an increase with implants. But depending on the condition of the skin often enough augmentation mammoplasty have to be combined with the operation for breast lift.

Joint replacement with mastopexy (lift with implants) – is a group of plastic surgery whose purpose is breast augmentation using implants and improved breast shape.

It is used in cases when the breast shape will not work to fix only one breast implant.

Whom the operation is

Surgery is indicated in any woman who is dissatisfied with the shape and size of their Breasts.

  • After the end of the breastfeeding period.

Usually after the end of lactation the glandular tissue of the breast is reduced in volume, and loose skin can not take your previous volume. Because the breast shape may change significantly for the worse.

If the volume of the breast is adipose tissue, which comes to the glandular, the situation is not saved because adipose tissue cannot hold the shape and to the touch it’s not as tight as glandular.

  • After the weight loss.

Breast lift with replacement is performed, if prior to the weight loss breast size was great, the owner of a bust wants to keep former volume, and of their own breast tissue would be enough to close the prosthesis.

  • When replacing implants.

In some cases, a woman may be a question of replacement of the implants. Reasons for this may be several It can be the desire to reduce your breast size, but do not go to zero size. The excess skin will have to remove, otherwise the Breasts will look deflated.

The desire to change the shape of the breast so that it was more natural, but to keep the volume of the bust. Usually this request at the consultation expressed are those women who because of their age «the chest under the chin,» which is decorated with very young girls, starts to look unnatural.

It may be necessary to restore breast shape with mastopexy replacement of breast prostheses after the next pregnancy and the breastfeeding period, as well as sudden weight loss or weight gain.

Types of braces and breast augmentation

  • If a breast lift and implants performed in one operation, such a mastopexy with endoprosthesis replacement is called simultaneously.
  • It may be true that a mastopexy is performed first and then, after a while performed breast augmentation implants.

In order to carry out such an operation, the surgeon need to have good experience of the suspenders with the use of implants. And the patient should prepare for greater risk of complications of such an operation.

Unfortunately for patients, concomitant aesthetic implants summarizes all the difficulties and consequences that may be after mastopexy after augmentation (increasing) of mammoplasty.

It can be:

  • incomplete or excessive correction of mastoptosis;
  • the appearance of asymmetry;
  • the development of scars;
  • misalignment and incorrect positioning of the prosthesis;
  • skin necrosis and necrosis of the nipple.

The greatest problems for co-operation arise more often from the formation of scars.

Thin and neat scars can be formed only in case if during the maturation of the connective tissue scars on them were subjected to considerable pressure.

When conducting simultaneous operations the tensile force, which are the scars, significant. Because scars can become stretched and wide and rough.

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That is why most surgeons prefer to carry out lifting and breast augmentation in two stages.


  • the end of breastfeeding for at least 1 year before surgery;
  • Oncology;
  • serious diseases of internal organs and the cardiovascular system;
  • endocrine diseases, particularly thyroid disease;
  • infectious diseases;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • significant loss of elasticity of the breast skin.

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First of all, consultation of the surgeon who determines the severity of the cosmetic problem for a patient with chest, listens to the wishes of women concerning the appearance of your bust, and defines the most appropriate ways of surgical correction of the volume and shape of the breast.

Usually during the first consultation, the surgeon tells the patient about the possible consequences of the operation, complications, durability of the result of the operation based on the elasticity of the skin and the breast size of the patient. If a woman decides to do the operation, then the next stage is examination and consultation of experts in order to identify possible contraindications to surgery.

To do this:

  • undergo a series of examinations: breast ultrasound or mammography, fluoroscopy, electrocardiogram;
  • tests of blood and urine to determine how well-functioning internal organs, whether the patient has syphilis, HIV infection, viral hepatitis b and C, there is any inflammation in the body (acute and chronic);
  • office visits: physician (to identify contraindications for surgery), the anesthesiologist (to identify contraindications for anesthesia), mammalogy (in case there are changes on breast ultrasound or mammogram).

A week before the operation the patient is required to begin to refrain from Smoking, drinking alcohol, taking medications that disrupt blood clotting. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics, antiviral drugs or other medications to prevent complications in the postoperative period.

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What is the procedure

Before the surgery takes place, the markup of the new provisions of the nipples so that they were slightly above the inframammary skinfold. If you plan to have simultaneous operation, the new position of the nipples is planned taking into account the increased breast volume.

Anesthesia is usually General anesthesia. It can be inhaled, and may be intravenous. Exactly General anesthesia is most preferred during a lengthy operation. Mastopexy is a time and a half or three hours, setting implants is performed within 40-120 minutes, the combined operation may take time up to 3-4 hours.

In the first stage of the operation is the removal of excess skin by any of the methods of mastopexy (circular, coreopsis, vertical). The nipple is moved to a new level, the skin, which moves below the nipple at the same time, gives the breast a new shape.

If the operation is combined, after the face lift, the surgeon proceeds to the formation of pockets for the prosthesis. In most cases, it is necessary to make additional incisions under the breast or elsewhere, if the access used for the mastopexy is impossible to get viscam chest, which will form the pocket for the implant.

In a specially formed box or pocket implant is installed. The implants are centered so that both of prosthesis were positioned symmetrically in vertical and horizontal. The soft tissues are sutured with absorbable thread. On the skin impose cosmetic seams nylon thread.

The sutures sterile bandage or sterile glued special stickers. After running the ligation on a patient wearing a compression garment.

