Cellulite in men is there, why not, on the abdomen, on the buttocks

Cellulite in men is quite rare. This is due to the peculiarities of hormonal balance and structure of the skin. However, sometimes this problem still occurs, creating a need for its solution.

Myth or reality

Almost all women have cellulite. The presence of excess weight in men does not always lead to the emergence of this problem. So, can appear «orange peel» men?

Features of occurrence of orange peel is due to the different structure of adipose tissue and differences in hormonal balance.

The collagen fibers in women are parallel to each other, which increases the risk of stretching the fatty tissue and fluid retention. As a result, formed deposits. This process affects the female sex hormone – estrogen.


  • Have a different arrangement of the collagen fibers they intersect and form a cellular structure.
  • Because of this, they are much less susceptible to tension.
  • Men have very little estrogen. Because in the traditional understanding of cellulite in men.

However, they also can be stretched mesh structure, although not as much as women. Men are often faced with stagnant processes and accumulation of deposits. However, small cell sizes lead to the fact that they do not seem lumpy.

Visually identify the cellulite in men is quite difficult. However, sometimes it still occurs. The excess weight provokes the accumulation of estrogens in adipose tissue.

As a consequence, there is the fullness of the female type.

In addition, a popular men’s beverage – beer – also includes phytoestrogens, a plant analogue of female sex hormones. The accumulation of these substances in the body can cause hormonal disturbances that leads to the development of cellulite.

Causes of

Causes of cellulite in men can be different:

  1. The lack of exercise. This term is used to characterize low physical activity. The lack of sports loads leads to the appearance not only cellulite, but also overweight. As a consequence, the internal organs suffer from high loads.

To cope with the «orange peel», men need to exercise regularly. This will strengthen muscle tissue and increase performance. If to Supplement these measures are a low calorie diet, the situation will improve in the eyes.

  1. Excessive psycho-emotional activity. Stressful situations provoke the disruption of metabolic processes in the body. As a consequence, there are fat nodules, which creates prerequisites for the development of cellulite.
  2. An improper diet. Violations in the diet are the most common cause of the appearance of «orange peel». Excess cholesterol in food causes a disruption in blood circulation and fat metabolism. As a consequence, there are deposits on the buttocks and thighs.
  3. The imbalance of hormones. This is another common cause that leads to the appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, thighs or buttocks.
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In men the breakdown of fat are responsible hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. If you change them synthesis fat burning is disturbed. As a result, they accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue.

  1. Incorrect posture. This problem may have an indirect impact on the appearance of cellulite. In this case, blood circulation and is formed lymphedema, which causes accumulation of fat cells.

This is not a complete list of the appearance of cellulite. In this issue the important role played by chronic disease, which can cause the blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore before therapy is to undergo a medical examination.

How does

Often a male cellulite is not accompanied by the formation of characteristic depressions and mounds. However, this does not mean that there is no problem. Most often, the pathology seems to be excessive fat accumulation in the waist, stomach and hips. The skin usually retains its elasticity.

In General, however, cellulite in men develops gradually, and each stage is characterized by certain features:

  1. At the initial stage of the pathology manifests itself in the form of small holes, which can be seen only after compression of the skin. At this stage, the epithelium may slowly stretch and barely tan.
  2. As the progression of the disease pits appear on the skin. It is possible to notice visually.
  3. The threat level is characterized by the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. These include bruising, skin looseness, the formation of lumps.
  4. At the last stage the skin is a uniform bluish education. During feeling problem areas the epithelium seems to be more cold.

However, in most cases to identify the disease in men, only a qualified beautician.

For the diagnosis of:

  1. The doctor put on problem sites of special film that is able to respond to fluctuations in temperature.
  2. In the area of occurrence of cellulite is poor circulation. As a result, the temperature is significantly reduced.
  3. On the film you can see the colored spots that indicate bumpy formations under the skin.
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Why some men have no cellulite

Cellulite usually absent in those men who lead a healthy lifestyle have no bad habits, eat right, play sports.

This problem is not inherent in healthy people without chronic diseases.

However, the lack of «orange peel» on the body still does not mean that cellulite is not. Men quite often no visible symptoms of this disease. Because the presence of fatty deposits in the abdomen and the sides should be cause for referral to a specialist.

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What to do

Men are much easier to remove symptoms of this disease. In the blood of men contains pretty much testosterone, which provides fat burning. That is why the most effective way of getting rid of pathology is the systematic physical exertion and keeping an active lifestyle.

In this case special attention, experts advise to be given to the waist, regularly doing exercises to strengthen the muscle tissue press.

In most cases, physical activity helps so well, that the correct diet is not required.

However, a change in diet will make the healing process faster. The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables. It is useful to eat fish, poultry, lean meat, cereals. It is important to consume vitamins, fiber and minerals. Thus it is better to refuse from synthetic additives and carcinogens.

Is recommended often, but in small portions. It is important to note that sudden changes in weight increase the risk of cellulite formation.

In addition to correction of diet and exercise, you should use cosmetic products.

For this purpose it is necessary to choose effective creams and oils that improve circulation. Most often it is recommended to use products that contain caffeine, which tightens and tones the skin.

An effective way to combat cellulite is considered a cosmetic procedure. These include self-massage and professional massage, which is performed in beauty salons and medical clinics. To choose the most effective procedure, you should contact an experienced beautician.

In advanced cases, will not be able to do without surgical intervention. The main advantage of this procedure is fast and safe get rid of body fat.

Currently, there are several surgical techniques that allow to cope with the sediment:

  1. Liposuction – in this case, the fat is removed by using vacuum. However, a large accumulation of sediments is possible only partial removal. In addition, it is important to consider the major contraindications – heart disease and blood vessels, diabetes, some somatic pathology.
  2. Electrolipolysis is a destruction of fat under the influence of electric pulses. Contraindications for the procedure include thrombosis, cancer pathology, the presence of epilepsy. Also, this method cannot be applied to people who use a pacemaker.
  3. Lifeplanning is a ultrasound treatment of fat cells with their subsequent removal. The main advantage of this method is minimal threat of relapse.
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To prevent the appearance of cellulite, it is very important to engage in its prevention.

First of all, men should quit Smoking. The fact that nicotine gradually destroys the surface layer of the epithelium, making it more friable.

During the day it is important to maintain water balance. For this you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water per day. Also prevention of cellulite requires adherence to a special diet. The diet must be vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Cellulite occurs in men rarely. This is due to the special structure of collagen fibers and difference in hormonal balance. However, in some cases, this problem still appears the stronger sex. To deal with it, is to change the lifestyle and to consult a doctor who will recommend effective methods.

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