Cellulite is a disease or norm is the opinion of Dr.

Most women even at a young age face challenges, changes shape, and the term «cellulite» they know firsthand. However, not each of them is the real cause of the problem, methods of prevention and resist the disease.

What it is

Changes in the subcutaneous fat of the female body, resulting in external manifestations in the form of «orange peel», is called «cellulite». Conventional medicine calls these changes the term «method lipodystrophy».

Begins to develop in adolescence, cellulite can be localized in different parts of the body:

  • abdomen;
  • of the thigh;
  • buttocks;
  • neck;
  • calves and knees;
  • shoulders.

Having a large spread among women, the problem of «orange peel» 35 years involved 9 people from 10. And at 50% it begins to pose an esthetic problem.

Causes of

To answer the question, cellulite is a disease or the norm, it should be noted the root cause of its occurrence.

The main of them, as scientists believe, are the estrogens – female sex hormones and the nuances of the structure of the female subcutaneous fat layer.

The trigger that triggers these changes may be the following factors:

  • hormonal failure;
  • heredity;
  • improper diet;
  • stressful situation;
  • Smoking;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • weight above normal.

Hormonal disruptions

The manifestation of signs of cellulite contributes to hormonal imbalance, for example, disorders in the thyroid gland or the ovaries.

The degree of manifestation of the «orange peel» does not directly depend on the level of hormones in the blood.

More important is the individual susceptibility of connective and adipose tissue to hormonal level.

Genetic and racial predisposition

Genetic factors affect the degree of cellulite and at what age it will start to trouble.

Racial nuances are important as well. Asians and blacks are not as susceptible to cellulite, as a white person.

Diet and Smoking

Improper diet affects the metabolic processes in the body. Limited fluid intake reduces the rate of excretion of metabolic products from the body.

The lack of fiber leads to stagnation and constipation, deterioration of venous blood flow, which can not affect the status of adipose and connective tissue.

Smoking is one of the factors that affects the circulatory system and causes spasms of blood vessels, which affects metabolic processes in adipose tissue.

Sedentary lifestyle and excess weight

The deterioration of the lymph flow and blood circulation to the organs and tissues may be associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It is also expressed in cellulite manifestations.

A weight above normal can also affect blood flow in subcutaneous adipose tissue, besides making the manifestation of the «orange peel» more visible.

This affects other functions of the body that impact on health.


In a tense stressful situation the blood is the release of hormones such as norepinephrine and epinephrine, which leads to a sharp spasm of blood vessels.

The negative impact of acute or chronic stress can give rise to failure in the body and lead to cellulite and other serious issues.

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The first signs

The first stage generally is not accompanied by external manifestations. Its presence can be identified by a slight swelling of some areas of the skin.

By the fact that there is easy bruising and worse than in other parts of the body to heal scratches.

Next, the second stage is already evident. At this stage, by depressing the area of the skin in the crease when the voltage is visible unevenness that looks like orange peel. The shade of the dermis becomes more pale, the elasticity is reduced.

Another symptom is considered to be a slight decrease in temperature in this area of the body. At this stage, the circulation of the lymph and blood has already suffered the violation.

Expressed stage

If no measures for stabilization and improvement, the effect of «orange peel» becomes noticeable even at rest. All the symptoms of a previous condition worse.

When pressure is applied to cause concern areas are starting to feel the soreness, swelling more prominent, lymph flow is slow.

Begin to form the nodes of the formation of fat cells surrounded by connective septa.

The last stage of cellulite, which occurs infrequently, is expressed already very bright. Nodes are large, visible, slow-moving and causing discomfort. The movement of lymph and blood is slowed down, which leads to thickening fatty tissue.


Obesity and cellulite are different conditions, although in both cases the problem is with the fat increase.

When «orange peel» problems also associated with malfunction of blood and lymph vessels, and connective tissue.

The degree of manifestation of the «orange peel» does not depend on body mass, but when excess weight more noticeable defects.

The lean women, it can also be, but less visible.

Forms of

In addition to units on stage, allocate four forms of cellulite:

  • swollen;
  • sluggish;
  • solid;
  • mixed.


The principal manifestation is swelling character changes.

Its presence is determined by the pressure on the body area with your finger for a few seconds.

If after this, the dermis is visible depression in the ground impact, it indicates the presence of edema.

This form often affects the lower limbs, may be accompanied by pain. Not common.


The decrease in muscle tone and changes in the subcutaneous fat layer leads to the fact that in the fire place, the body becomes sluggish, and its surface even shakes when driving.

This finding of the affected areas can vary depending on the position of the body.

This form of cellulite occurs with age, often characteristic of non-sporting women (aged 40 years and older), leading a sedentary lifestyle. A triggering factor can serve as a rapid weight loss with weight loss.


This type is most common in adolescence and young age.

A tight seal is not moved by changing the position of the body. The bumps and pits on the body hardly noticeable.

But if you hold down the dermis of the fingers, the change in the structure of the subcutaneous fat layer becomes visible.

Combined form

This is the most common option that combines the various manifestations of these.

Cellulite is a disease or norm is the opinion of Dr.

Most doctors agree that cellulite is the norm, not the disease.

Method lipodystrophy as a diagnosis is not described in the international classification system of diseases.

Being a cosmetic problem, cellulite occurs in almost every woman and even considered secondary sexual characteristics. Curvy body until the late twentieth century it was considered a model of femininity, such beauties had served as models for artists.

With the development of the fashion industry has changed the standards of beauty have become more popular slim images, as cellulite became a problem that began to fight.


Suitable all, without exception, a generic method for the prevention and fight against manifestations of cellulite not. Since the main reason for its occurrence is the female sex hormone, to influence directly the source of the problem is not possible.

The most simple and affordable prevention methods include:

  • active lifestyle, which is accompanied by physical activity, exercises to strengthen the muscles and aerobic exercises;
  • healthy eating, which is one of the ways of prevention and staying healthy;
  • regular water treatments (sauna, steam bath, contrast shower, swimming, etc.);
  • cosmetic product for external use, which are not able radically to cope with the problem, as it does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, but improve its condition, moisturize and nourish;
  • massage is performed independently, though less efficient, professional, but with regular use prevents stagnation and improves the General condition;
  • choosing the right shoes will not give start to the development of body fat because the lymphatic system will operate without failure, which is recommended to refuse from the constant wearing of high heels and often walk barefoot;
  • healthy clothes are things from natural materials, which do not have a compressing effect and does not create the conditions for the appearance of cellulite;
  • quitting Smoking (it leads to spasms of blood vessels, which negatively affects not only the condition of the skin in the problem areas, but also on the whole body).


Modern cosmetology also provides an opportunity to constrain the appearance of cellulite and to prevent worsening of the condition:

  • manual massage, which has the higher efficiency, the sooner it started;
  • wraps the problematic parts, which stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, and provide the necessary lymphatic drainage;
  • mesotherapy, in which the needed active ingredients are delivered directly to the place of formation of cellulite seals;
  • LPG massage (effective at any stage, activates the decomposition of accumulations of adipose cells);
  • RF-lifting – reduces body fat and restores firmness to the skin;
  • whirlpool is one of the most pleasant procedures, which is performed with the appropriate equipment, effectively acts on the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • biocybernetics therapy has the effect of pulses on areas of the body that are prone to the manifestation of the «orange peel».

Even though cellulite is not a disease, but the rule should make the effort not to let it get worse. Leading an active lifestyle, eating right and giving up harmful habits can significantly change the situation.

In consultation, if necessary, with a doctor, fulfilling the purpose of beauty, every woman can, if not overcome cellulite completely, significantly improve skin condition and improve their health.

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