Caring for oily skin — after 30 years, the problem, in the home, men

Oily skin type is prone to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, is expressed in a rough texture and an unhealthy color and Shine face.


Fat is stored up to 25-30 years, after which moves to combo or dry.

What provokes an increased secretion of sebum can cause so much imbalance in young people’s lives:

  1. heredity. Reaction to the release of hormones is due to a genetic sensitivity. At one level of hormones in the blood reaction to their action is different for each person. With this factor in the fight will not succeed. The only option to secure a proper care;
  2. a disturbance in the power mode. Detrimental effect on the state will provide: fats, spices, sweets, alcohol, coffee. When restoring balanced diet can eliminate the problem;
  3. treatment does not match the existing type. When using alcohols and frequent peeling dryness occurs, and the breach of the upper layer of cells, which causes increase in the sebaceous glands. Triggered compensatory mechanism. This same phenomenon is observed with a lack of tissues vitamins, moisturizing and softening. The factor can be eliminated by the selection of the right cosmetic products and restore the balance of the cover;
  4. hormonal failure. With increased release into the blood hormone testosterone is triggered by increased work of the secretory functions of the body. Most often this is due to changes in the body during adolescence. During this period, the face needs special care. When hormonal failure in later periods is hormone therapy with the goal of restoring the normal functioning of the body;
  5. The metabolic disorders;
  6. Diseases of the internal systems, especially reflects a disturbance in the digestive area. Treatment in a medical facility aimed at eliminating the root causes;
  7. stress;
  8. mental illness;
  9. infectious diseases (viral and bacterial).

In addition to the General reasons, there are reasons of a different gender.

Women’s mechanisms of formation of fat

  • uncontrolled reception of contraceptives;
  • critical days, accompanied by a failure in the hormonal background;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding period;
  • the age of reason (climax);
  • obesity;
  • VSD on hypertonic or hypotonic type.

Causes the strengthened work of sebaceous glands in men:

  • violation production of sex hormones (androgens);
  • the administration of steroid drugs to build muscle;
  • tumors of the testicles.

In any case, the appearance of acne on the face or body indicates an internal failure in the body, violations should be identified promptly and corrected. Ignoring symptoms may develop severe disease of the internal organs.

What problems appear

Holders of this type additionally complain about the oiliness of the hair. What is bad to have such skin? Harmless phenomenon like high activity of the sebaceous glands deliver a lot of trouble, especially girls.

Cosmetic. It is difficult to maintain good mood and high self esteem when a person has a grayish color with a greasy luster. Further difficulties arise in the use of cosmetics.

Makeup does not lie flat, poorly kept animals, carcases, shadows flowing even good quality. It appears the use of cheap cosmetics and mismanagement of its application.

The excess sebum clogs the pores, along with a secret stuffed deposited on the face of the dust, all form a tight tube inside the duct, appear comedones (black dots). The face takes the form of lemon peel.

Comedones tend to be inflammation, manifested by 2 kinds of lesions: meliani (inflammation closed kamedonov) and acne.

In addition to inflammatory processes can occur oily seborrhea, which is difficult to treat.

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How to determine

For competent selection of cosmetics care face you should accurately determine your skin type. It does not take much time, but saves money and time when choosing cosmetics.

The simplest is visual inspection. Oily skin issue following indications:

  • enlarged, clogged pores;
  • Shine in the T zone (chin, nose and forehead) that occurs even in the absence of overheating;
  • the frequent appearance of inflammatory elements;
  • an additional feature is the rapid contamination of the hair after shampooing.

But there are also tests for the study of skin differentiation and oily mixed skin

  • for the dough will need papyrus paper, in the absence of suitable cloth. Should cleanse the skin of makeup and leave for an hour. After a while take the paper and apply to face. With oily skin will remain a stencil of your face, mixed type on a leaf imprint for only 3 spots (chin, nose and forehead).
  • 1 test based on their own feelings. You need to wash the face soap. Only for oily, no dryness and tightness of the skin.

After determining the type, you should familiarize yourself with the volume of procedures associated with that skin.

Care rules

With adequate care for the face all the unpleasant factors practically don’t bother and go forward benefits, but that daily work does not allow to relax and to forget about yourself even for 1 night.

Basic rules

For oily skin the main factor is a high-quality cleansing.

Washing water must be at room temperature, the hot tends to weaken the protective and regulatory functions of the fabric.

  • Daily routine includes morning and evening face washing, which consists of several stages: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

For purification it is better to choose a special gel for oily skin with the addition of herbal anti-inflammatory direction. Foams and mousses in this case ineffective, the milk should not be used at all. For soaping of the face is well suited special sponge for the face seaweed.

After thorough rinsing with water, apply cotton pad with a small amount of lotion and wipe the skin, tightens the pores thereby preventing the formation of comedones and inflammation.

The final step will be applying the cream, of the respective oily skin.

The cream is chosen according to the needs:

  1. anti-aging,
  2. anti-inflammatory,
  3. moisturizing,
  4. well suited series of oxygen cosmetics.

In the morning you can skip the first step in a good condition person. Just wipe the skin with tonic and apply the cream under makeup.

  • Extra care at least 1 times a week, recommended twice. To better maintain the individuals in good condition should carry out a comprehensive care, consisting in a deeper cleanse than basic hygiene.

After removing makeup from the face, you should clean the pores of the sebaceous plugs. Use the scrub. After the scrub mask is applied, contributing to the narrowing of the pores and promote healing of minor inflammation and finally face serum or cream recovery.

