Cellulite from birth control pills — can there be, to appear

Cellulite is an exclusively female problem. It is a characteristic of the female body changes of the subcutaneous fat. Cellulite is manifested in the form of specific relief of the skin, it resembles the «orange peel».

Most often, cellulite appears in the thighs and buttocks and stomach, arms. It occurs less often on the forearms and calves of the legs and the neck. To develop problem already in adolescence. Aged 25 to 35 years «orange peel» affects up to 75% of women. Roughly half of ladies, whose age is forty years of age, cellulite becomes a serious aesthetic problem.

Myth or reality

The main culprit for the appearance of cellulite be the hormone estrogen. Because he dominates the female body, completely get rid of cellulite cannot be done by any representative of the fairer sex.

To the group of estrogen include three main hormones:

  • estradiol;
  • estriol;
  • estron.

They play an important role in the distribution of fat cells in the body. In particular, controlling the amount girolami and ironichnaya receptors on the cell surface, during their growth.

During puberty, estrogen promotes the deposition of fat cells in the right places, betraying the female body the necessary roundness.

The body is developing rapidly, the skin does not always have time to regenerate, resulting in stretch marks. Approximately happens during pregnancy or weight gain.

The mechanism of action of estrogen on fat cells is not entirely clear, but it is known that the problem is not only the level of estrogen in the sensitivity to fatty tissues.

Many women take oral contraceptives and do not see side effects, while others quickly put on weight that leads to impaired venous blood flow that leads to the formation of cellulite.

There’s a chance that after discontinuation of the contraceptive the appearance of cellulite will be reduced, but completely to get rid of them only by using special tools.

How are hormonal drugs on the body

Oral contraceptives consist of estrogen and progestin components. This is an artificially created copies of the natural hormones estrogen and progesterone. Their secretion is controlled by two hormones FSH and LH.

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The study, conducted by French scientists, argue that any disruption of the normal ovarian function may lead to the appearance of «orange peel». This is because tissue sensitivity to hormones are changed.

In the ordinary course of the menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive system is regulated independently. At the same time, even with minimal interference in the cycle, it is possible to change the sensitivity of tissues.

There are several types of oral contraceptives:

  • monophasic. Each tablet contains the same amount of estrogen and progesterone;
  • two-phase. Each tablet contains the same dose of estrogen, but preparations for receiving the second phase of the cycle the progesterone level is above;
  • three phase. In different phases of reception, a different ratio of hormones.

The more estrogen in the woman’s body, the higher the probability of appearance of «orange peel». During menopause, pregnancy and puberty their number increases along with the risk of development of cellulite.

Progesterone that is part of the drugs contributes to the accumulation of fluid, weight gain, and the weakening of veins in women with increased sensitivity to this hormone.

Depending on the amount of active substance in one tablet oral contraceptives are divided:

  • micro-dose (Jess, Soli, Klajra, DIMIA, LOGEST, Novinet). These drugs are designed for young nulliparous women, leading a regular sex life or for those ladies whose age over 35 years;
  • low-dose (yasmin, Midian, Femoden, Janine, Regulon, Marvelon). Suitable for women of any age and for those who did not come mikrogeterogennye drugs;
  • high-dose, highly drugs (Three regolith, Triquilar, Triziston, Ovidon). Designed to restore hormonal contraception or for women who have problems with hormones.

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When will I see the cellulite from birth control pills

Cellulite from birth control pills can appear in the following cases:

  • the body’s hypersensitivity to estrogens;
  • incorrectly chosen medication containing a large number of estrogen;
  • poor diet, eating large amount of carbohydrates;
  • reduced physical activity;
  • the presence of harmful habits.

What to do

To get rid of cellulite is difficult. In order to eliminate the «orange peel» in the first place to normalize the power.

From the diet is recommended to exclude:

  • meats;
  • fried and fatty foods;
  • sausages;
  • muffin;
  • pickles and marinades;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
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The main part of food is better to eat during the day when physical activity is increased, and in the evening hours in the diet to limit myself.

A big role in cellulite is the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. In the night you need to drink at least 2 litres of water (some of it can be replaced with decoctions of herbs or fruit drinks).

For getting rid of cellulite when taking oral contraceptives, you can contact the salon or clinic, to conduct anti-cellulite massage or lymphatic drainage.

At home cellulite massage can be done by using a roller and vibrating massagers, brushes or cans.

This method allows you to:

  • improve blood circulation in problem areas;
  • you can easily lymph drainage;
  • strengthen metabolism;
  • to bring the muscles in tone;
  • to get rid of extra inches in the buttocks.

In order the effect was more pronounced using special anti-cellulite creams.

Special attention should be paid to their composition:

  • algae extracts (laminaria, fucus). They help fight toxins that contribute to appearance of cellulite by forcing the body to gather around the fat cells;
  • essential oils (lavender, juniper, grapefruit). Penetrating the skin, they contribute to the excretion of excess fluid, making it supple and taut;
  • vitamins (A, C, E, group b). They improve the metabolism and promote enhanced production of collagen, making the skin healthy;
  • mineral salts. Promote cleansing and excretion of toxins;

Massage combined with creams gives you the ability to get rid of cellulite and remove the extra inches on the hips.

Home remedies cellulite




Baby cream;

Lemon juice.

In a glass container you need to mark a teaspoon of low-fat baby cream and add 5 drops of lemon juice. Apply on clean skin of the thighs and buttocks gently massaging and rubbing. Apply daily before sleep.

Fruit acid can help to break down fat and effectively fight off cellulite. With regular use the skin becomes smooth and toned



On clean skin you need to apply liquid honey, to which first add a little salt. Then you need hands firmly pressed to the skin and force them to tear. Massage for 10 minutes. Then hip wrap with cling film and leave for 2 hours. After that, a means to wash off and apply a cellulite cream. Procedure should be carried out three times a week.

This massage is quite painful, but very effective. It allows for a short time to get rid of cellulite, make the skin smooth, toned and elastic. If there is a tendency to edema, the salt composition to add is not necessary.

Baby cream;

Grapefruit oil.

A teaspoon of baby oil must be mixed with 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin, massage gently. Apply once a day.

Grapefruit essential oil is one of the best remedies of cellulite. With regular use it will significantly reduce the appearance of «orange peel».

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In order to prevent the development of cellulite during taking birth control pills should:

  • to take modern drugs with minimal estrogen and progesterone;
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise;
  • to eat right;
  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • to give up Smoking.

Useful tips

In order to minimize the negative impact of contraceptives on the body should:

  • to use the pill solely on prescription. Do not buy their own on the advice of friends and acquaintances;
  • pre-need to do ultrasound of the pelvis to exclude the presence of diseases;
  • to consult a mammologist in order to eliminate the risk of tumors;
  • if necessary, tests for sex hormones, total blood count and biochemistry.

To find out whether there will be cellulite from birth control pills previously impossible. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. But in any case systematically using anti cellulite can be rid of.

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