Breast lift (breast) threads — before and after photos, price, reviews

Currently it is positioned as a replacement for plastic surgery that gives women unrealistic expectations in relation to the results of the procedure. In fact, lifting the chest has serious limitations and is not for everyone.

Because let’s look at the basic facts so you don’t have to pay a plastic surgeon for useless advice.

What kind of yarn can be used

Aptos (Aptos)

Aptos threads are developed by domestic specialists. Currently, breast lift are used as rassassyvesa consisting of polylactic acid and non-absorbable filaments of polypropylene.

  • AptosLightLiftBody.

Composed of polylactic acid. Gradually dissolve in the tissues, leaving the place of passage of the thread frame of the newly formed collagen and elastin.

By themselves, they are not smooth, have small knots and notches that lock the fabric and hold them at the desired level.

Currently used to correct the shape of the breast most often.

  • Aptos Needle иAptos Excellence Body.

Two types of polypropylene fibers, which do not cause rejection reactions of the body. Used in cases when the volume of the chest (and therefore its weight) is large. For example, after a breast augmentation.


Consist of lactic acid. Resolve for a long time, for 8-9 months, constantly releasing lactic acid. 100% biocompatible with the tissues of the human body, therefore does not cause rejection reactions or allergies.


  • revitalizing action (stimulate metabolic processes in tissues, in particular collagen and elastin);
  • mechanical action (Mironosetsky hold tissue at the desired level).


Made of polydioxanone. Top covered polyglycolic acid. Resolve gradually, leaving yourself instead of a framework of collagen and elastin fibers, extending the effect of the procedure.

Visually it can be represented as follows: threads are introduced into the tissues, acquire a box made up of collagen and elastin, resolve, and the case remains, continuing to provide support for tissues.

They are located in tissues, about 80 days, then gradually dissolve. 20 days after their introduction begins to form connective tissue sheath. Fully and completely resolve for about 280 days. By using meso-threads of the fabric does not pull, as is done with Aptos.

For example, have shown no knots and notches that can hold the tissue in its new position, because the purpose of using masonite primarily preventive.

Today have passed the necessary certification and found to be safe only two. It LeadFineLift that produce in Korea, and Beaute ‘ Lift V Line, which are made in Japan.

Gold and platinum strands

Gold thread is actually made of gold of 999 tests. In each thread 24-carat gold. Thickness of 0.1 mm. The same with platinum. In some cases, precious strands used for reinforcement of the breast, i.e. to create a frame of thin wires that will keep the skin from sagging. Lift the chest with precious threads will not work.

Strands of gold and platinum do not dissolve. They are covered with a thin capsule of connective tissue, which shrinks during maturation. On the face of such a contraction of the capsule around the wire frame can give a small lifting effect. On the chest, this effect is noticeable will not be, as the weight of the breast tissues much more.

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In addition, some plastic surgeons claim that metallic thread can make it difficult to follow-up plastic surgeries.


  • There is no need for anesthesia.

The procedure is performed using local anesthesia. The patient is conscious and can observe the process.

  • No risk of scarring.

For the introduction thread is used punctures of the skin. Any incisions. Consequently, no scarring.

  • Minimal recovery period.

Tissue trauma at the introduction threads is minimal, and this means that healing occurs quickly, do not need to comply with numerous restrictions.

  • No foreign bodies in the body.

To improve breast shape no need to use fillers or silicone implants.

  • Improves condition of tissue.

In the immediate vicinity of the filaments increases blood flow. If the threads includes substances that improve metabolism (are acid), it additionally increases metabolism and improves the condition of the tissues.

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  • Can be used to correct the shape of miniature chest, the volume of which corresponds to 2 size.
  • The effect of the procedure lasts an average of one year, gradually decreasing.


Subject to the restrictions, breast lift thread has a small list of situations where it will be effective.

  • Prevention of mastoptosis.

Used after surgery mastopexy and reduction of the volume of the breast as an additional measure to prevent further prolapse of the tissues of the breast.

  • The elimination of the ptosis of the breast.

Only used for those who have saved the amount of glandular tissue in the breast, ptosis is minimal (started smoothing the convexity of the gland above the nipple). Only in this case the strings will give the best result.

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  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • the tendency to formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • infectious, autoimmune diseases;
  • skin diseases of bacterial, fungal or viral;
  • local inflammatory processes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue;
  • allergies;
  • diseases of the blood system;
  • Oncology;
  • diabetes

As they are introduced

Filament is usually injected at a depth of 3-5 mm. It is enough to it was not visible on the surface. But there is no risk of damage to blood vessels and nerves.

For their introduction uses a special needle is inserted to the desired depth through a small incision and is carried out along the contour to a small incision through which the needle pull out.