In the absence of complications this approach is sufficient, to maintain quality of life without regard to problems with the skin.

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Depending on the age

Young skin special care is not required. The first wrinkles start to appear after 25, but in this period the work and functioning of the skin allows not to use additional funds.

To prevent formation of wrinkles is not necessary to intensively RUB the face with a towel. It should be easy to wet.

In the morning, it is advisable to wash with plain water at room temperature, for toning the skin good course receiving massage (20 enough procedures in a year).

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Wiping the face at the end of washing your face with ice cubes (no more than 20 seconds) will help to keep the tone.

Women after 30 years in nursing should include a special cream or serum around the eyes. Cleansing Facials to rejuvenating change.

Course massage at least 2 times a year to preserve the contour of the face and toning the skin.

When caring for a person does not forget about the chest area, apply here all what you do on the face. Suntan is better to refuse, the ultraviolet light causes premature aging and contributes to pigmentation.

It is recommended to start visiting cosmetologist. An experienced doctor will help to identification and preparation and prevent the development of many problems of your skin.

After 50 years, to choose the means should be marked with age (50+, 60+, etc.) you can also use mesotherapy (at home can you buy mesoroller, if it is applied on the cleaned face a good massage effect.

When adding serum or cream enhances the action of substance to 50-70% by making it into the deeper layers of the skin and improve blood circulation.

For problem skin

Complication increased secretion of the sebaceous glands in the form of blackheads, or comedones seborrhea involves the extension of daily care.

It is better to consult a doctor, dermatologist or a beautician. Apply methods such as:

  • Herbal medicine. The use of different decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, calendula, mint, currants). Preparing a decoction of herbs and after the usual washing, opolaskivaniem the skin with cold broth. Appropriate simultaneous adoption of the broth inside (prepare separately);
  • Steaming the face with decoctions of herbs or essential oils, the procedure is performed once a week before applying the mask;
  • The use of special funds for the treatment of acne, high efficiency shows Curiosin;

In addition to home care, it is desirable to include a salon.

For oily skin for men

Manifestations of oily skin men and women are the same and care must be equivalent. Men should also take care deep cleansing and timely support. With a large degree of laziness and prejudice, it is best to contact the salon.

Washing 2 times a day without using soap. The facility should have a neutral pH.

Cleansing scrubs and chemical peels will help clean the face of dead and keratinized skin cells.

After cleansing, use lotion and finally, the cream promotes healing of micro-cracks of the skin. What is the prevention of development of inflammatory process.

Usual care consists of washing your face, use scrubs and tonics. When you have acne, avoid shaving razors.

In the winter

The difference in the maintenance in the winter is not much different from care of a different season. The main focus remains the clarification. Do not wash your face for an hour before going outside, especially in frosty and windy weather.

You should choose the cream of the specialized winter series. Such means can protect the skin from the adverse effects of low temperatures and maintain softness.

It is advisable to use creams and foundations, minimize your makeup.

The tendency to chilblains is desirable to lubricate areas prone to frequent lose the fat badger. But remember. Upon entering the room, the skin should be clear of fat fully. If you can not do it, the fat better not to use.

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At home

In the absence of the ability to visit the beautician at home you can perform almost all procedures.

In addition to daily cleansing, hydration and nutrition needed additional care.

What you can do yourself

A full program of Spa care. For this you will need:

  • acid peeling,
  • scrub
  • intensive cream for skin repair.

Clean the face of makeup, apply peeling (better with AHA acids), after 5-7 minutes wash it with water at room temperature.

Second stage: physical cleansing from dead skin cells, apply the scrub by massaging a little massage and rinse. The first 2 stages would watch that the tool does not hit in the eye. If necessary, rinse immediately.

Apply the cream special, from the program or for sensitive skin. This will restore the skin after microdermabrasia.

Widely used:

  • herbal medicine,
  • massage
  • gymnastics for the face.

If you want you can buy the d’arsonval apparatus or phototherapy. They are not very expensive , but the effect is high in eliminating many problems.

How to choose cosmetics

When choosing cosmetics for oily skin instead of greasy creams, when choosing a decorative should not be different oils, don’t use cosmetic glitter, just matte texture.

A good Foundation with the content of white clay or drying, adsorbing substances.

Cosmetics should be:

  1. persistent,
  2. easy to apply,
  3. not to interfere with oxygen exchange of the skin with the environment.


Eating disorders to fully cope with the problem of oily skin fail.

Should abandon fatty, spicy and smoked dishes. Coffee and drinks with dyes to minimize. Alcohol and Smoking are not allowed.

The diet should include lot of greens, fruits, vegetables. Meals to cook, preferably steamed or boiled. Fried and baked in large quantities is not used. Meat, fish, milk and various cereals form the basis of the diet.

Useful tips

In everyday skin care additional accounting rules will help to avoid complications.

  • To press pimples not! Abscesses should be lubricated with a drying and anti-inflammatory drugs (special tools, to the banal toothpaste), but never to eliminate mechanically.

  • Use the lotion.
  • During the day the face hands. This leads to additional irritation and inflammation.

With constant proper care of the owner of oily skin will appreciate it after 30 years. By this time, the secretion of sebum is reduced, and the problems disappear on their own. Order.

That would be the time to choose the right makeup that matches the changed condition of the skin, you should diagnose your skin type no less than 1 time per year. It can be a combination, normal or dry.

In any type of skin with the right care, you can maintain attractiveness at any age.

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