Cellulite on legs — how to clean, exercise, diet, wrap

The closer the warm season, the more women look in the mirror, think about the slimness and smartness of his body. Earned during the winter kilograms have an effect: gained weight, hips are wider, legs appeared cellulite. What if you in summer and winter do not allow yourself to eat too much and still can’t get rid of the hated «orange peel»?

To remove cellulite on the legs is possible only through an integrated campaign. Daily working on yourself, diet, visiting a salon, and following the advice of beauticians house, you can defeat cellulite. It’s a long way, but knowing all the details, you will reach your goals.


Getting to finding solutions to the problem, you need to start with assessment of the etiology that caused its development. And cellulite on legs is no exception. The definition of the main causes in each case will help in the fight against fatty deposits. You can’t blame it all on age, metabolism and other individual characteristics, because cellulite appears in young skinny girls.

There are a few of the reasons leading to the appearance of unwanted fat deposits on hips and breeches:

  • gipodinamiya lifestyle, insufficient physical activity;
  • the use of a large number of harmful high-calorie food;
  • overweight, BMI >28;
  • frequent attempts to lose weight, followed by a sharp weight gain;
  • the disturbed metabolism, due to diseases of internal organs;
  • heredity;
  • stress, frequent emotional stress, breakdowns;
  • hormonal disturbance caused by pregnancy, menopause or oral contraceptives.

The role of nutrition and lifestyle

You need time to figure out how to establish the broken exchange, what products should be excluded from the menu and what exercises cellulite on legs the most effective. Proper nutrition, physical activity and a healthy metabolism – the main enemies of cellulite.


Many women start to exercise, but do not worry about your diet. Such training will not bring positive results, because only a comprehensive approach will help to overcome cellulite.

Improper and unbalanced diet, provokes the appearance of cellulite. Because cellulite is metabolic in fat accumulation of excess fat drops and the formation of «orange peel», it should be understood that an excess of fatty foods contributes to the progression of the disease.


Congestion in the tissues due to the lack of physical activity, manifested by disturbance of the blood and lymph circulation, underlie the etiology of cellulite. In addition to the failure of local regulatory mechanisms, a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the metabolism of the body as a whole.

Due to the stagnation of blood and lymph, waste products of the cells are not removed, they accumulate excessively in the typical of cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

Fat cells swell, increasing their size and number, which invariably leads to the appearance of unevenness on the skin.

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How to remove cellulite on legs

To summarize the above, it becomes clear that the main goal in the fight against cellulite is the normalization of metabolism. This can be achieved, bringing it to order food and to develop a habit to exercise regularly.


If you decide to fight cellulite, then try to adhere to proper nutrition on a daily basis, without the usual harmful and high-calorie foods.

Forget about indulgences in the form of chocolates, biscuits and cakes, proper nutrition should be part of your life.

To start, determine your calorie needs, use the special calculators online. The result – your body needs calories to exceed which should not be, if you set a goal to normalize the power to get rid of cellulite and to lose weight.

When composing your daily diet to exclude products such as:

  1. Overly salty food, for example, marinated and pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. When cooking, add a minimum of salt.
  2. Fatty foods is one of the main causes of cellulite, so you should give up fatty meats, bacon, fatty cheese, butter, margarine, sour cream and cream.
  3. Pastries and sweets. These products contain large amounts of fats and carbohydrates.
  4. Meat products and semi-finished products. Sausages, fast food are high-calorie foods. Due to the presence of a large number of harmful additives and preservatives they strongly violate metabolism. This includes mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces.
  5. Soda, strong black tea and coffee as well as alcohol. Use them should be extremely rare.
  6. Chips, crackers and other snacks.

At first glance, it may seem that without these products to live very difficult, but in fact each of them is possible to find a useful replacement. Over time, this diet will become a habit, and return to harmful food will not want

Mandatory diet of cellulite on legs needs to contain the following products:

  1. Foods rich in fiber: cereals, whole wheat and branny bread, pasta from durum wheat. They normalize metabolism, are excellent regulators of digestion and protect the body from overeating.
  2. Water. Normal person should drink at least two liters of simple boiled water per day.
  3. Vegetables such as raw or boiled, and steamed. Are sources of vitamins and antioxidants.
  4. Fruits and berries. Eat them as a dessert and as a snack between meals.
  5. Lean meat: chicken, Turkey, beef, veal. Healthier way to cook these meals for a couple.
  6. Fish is a healthy product, an important source of needed vitamins and minerals.
  7. Olive and Flaxseed oil.
  8. Nuts. Not more than 150 g per day.
  9. Dairy products with low percentage of fat.

It would be useful to split the meals into 5-6 times. Buy special containers that are easy to take with you to work or school. Portions should be small but sufficient to make you not feel hungry.


The next step in the fight against cellulite is a compilation of individual training plan. Well, if you have access to a gym, but at home it is possible to effectively fight cellulite.

The basic exercises of cellulite on legs:

  • squats;
  • attacks;
  • leg swings to the side;
  • elevation of the legs;
  • the exercise chair;
  • exercise «scissors»;
  • the exercise «Bicycle»;
  • visits to step.

Repeat exercises should be 10-15 times, gradually increasing the load. After two months of regular training you can buy ankle weights for a few pounds.

In addition to the strength exercises follow the cardio, e.g. running, dancing, aerobics, Cycling or stationary bike.

Buy home stepper is a small fitness machine that simulates walking up stairs.

Effective beauty treatments

You eat right, exercise, but results in the fight against cellulite do not please you? This often happens in severe cases when the violation of lipid metabolism is in the last stage. It requires a local impact in the form of various cosmetic procedures.

Popular treatments against cellulite are:

  • wraps both domestic and salon;
  • hardware or manual anti-cellulite massage;
  • vacuum massage;
  • the use of shower scrubs;
  • cavitation – salon treatment using sound waves;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • ultrasonic pulsterapii;
  • mesotherapy – introduction under the skin of specific complexes that restore the disturbed fat metabolism in the tissues.

Each method assumes regular use. If you choose a salon, the cosmetologist to determine the necessary number of sessions. A homemade wrap or massage can and should be done throughout time.

Expert advice

Cosmetologists distinguish 4 stages of cellulite, each of which requires an individual approach. The more the disease started, the longer will be the fight against fatty deposits.

Basic tips that will fit any woman in the fight against cellulite on legs:

  • bring your weight back to normal;
  • to lose weight should be gradual, not more than 1.5 kg per month;
  • adhere to a composed diet and in achieving the desired weight;
  • by trial and error find the right exercises that give visible results;
  • daily take a cold shower, and then apply the anti-cellulite creams or scrubs;
  • get yourself some athletic hobby, like join a club team or tennis.


The best prevention of cellulite on legs will be complying with all the above recommendations, as follows:

  1. Balanced nutrition, adhere to which you want constantly. Put the taboo on fatty and salty foods. Purchase a steamer and cook low-calorie dishes with high nutritional value.
  2. Sports 3-5 times a week, and in the warm season it is possible to arrange evening runs and bike rides. Sign up for swimming, which is also a good prevention of cellulite. If you can not exercise as often, try to walk more.
  3. Avoid stress and great emotional stress. Weekend spend as much as possible, for example, in the fresh air. Replace passive recreation to active recreation.

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