Butt lift (the lift) — before and after photos, prices, reviews

For buttock standards of beauty have changed just as once it happened to the size and shape of Breasts:

  • anyone not excited about a flat butt,models are often accused of anorexia than admire;
  • from tips on style and fashion gone points about how to disguise or divert attention from the splendid hips;
  • in Vogue along with selfie («selfies» or pictures of yourself that are laid out then the social network) appeared Essie – photo own buttocks, that just as then put on display friends and acquaintances on the Internet.

The first to actively draw attention to their forms became Jennifer Lopez. She in the beginning it was difficult to compete with plasma stars of the time, because curvy was still not so popular.

And then she decided to use her difference to your benefit: insure your ass for a million dollars and told them of idle journalists. The PR campaign was a success.

In our time betting on the elastic buttocks made Kim Kardashian, who has earned the love of fans including many Essy in social networks.

And then there’s Rio de Janeiro with its carnivals. To show the body became fashionable. In everyday life women of Russia and the world is firmly established definition for «Brazilian» and «Brazilian butt».

Standards «Brazilian butt»

Brazilian butt is not just a larger buttocks. You can even more to say that the size here is of secondary importance: if a woman wears 60th the size of the clothes, this does not mean that it is super-sexy.

The first criterion is the form. The buttocks are fairly high, convex, smooth and elastic.

The second criterion is the ratio of the volume and size of the waist. The greater the difference in size, the better. Looks especially beautiful figure, where the difference between hip and waist is 30 inches. And 20 cm at times for many is an unattainable ideal.

Why forms are not all perfect

  • Heredity.

This is the first and most important reason why most European women can boast of curvaceous.

  • Changes of body weight.

A large volume of the buttocks caused by obesity and frequent weight loss/weight sets contribute to hyperextension and loss of elasticity of the skin of the buttocks. Code together with subcutaneous fatty tissue down, causing spreads the lower border of the buttocks, they become much more flat, increasing their vertical size.

  • Age.

Skin elasticity decreases with time. Because very often it is the patient’s age ask for help to a plastic surgeon.

  • The impact of previous plastic surgeries.

Drooping tissue can occur after any aggressive interventions in this region in which there is damage to the ligaments of the buttocks. Typically, this may be inaccurate carried out after liposuction.

The degree of prolapse tissue

There are two state of ptosis: ptosis and pratos. The main criterion for the presence of ptosis of soft tissues is the formation of the folds of skin on the border of the back of the thigh and buttocks. To determine the extent of the gluteal folds, and accordingly the severity of the ptosis, use an imaginary line, which is carried out through the middle of the back of the thigh. We call it the median line of the thigh.

Normal gluteal fold or not it is expressed only on zadnemotornyj the thighs.

  • Minimum pratos.

Skinfold expressed, but does not reach the midline of the thigh.

  • Moderate pratos.

Skin fold reaches the median line of the thigh but does not cross it.

  • Border pratos.

The fold of skin on the border between the buttock and the thigh crosses the midline of the thigh.

  • True ptosis of the hip.

Skin fold expressed. Crosses and goes far beyond the midline of the thigh. True ptosis, in turn, is divided into degrees depending on how many centimetres of soft tissue of buttocks fell below the gluteal folds. Is determined by the degree of ptosis a ruler is placed in the desired length of the pleat.

  • 1 degree – 0.5 cm;
  • 2 degree – 1 cm;
  • 3 degree — 2 and more see

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Bezoperatsionnye means for lifting the buttocks

Spanx and tights

The term «Brazilian butt» first coined it the sellers nylon stockings, which were equipped with special more elastic inserts in order to tighten the buttocks area.

Now on sale you can find a huge number of different slimming shorts, bodysuit and graces.

But all of them have only one very serious drawback: once they have to shoot.

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I think many were caught in the net of demotivators on «Squats – no squats». So, this is about the size of the buttocks and increase with squats with significant weights. No other sport type fitness or shaping «shake» his butt like Kim Kardashian fail.

With fitness it is possible to improve the shape of the legs and tighten the buttocks, if significant ptosis (sagging tissue of the buttocks) no. Significantly increase muscle volume can only be in the gym.

The advantages of such training:

  • unlike fitness and shaping workout at the gym, increase the metabolic rate not only while training, but in between workouts;
  • it is possible to simultaneously improve not only the shape of the buttocks, but also legs, back, tighten the belly, which will give excellent results.

Cons hardware:

  • need to engage regularly;
  • need to find a good coach who will select this set of exercises is not to «shake» their hands and shoulders or not to pump up the obliques, as the waist is not shrinking, but rather is distributed in breadth;
  • squats is the load on the knees: if you do not observe the execution of the repetitions faithfully, you can eventually earn arthrosis.
  • Cosmetology and hand modeling.