How is the procedure

By the time the procedure takes about two hours. It is performed in the operating room or treatment room, where it is possible to put the patient and provide the necessary sterility.

  1. On the skin of the patient applied a special layout, in which the doctor will have a thread in the skin.
  2. As analgesia used intravenous anesthesia. Much less frequently a doctor may be limited to local anesthesia.
  3. The skin near the procedure, treated with antiseptic.
  4. Depending on the way the frame of the strands under the skin during the procedure may use different number of threads. On average, you need to use 4-8 threads for each breast.
  5. The average length of the threads 7, see But flash thread can tissue a little more length, which subsequently creates the optimal conditions for the reduction of the skin that occurs due to cell renewal.
  6. The mammary gland may be sewn by threads in different directions. Most often threads are concentrically arranged around the breast. But it may be true that the majority of threads will be used for suturing the breast skin in the area below the nipple. Usually one of the strands of the entire framework is attached to the clavicle.
  7. After the needle or cannula is extracted from the skin, the excess thread is trimmed.
  8. The skin is again cleansed with antiseptic. Zone injections or small incisions through which introduced needle or cannula, stuck a band-aid.
  9. To the place of introduction thread apply cold for 20-30 minutes.
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The recovery period

In the first few days the Breasts should not be massaged, smeared with drugs for the treatment of bruises, if there were, or use drugs to reduce swelling.

Two or three times a day the punctured skin or cuts should be treated with antiseptic. If the swelling doesn’t comes down, then several times a day to the injection site of the thread necessary to attach the cold.

For pain you can take painkillers as needed.

Within two weeks after surgery you should not engage in sports, make sudden movements with your hands, sleep on your chest or side.

You can begin to perform cosmetic procedures, which are aimed at improving breast shape and retraction of the skin, if during the procedure, threads are not only introduced, but also slightly stretched for greater lifting effect. During the month it is advisable to abandon any thermal treatments. This applies both to sauna and Solarium and bath. Only allowed a warm shower.

Adverse effects

  • Vtjazhenija.

Education longitudinal retractions occur in those places where soft tissue sags between adjacent threads. Usually those patients whose skin has lost its elasticity.

  • There is no opportunity to significantly raise the chest.

Threads are not allow to solve the problem of excess skin that when mastoptosis. It’s also possible the appearance of small folding and looseness of the skin above the level of the nipple-areola complex in cases where the elasticity and the skin’s ability to shrink reduced.

  • Contouring thread.

Maybe in those cases, if the threads are inserted close to the surface of the skin, or if by yourself move closer to the surface of the skin. In these cases, they become visible on the skin surface in the form of a thin projecting bands.

  • The eruption of the filament.

In cases when the weight of the breast is significant, the soft tissue can simply be cut in places the greatest stress on the filament. However, they still retain their position, and the breast tissue falls.

  • Inflammation in the area of insertion of the suture.

A rare complication, but nevertheless it can develop in cases where together with her in the fabric of fall microbes and the immune system is unable to cope with them.

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The opinion of plastic surgeons

Quite a large number of practicing plastic surgeons agree that lifting patarkatsisvhili any other threads is an inefficient procedure, which much more often gives complications than positive results. This happens even in cases when a specialist recognizes the efficiency of thread lifting for the face.

On the face of a well-developed muscular and tendinous elements. Facial muscles are attached to bones, and on the other hand woven into the leather. Because on the face frame of the threads have something to fix. Plus the weight of the soft tissues of the face is not so great.

The chest in this plan are arranged differently. She has a lot of weight. And the only tipping point is the collarbone. And not all techniques involve the fixation of the resulting frame from the threads over the collarbone.

Most skeptical doctors say that the effect of improving the shape of the breast after the introduction of the threads related to normal swelling that develops in response to tissue damage and after resorption of the edema goes away and the effect of the procedure. Because this method the majority of experts considers inefficient, and do not recommend it to their clients, not to spoil your reputation, using a method that can give guaranteed results.

If you can find the threads, if not satisfied with the result?

Whatever leads you can get. Absorbable get before they start to dissolve significantly, as in this case, it is possible that the fragments remain in the tissue and begin to contribute after they shifted while trying to get out.

In order to remove them, use a tool that resembles a crochet hook. This hook through a small skin incision, the filaments are drawn at random one at a time.

If they are not palpable and not visible from the outside, you can find them with the help of ultrasound.

Prices for tightening threads

Procedures and related materials to them prices
masonite 1 piece 750-1, 500 rubles
threads Aptos 1 piece from 5000 rubles
procedure of breast lift with threads (cost of thread included in the cost of the operation) from 95,000 rubles



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