Bridle men – short frenulum, the tear. Photos of the frenulum of the penis.

Function and location

It serves to ensure that the foreskin was free to return to the head of the penis after exposure. That’s why the frenulum is very elastic. If all works correctly, it will do its job just fine, because nature is able to significantly stretch. It is located on the underside of the head of the penis, at the junction of the foreskin with the head.

Short frenulum

A common feature of the structure of the reproductive system male is a short frenulum. Most often, it also does not cause discomfort, but there are times when there are problems. For example, painful intercourse, penile curvature, premature ejaculation. The most formidable manifestation is rupture. It can lead to erectile dysfunction.

In most cases, short frenulum is a congenital. More rarely it is formed during adolescence but also may appear as the result of scar formation. To attend to the problem of a possible gap better. The measures taken will help to avoid unnecessary problems and potential complications.

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Rupture of the frenulum

Often the trouble occurs when poorly hydrated vagina of the partner, during the rapid intercourse or defloration.

The bridle is a lot of blood vessels and nerves.

The gap will be accompanied by as sharp pain and profuse bleeding. As a rule, the stop of bleeding without the help of a doctor is impossible.

First aid:

  • The bleeding could be heavy and long. You have to remain cool;
  • To stop the bleeding to the head of the penis is necessary to press strongly fingers for 5-10 minutes;
  • After stopping the blood, the wound is treated with a solution skin antiseptics;
  • Overlay is loose and not tight bandage;
  • Address to the urologist to solve the issue of plasty of a bridle and to avoid problems in the future.
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Different types of plastics


The most common in modern medicine surgery is to return the bridle to its natural function — frenulotomy. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. This means that the patient is awake but feels nothing in the process of intervention. The operation lasts on average no more than 20 minutes. After the procedure, the definition of men in hospital is not required.

The male frenulum is cut transversely, longitudinally and then sutured. This allows you to increase its length. If a gap occurred a long time ago and scar tissue has formed in its place, it is also excised. This manipulation helps to eliminate the tension of the foreskin in this region. After plastics frenulum looks like a pale seam. He is like a continuation of the natural seam that runs along the lower surface of the penis and scrotum.

V-Y plasty

This treatment is considered effective, but in modern medicine is rarely used. The fact that the aesthetic effect after such operations is very low.


There are situations where short frenulum is accompanied by a narrowing of the foreskin. In this phenomenon the head of your cock barely open. To cure this disease of the above surgical interventions will not be enough. In such cases, surgeons use method of circumcision.

If you encounter problems with the frenulum in men it is important to consult a doctor. By simple surgery you can protect yourself from future tears and trouble.

Recovery after surgery takes place within two weeks. After this period, you can re-start an active sex life.

Photos of the frenulum of the penis