Depending on that does not suit the woman in the appearance of the buttocks can be used individually or combined radio wave lifting, myostimulation, microcurrent therapy, vacuum massage, Bi-prexy and other treatments. Manual massage helps to strengthen and tighten the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, smooth out areas of «orange peel».

Constant salon visit is good appearance and enhances self-esteem. The negatives are the need to constantly maintain the achieved results and substantial monetary costs. Effective hardware and manual techniques when you need to smooth out the skin texture or to reduce the severity of subcutaneous fat on the sides and in the «rolls» just below the waist to emphasize and to give them the contour definition.

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Injection techniques

Here you can talk about mesotherapy biorevitalization and contouring of the buttocks with the help of fillers. Use injections of hyaluronic acid and specially selected mezokokteyley beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the skin, has a lifting effect.

The procedure can be used to prevent prolapse of the tissue of the buttocks and for correction of ptosis appeared. Also the injection can keep the effect of the surgery for the butt lift for a longer time.

Fillers in the buttocks are also used. But not so much volume, how much to give a more clear path «cheeks», smoothing the edges gluteal implant, if he contuinued.

Non-surgical method (telementoring)

The procedure is very convenient because it has almost no contraindications, is performed under local anesthesia and does not require long-term rehabilitation. To conduct telementoring uses special threads which are inserted into the skin of the buttocks and stretched. Due to the redistribution of the soft tissues improves the shape and size of the buttocks. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes.

To stay in the hospital after the procedure there is no need. During the first days after the procedure can be pain at the injection site of the thread, swelling of the tissues. Can bruises. Within 2-3 weeks you will wear a supportive bra and to refuse heat treatments and exercise.

The disadvantages of this method is the inability to correct significant ptosis of soft tissues of the buttocks and a short effect of the procedure. In addition, after treatment of the filament may erupt or create nodules of tissue between adjacent threads.

Fetgrafting (liposculpture)

Fetgrafting is a complete cosmetic surgery performed in the operating room and requires high qualification of the doctor, to the results of liposculpture is not to disappoint the patient in the future. Fetgrafting is performed simultaneously with liposuction, fat is removed from areas where deposits its excess, and moves in those areas where volume is clearly not enough.

Currently, the most promising and reliable in terms of remote results is the so-called Micro fetgrafting. The difference of this method from the usual fat transfer is that the fat is transplanted for very small portions. Often they are arranged in layers. Only in case of compliance with a large number of conditions fat transfer allows transplantirovannam fat cells to settle down in a new place.

How is the procedure of fetgrafting

Anesthesia can be local combined with sedation or can be used total intravenous or inhalation anesthesia. The duration of the procedure ranges from half to two and a half hours.

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In the first stage is liposuction. While adipose tissue first loosened using ultrasound, and then is aspirated by water jet method.

On the one hand helps to preserve the viability of fat cells, and on the other provides a significant lifting effect. The second stage is the introduction of fat cells in the buttocks area.

The recovery period

Full recovery after surgery fetgrafting takes up to two months. All this time you must:

  • to wear special compression underwear;
  • avoid heat treatments (sauna, steam bath, Solarium);
  • reduce physical activity and to abandon the sport, not to cause mass death and resorption of the transplanted fat cells.

You should consider the fact that the survival rate of fat cells can be small even if all the conditions (about 20%). This means that the patient may not obtain the expected effect of increasing volumes.

Complications of liposculpture is the possibility of transplanted fat to migrate and form oleogranulomas under the skin of the femur and tibia.

Indications for surgery

Operationalising buttocks involves the excision of excess skin and layer of subcutaneous fat to improve the shape of the buttocks.

Indications for surgery are:

  • drooping soft tissues of the buttocks;
  • large vertical size of the buttocks with the lack of convexity;
  • the lack of skin tone in the buttocks.

Combined plastic surgery

If the patient wants not only to change the shape of the buttocks, but also give them volume, a buttocks lift can be combined with increase the size of the gluteal implants.

At the same time, you can perform a buttock lift and liposuction of the hips. Also common operations such as the upper and lower lift to trim down.

The upper lift to trim down is a tightening of the buttocks and anterior abdominal wall. Lower the lift to trim down is the simultaneous lifting of the buttocks and thighs.


  • the General poor condition of the patient (fatigue, exhaustion, lack of body weight, exacerbation of chronic diseases with significant dysfunction of the internal organs, the flu, etc.);
  • infectious diseases;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diseases of the blood and the violation of its coagulation;
  • cancer.

