Castor oil for facial wrinkles — under the eyes, application

About the product

Castor oil is extracted from the plant called castor. In itself, this plant is very poisonous, but in the process of processing and extraction of the toxic substances remain in the cake, and the oil obtained is harmless.

Today there are many methods for obtaining this oil, but the best is cold pressed. The quality of it exceeds all of the existing methods.

Externally, the vehicle looks like a viscous fluid that has a yellowish color.

This tool is widely used in cosmetics because it has a strong rejuvenating effect.

Let us consider in more detail how to use castor oil from wrinkles under the eyes and on other areas of the face.

Composition and properties

Useful properties of castor oil to the skin will settle in its composition:

  1. Linoleic acid. It promotes deep hydration of the skin and nourishes it.
  2. Palmanova acid helps other substances in the composition of the product to penetrate deeply into the skin layers. It is a sort of natural conductor.
  3. Oleic acid improves General metabolism, help to retain moisture at the cellular level and protect the skin from the negative effects of the cold.
  4. Vitamin E and vitamin a to effectively restore skin elasticity and firmness. They also contribute to the production of collagen.
  5. Retinoeva acid softens the skin, eliminates the bacteria and gives the epidermis a more healthy hue.
  6. Stearic acid helps to combat dryness and peeling of the skin.

Moreover, castor oil differs from other natural cosmetics due to its properties:

  1. The tool has a lot of antioxidants, minerals and proteins that has a pronounced rejuvenating effect.
  2. It will be a saving for dry skin, because it can hydrate skin at the cellular level.
  3. Will help to eliminate not only wrinkles, but also the problem of acne as it possesses strong antimicrobial and cleansing action.
  4. It is worth noting the bleaching action of the oil. It can be used to remove brown spots.
  5. The tool in most cases, does not irritate sensitive skin. On the contrary, it contributes to its mitigation.

How to use

There are the following rules for the use of castor oil from wrinkles:

  1. To reduce the impacts of oil on the skin, it is recommended to dilute the other oils in the ratio 1:2. This ensures that the tool will be easier. It then can be used even for the delicate skin in the eye area.
  2. Usually after applying the oil is absorbed after ten minutes. After that it remnants the need to carefully blot dry with a paper towel. To wash immediately after the procedure is not followed, because otherwise you can significantly reduce its effectiveness.
  3. In order to enrich the action of moisturizing creams, you can add a few drops of this oil.
  4. It is best to mix castor oil with olive, peach, sea buckthorn and almond oils.
  5. Before applying the finished product it is definitely a bit of heat in a water bath.
  6. Apply the product preferably lightly «hammered» movements. Also it is best to apply the mask at night and wash in the morning. So it is possible to achieve the maximum effect.
  7. Always follow this remedy on a previously cleansed skin.
  8. To keep a mask of pure castor oil on the face can be no longer than twenty minutes.
  9. Wash off the mask you can use clean, warm water, decoction of chamomile or easy brewing green tea. Using soap is not desirable.


In order not to provoke unwanted side effects, you should know that to apply castor oil it is impossible in such cases:

  1. When there are open wounds on the skin.
  2. When purulent lesions of the skin.
  3. For acute bacterial or chronic diseases of the skin (chickenpox, herpes, eczema, dermatitis, etc.).
  4. Hypersensitive to castor oil.
  5. At the age of twenty years (until this period, the beauticians do not recommend the use of any anti-aging agents, as of yet, simply no need).

Moreover, with a caution to use this product in pregnancy and breastfeeding, as any negative impact on the health of the mother will be immediately reflected on the General pregnancy and affect the foetus.

You should also know that before applying oil to the skin it is necessary to try to «wear» on the skin of the elbow. It is necessary to check for an allergic reaction. If later, the day will not have itching and redness, you can apply oil on face.

Recipes applications of castor oil from wrinkles on the face

Best recipes of castor oil from wrinkles are:

  1. Use oil in its pure form shown with deep age wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and mouth area. With a small amount of oil to put motions on the skin. Leave on for twenty minutes, then rinse.
  2. To prepare the mask against wrinkles in the eye area need to mix two oils of castor and coconut. The resulting mixture should be warmed and gently applied to the eye area. Course duration – ten to fifteen sessions.
  3. Mix two tablespoons of marigold flowers with a glass of boiling water. Infuse for half an hour and strain. Add two tablespoons of this oil. To use for the washing of withered skin. For each new procedure, it is desirable to prepare a fresh mixture.
  4. Prepare the mashed potatoes without salt. Add one egg yolk and a spoonful of castor oil. Apply to the face in a thin layer as a mask. Wash off after half an hour.
  5. Mask bags under his eyes. For its preparation you need to mix castor oil and cream in equal quantities. Apply to the eye area. Leave on for fifteen minutes so that the mixture is absorbed. The remains of her should be wiped with a paper towel. Repeat the procedure after washing daily for two weeks.
  6. Mix raw protein and a tablespoon of oil. Add a little honey. Apply all over the face and neck area. The tool will help to nourish the skin and eliminate facial wrinkles. Hold it on the skin should be no more than fifteen minutes.
  7. To hydrate sagging skin can make a mask of cereals rolled oats and honey with two tablespoons of this oil. The finished mixture should be applied evenly on the entire face. After the fifth application will be visible result.
  8. Mix the pulp of kiwi and banana. Add two tablespoons of the mask. Thick mixture evenly on the face. This mask will help to saturate the skin with vitamins and improve its appearance.
  9. Mix the peach oil and castor oil in equal quantities. Add a little milk and gelatin. When the mixture thickens, apply it on the face in two layers. Rinse with warm water. This tool will help to rejuvenate the skin and rid it of acne.
  10. Mask for lightening the skin getting rid of pigmentation and overall rejuvenation. For its preparation you need to mix the lemon juice, castor oil and the pulp of a cucumber. The resulting mask should be applied on the face. Wait half an hour and then rinse.
  11. Mask to nourish the skin. For its preparation you need to mix castor oil and yogurt. Apply to skin, leave for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure for ten days.

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Do I need a doctor’s advice

Since castor oil is not a drug, it can be used without consulting of doctor.

Beauticians still recommended to pre-consult with the doctor, especially if you have very sensitive or problem skin. It definitely will not be.

Does Allergy

Fixed cases of allergic reactions to this oil are not very many, but they are still there.

In most cases, allergies occur in people with sensitive skin and are hypersensitive to the acid included in the composition of the oil.

An allergic reaction to this remedy usually presents as dryness, burning, itching, redness or rash. With the appearance of at least one of these symptoms should discontinue use of this tool and seek medical attention.

Useful tips

To enhance the effect of rejuvenation, during the application of masks from castor oil it is advisable to do the following:

  1. To engage in physical activity.
  2. More fresh air, as it has a beneficial effect on the General condition of the epidermis.
  3. To refuse bad habits (Smoking, alcohol).
  4. Avoid stress and nervous overload.
  5. It is important to start to eat right. The diet should be rich in minerals, calcium, fiber, protein and other nutrients. With a well-balanced diet can significantly improve skin condition, relieve it from dryness and dullness.

The duration of the course

Too long to use castor oil for rejuvenation, especially if used in a pure form.

The overall rate of renewal of youth needs to be up to ten days.

If this means gradually add in the cream, you can use them longer (up to three weeks).

Castor oil is a proven remedy to combat wrinkles. In spite of this, to really achieve the desired result, you should carefully follow all advice regarding its application.

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