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The postoperative period

On the first day:

  • the compression garment;
  • being in the hospital;
  • you can drink and eat only in the evening, and only if there is no nausea and vomiting;
  • just lie down or reclining ( in the event that if you can raise the head end of the bed);
  • complete emotional tranquility;
  • physical rest: arms along the body is allowed a minimum of hand movements, it is forbidden to raise his hands to the head;
  • pain relief, antibiotics, infusion therapy on prescription.
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On the second day the patient is discharged home.

In the first week:

  • wearing compression underwear all day;
  • dressings every day, finishing seams with antiseptic solutions;
  • painkillers as needed, antibiotics on prescription;
  • to reduce the physical load to a minimum, it is better most of the time lying down or sitting;
  • the restriction on sex (increases swelling of the Breasts), steam baths and saunas;
  • it is not necessary to tan, as this can lead to pigmentation of the joints.

In the second week with permission of the surgeon, you can:

  • to wash in the shower, but is contraindicated in the bath, as warm water can cause swelling of the breast;
  • to do light work around the house without heavy lifting and without lifting the hands above chest level, to drive.

The stitches will be removed 10-14 days after the surgery. You must then seal the seams with silicone adhesive or special paper strips to scars formed a thin and unnoticeable.

Within 3-4 months after the surgery:

  • to wear a compression garment around the clock first, then the day and during exercise;
  • to increase the load during sports gradually, focusing not on athletic achievement, but on their own feelings;
  • refrain from saunas and tanning to the complete disappearance of the edema.

Adverse effects

  • The discrepancy between the joints.

Usually this happens when failure to comply with patient restrictions of motoring. Seams may diverge as a result of sudden movements in which drastically stretches the skin. The filaments in the stretching of the tissues just cut and edges of surgical wounds differ.

  • Deformity of the areola.

The loss of the rounded shape of the areolas is a result of improperly applied markings. If the anatomical distance is not measured correctly, or the correct calculations, then the nipple can stretch more in width or top to bottom, and assumes an oval shape.

  • The rapid descent of the breast to its original equal.

Unfortunately, this complication is not uncommon. Especially quickly it occurs in those who have before the operation, the elasticity was dramatically reduced. As well as those who have chest increased greatly. The combination of low elasticity of the breast skin and placement of implants a large amount of ptosis can be scheduled in the first year after surgery.

Contribute to the development of ptosis changes of body weight, pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the rapid development of ptosis can contribute to technical errors, which allows, during the surgery the surgeon.

  • The asymmetry of the operated breast.

Usually a slight asymmetry after the surgery allowed. But the severity of the developed asymmetry may be different. Connected it may be with errors of the surgeon, and individual reaction of the displaced breast tissue tensile scope of the implant.

  • Inflammation.

The cause of inflammation may be a reaction of rejection, which is formed by the body in response to the presence of the implant and micro-organisms which get into the wound.

To prevent inflammation due to the fault of microorganisms, sometimes put in the wound drainage, which enters the blood and intercellular fluid, which in the first day are collected in a region of injured tissues and can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics.

If the cause of inflammation is getting the implant itself that is causing the rejection reaction of the organism, it must be removed. After some time the production of the implant can be repeated.

  • Development of a hematoma or seroma.

If the wound area starts heavy bleeding or a large amount of tissue fluid, the chest greatly increased in size. Sometimes this increase can be symmetric, but usually it happens on one side.

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This enhanced pain, which are bursting character. Pain may not be if the patient takes painkillers. In the hospital, the surgeon drains the cavity, which collects the liquid or blood. The shape of the chest normal.

  • Poor circulation in the area of operational cuts.

This complication is manifested with varying degrees of intensity. In some cases, can slow down the healing process of the nipple in the new location and healing of the skin. In other cases it can cause massive tissue death, including the nipple. The more you implant, the higher the risk, as the more stretched the fabric. The risk increases in women over the age of smokers and obese women.

  • Violation of the sensitivity.

A very frequent complication of the operation. Losing sensitivity in the nipple and skin breast. This may have implications for those who have the stimulation of the nipples is important in achieving peak sexual pleasure.

The lack of sensitivity of the skin requires some attention to your body, since in such circumstances, items of clothing, a bra can erase the skin to the blood.

Over time, in most cases, the sensitivity is restored. This occurs within six months after the surgery.

Impact on breastfeeding

In the distant past, when the technique of operations on the chest was developed, performing a breast lift the nipple cut off and sewn just above.

Naturally, after this procedure the woman has lost the ability to feed the baby breast milk as the ducts of the mammary glands were damaged and no longer be reported with the nipple.

Now such a method of conducting a mastopexy abandoned, as the crippling. Even when moving the nipple higher, the integrity of the ducts of the mammary glands is not broken. Now because of plastic surgery on the Breasts can make women at any age and regardless of the number of children already born or planned.

Not to worry about the quality of milk for your child, it is not necessary before surgery save on implants. The best is a third-generation implants that do not leak silicone gel and do not let the silicone get into the surrounding tissue.


The transaction the cost
one-stage operation from 180 to 300 thousand rubles
mastopexy from 50 to 95 thousand rubles
augmentationalternatives from 150 to 300 thousand rubles

The cost largely depends on the status of the clinic and reputation of the surgeon. Single-stage operation for tightening and breast augmentation is cheaper than the sum of the two separate operations of mastopexy and placement of implants, as before the two operations with an interval of at least three to four months, you will have twice to pass the examination. As well as paying twice for the anesthesia, the list of supplies needed for the operation and the postoperative period, two are in hospital.

The before and after photos simultaneous mastopexy and endoprosthesis of the breast

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