Cavitation (non-surgical liposuction) — what it is, prices, contraindications, reviews, photos before and after


Cavitation is one of the most effective methods of correction, which includes non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction. This method also applies — non-surgical liposuction of the face.

In modern times it has been a great success, it is chosen by millions of people. In Latin, cavitation is emptiness. Ultrasonic cavitation, acting on the fat, it forms micro bubbles that make the fat tissue is softer, thereby displacing it from the adipocytes.

As a result of this process is the release of triglitseridov that make up fat cells.

They sway so much that it burst. The removal of these cells from the body through metabolic processes. Fatty substance becomes liquid and excreted through the blood and lymphatic system.

It should be noted that under the action of ultrasonic cavitation skin becomes much more elastic, and in the areas of the procedure is the recovery process of blood circulation and stimulation of the cells, which are part of the connective tissue. These cells are responsible for tissue renewal.

Numerous studies show that this procedure does not leave bruises and scars and treat physiotherapy than surgery.

The effect will not keep itself waiting. The result is noticeable after the first session. After the first procedure, the amount of body fat becomes less than 2-4 cm during the following weeks, the excretion of fat will be much faster, which in turn will significantly reduce the volume.

To handle one zone, it is recommended that about 5 treatments. Spacing shall be not less than 1 week. Such a frequency would allow long-lasting effect.

Advantages of cavitation is the fact that after each treatment, you can immediately lead a normal life, as in postoperative rehabilitation no need.

The procedure takes around 20-30 minutes, which depends on the size of the area which is being impacted.

You should know that cavitation and lymphatic drainage massage have a close relationship, in the process of getting rid of excess fat.

Massage you need to connect after the session. This helps to get rid of the swelling, which, naturally, can be after the procedure. As good effect is acquired by combining methods of cavitation and myostimulation.


  • excessive fat localized in the problem areas(thighs, stomach, buttocks, flanks and back);
  • pronounced cellulite;
  • Wens, of different origin;
  • various defects, after poorly performed liposuction.

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As with all methods of correction, this method has some contraindications.

There should be no cavitation pregnant and lactating women. Chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver also prevent it Providence.

Various disorders and disorders in the circulatory and immune systems, different damage on the skin, infectious disease, neoplastic disease, Allergy to soy, are also contraindicated.

Cavitation with uterine fibroids and cavitation during menstruation, can cause serious injury.

Even if you experience slight discomfort or a slight fever, it is better to reschedule for another time.

Side effects

One of the drawbacks is the long period of time for carrying out complex procedures. How much to do depends on how many sections you want to process. In order to remove the fat deposits on entire body needs to go through a lot of procedures.

Each procedure is aimed only at one particular area. And each zone in turn also requires several approaches.

Some people have a high pain threshold and sometimes, during cavitation, they have unpleasant feelings. And at a sufficiently great amount of body fat, will require about 10-12 treatments.

How often can I do?

A week can be completed in just one session. This period of time is required for removing decay products of fat cells. Also an unpleasant consequence of cavitation can be a classic side effect — the emergence of Wen. Wens tend to appear below the knee region.

You should know that deciding on this procedure should lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a proper diet. Otherwise, the calories will find a way and a place to settle in your body.

Their subsequent location can be a place dangerous for the health. For example, the retroperitoneum. And this, in turn, promotes the formation of cardiac diseases. Thus cavitation is injurious to health.

It is worth noting that the cost of the procedure for many can be high. The price of one manipulation varies from 2,000 — 9,000. It depends on the area of impact and the time of the. For example, the cavitation of the hip, for 90 minutes will cost around 8500.

So before you decide, you need to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

If you can’t decide on cavitation, you can think about other procedures. For example, if we compare it with lpg massage, the first method also has quite a few advantages.

More similar effects have methods of body shaping cavitation and cryolipolysis. People who have a large amount of money to restore its shape, you can decide on the combination of two methods, cavitation and lpg.

Is it possible cavitation in the home?

Today, many online stores offer to purchase the devices for carrying out treatments at home. But cosmetics experts do not fully agree with the effectiveness of such equipment. maybe they are the sources of ultrasonic waves, but where is the guarantee that these waves reach the necessary penetration level.

So to seek better cavitation in a modern beauty salon offering a wide variety of such procedures, including cavitation for men who want to get rid of cellulite and excess fat complications.

Prices for the procedure

Cavitation prices in rubles
The second chin 1 500 RUB.
Belly 2 000 RUB.
Buttocks 2 000 RUB.
Hip 3 000 RUB.
Buttocks+thigh+abdomen 5 500 RUB.
Buttocks+thigh 4 000 RUB.

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Photos before and after cavitation

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