Combined operations are conducted only in case, if the age and health of the patient, as large volume surgery requires the body the expenditure of substantial resources for recovery.

Examination before the operation

The minimum number of surveys is as follows:

  • General analysis of blood;
  • biochemical analysis of blood;
  • urinalysis;
  • blood test for RW;
  • a blood test for hepatitis b and C;
  • ECG;
  • a blood test for HIV.

If necessary the list can be expanded.

Of specialist consultations are mandatory:

  • the consultation;
  • consultation of the anesthesiologist.

As the operation is performed

The operation is performed under General anesthesia. By the time the operation lasts up to 4 hours.

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The main ways to perform the operation a few:

  • the upper lifting;
  • lateral lifting;
  • medial tightening (butterfly).

If any of the methods, there is excess fabric that you can not excise, and use as bioprostheses to increase the volume of the buttocks. Different methods allow to tighten better certain parts of the gluteal region. It is based on the initial state of the buttocks and wishes of the patient selected method or combination of methods (lifting+liposuction, for example).

Top lift

The suspenders excised the strip of skin up to a width of 15 cm in the upper part of the buttocks. Wound closure is fine tightened the lower parts of the buttocks and the area breeches. The method allows to create the required volume in the upper part of the buttocks. The top lift is the best method for the elimination of pronounced ptosis.

Lateral lift

  1. Helps to remove excess skin in the outer and upper-outer divisions of the buttocks.
  2. The method helps to eliminate mild ptosis. Number of remote tissue for the correction of pronounced ptosis may not be enough.

Medial tightening (butterfly)

Allows you to correct the ptosis of 2-3 degrees, but at the same time to increase the volume of the buttocks due to excess own tissues. After excess skin is removed, the wound edges are reduced by several rows of sutures, which are sequentially stacked on the subcutaneous fat, fascia and skin.

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Leather is tacked with a special intradermal suture, which later need to be removed. Often the wound is left drainage tube on the day.

Skin suture is always placed so that it was covered with linen. Immediately after the completion of the operation of the buttocks is changed, but the final result will be then, when the swelling has subsided.

The rehabilitation period

Usually the first day after surgery, the patient stays in the intensive care unit to exclude the adverse effects of anesthesia.

On the second or third day you can go home and visit your surgeon on an outpatient basis. If you have not performed liposuction, the need for compression no. The first week after surgery saved tissue swelling, hematoma. Can be pain of varying intensity, which may require pain medicine.

But in spite of that the second or third day after surgery, you can sit, and some surgeons even allow their patients to drive immediately after discharge.

Swelling begins to subside from the second-third week after surgery. Swelling to fully resolve after two to three months. Only then can we assess the final result of the operation.

While holding the swelling, you should not visit the sauna, Solarium, to do heat treatments, massage. Can trigger increased swelling and any sports intense physical activity, because the load limit is a mandatory condition of light leakage of the recovery period.

How long does the effect

The duration of the preservation the perfect result depends on many factors:

  • quality of work of the surgeon;
  • stability of body weight;
  • lack of hormonal imbalance and much more.

Usually the result is stored for 7-10 years.

Possible complications and side effects

  • bleeding;
  • the formation of seroma;
  • infection;
  • mortification overly stretched tissues or skin grafts, which are used as bio-prostheses (sewed in the wound).

Lifting and replacement

It so happens that your own tissue is not enough to create sufficient patient volume. Then to the aid of a plastic surgeon come articleencopresis.

What are gluteal implants

Look about gluteal implants as breast implants. They likewise have a thick silicone shell. And just as vysokoklassnym filled with gel, which, when a possible rupture of the implant does not come out of its cavity.

The difference is that they are much denser and can be of two shapes: round and anatomical (pear-shaped).

Gluteal implants are selected in size so that it gave buttock sufficient, but did not press the sciatic nerve and not contuinually.

Methods of implant placement

Implants can be positioned under the gluteus Maximus muscle and directly under the skin of the buttocks.

Most preferred is to install the gluteal implant under the muscle, as in this case:

  • the muscle hides the implant well and a lot less risk that the implant will be visible in some locations of the body;
  • muscle gives the implant to shift down toward the hips, which ensures a more lasting effect surgery.

In order to install the implant, a small incision of the skin, which will later be practically invisible.

Features recovery time after buttock augmentation

Unlike other operations, discomfort from the installation of the gluteal prosthesis can persist up to a year. Usually that’s how much time the body needs to «get used» to a foreign body. But a year later, the implant can be felt during sports activities (with the active contractions of the gluteus Maximus) and in the sitting position.

Prices in Moscow

Name of service The cost
arthroplasty from 70,000 rubles
telementoring from 35000 rubles
fetgrafting from 105000 rubles

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