Cellulite treatment in salon vacuum, massage

Getting rid of cellulite in the cabin with the help of a doctor-cosmetologist, enjoys high popularity. This is because such procedures provide faster visible results.

To ensure that the skin has got a beautiful view don’t need to sit down and indulge in food, you can sign up for the treatment of cellulite in the salon. However, if you use the services of cosmetology, while not watching the figure, the effect quickly fizzles, and manipulation must be repeated again. Only in combination with other control methods, salon treatments will have a lasting effect.

What it is

Cellulite is an accumulation of swollen fat cells under the skin, which prevents circulation of blood, fluid and nutrients in the epidermis. «Orange peel» affects mainly the female sex, in men is practically not observed. Body fat accumulates due to excess of the hormone estrogen, which in a woman’s body in excess.

There are 4 stages of disease:

  • Stage 1 is characterized by the absence of visible imperfections that are already beginning to emerge deep under the skin;
  • 2 stages of cellulite they’re starting to see, partly disrupting metabolic processes in the epidermis;
  • Stage 3 is characterized by displacement of the blood vessels, and edema;
  • On stage 4 the skin automatically loses nutrients.

The sooner a woman will discover the cellulite, the better the chances of a speedy deliverance from it without serious interventions.

The main methods of struggle

Depending on the stage and location of cellulite, the cabin gets individual therapy. It is worth to combine with household methods of fight against disease. The more methods will be used, the better it is for the body of the girl. Ideally, to combine them all.

Ways of struggle:

  • regular exercise and any other physical activity;
  • proper nutrition;
  • elimination of bad habits (alcohol, Smoking);
  • vacuum massage;
  • wraps;
  • vitamin injection;
  • the use of anti-cellulite massage cream.

As a rule, if cellulite is on the 4 stage of development shown liposuction. Therefore, the sooner action will be taken for the restoration of the skin, the better and cheaper.

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Cellulite treatment in salon

The salon offers a huge range of services for every budget. Depending on the extent of skin lesions and ideas about the desired result, the doctor will select the best course of treatment.

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You should carefully consider the choice of the clinic, which must have a certificate of treatment, injectable including.

Hardware procedures

Vacuum massage cellulite in the cabin is the most popular procedure. Is carried out using special equipment. The monitor attached suction cups, which are installed on the problem area. Specialist establishes the program necessary time and treatment begins.

With the help of vacuum in the skin accelerates blood fat begins to break up into smaller components and removed from the body. After such procedures the skin appear huge bruises. On dark skin the bruises are less noticeable, but it is not necessary to resort to such extreme measures before an important event or a trip to the Spa.

Pulsterapii ultrasound is less painful. In this case, the splitting of the fat is due to the impact of high-frequency sound to problem areas. It reduces swelling and relieves you from a few centimeters after 2-3 treatments.

Stimulation affects muscle tissue, reducing it and forcing to work, driving blood. It is called exercise for the lazy.

Depending on the pain threshold of the patient, the doctor will choose the best course for optimum end result.


Manual methods of influence are a massage using the hands of a professional, quite painful.

The masseur is working on the affected areas, driving in their blood and warming the epidermis.

After the procedure, accelerates metabolism, improves elasticity of the skin. Cosmetics that are used for massage, contain a variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the warm-up, they penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and aktiviziruyutsya there.

The downside is that manual massage is not less painful than the hardware, therefore not suitable for persons with high sensitivity threshold. Same as vacuum, can leave bruises.


Mesotherapy, there are injections cellulite special vitamin complexes, is less painful and always gives a positive result. The doctor uses a separate syringe or device with dozens of micro-needles that simultaneously inject the medicine under the skin.

Each patient is an individual vitamin cocktail, with the features of his body and other related diseases. This approach guarantees a long lasting effect of the procedure provided that the patient will maintain the result.

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The advantages of mesotherapy:

  • the skin is smoothed, gets a healthy color;
  • the body receives additional vitamins;
  • increases skin turgor (elasticity) of the epidermis;
  • improves overall health of the patient;
  • quick results;
  • quite painless and leaves no bruises.

Ineffective treatments are excluded and can only be associated with the incompetence of the attending physician. Therefore, the choice of the beautician should be taken seriously.


In every cabin, as a rule, work for certain products, which positively proven. Applying anti-cellulite creams or masks refers to the Spa-procedures, as part of a program to care for themselves.

Before use, the beautician cleanses the skin, tones. Makes a warming or anti-cellulite massage. After all the manipulations on problem areas to apply a cream that begins to work under the wrap or without.

The procedure has much less contraindications, so you should pay your attention to it if other treatments for any reason is prohibited.


Wrap is the application of tonics with further thermal effects to enhance the effect.

The salon can offer the following wraps:

  • coffee;
  • honey;
  • clay;
  • fruit;
  • algae;
  • chocolate and others.

On cleansed and warmed skin apply pre-prepared tool, which is covered with cling film in several layers. For deeper penetration of nutrients deep into the epidermis, the patient harboring a towel. The procedure lasts about half an hour.


Hardware methods of exposure, injection and rough hand massage contraindications are more than harmless wraps.

Should I tell my doctor about all the diseases and pregnancy, if any. This will help to protect the body from undesirable consequences.

Absolute contraindications many salon procedures:

  • cancer and benign tumors;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute and chronic inflammation;
  • any disease of the cardiovascular system;
  • growths on the skin;
  • injuries and open wounds;
  • recent abdominal surgery;
  • epilepsy;
  • fungal infections of the epidermis;
  • thyroid disease;
  • high body temperature of unknown etiology.

A complete list of contraindications, you should see to consult a beautician. It is not necessary to hide the presence of a disease. For the manifestation of complications in such a case, the doctor is not responsible.

If serious procedures to get rid of cellulite is forbidden, you can try wraps with natural ingredients that have much less contraindications and also show good results.

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Useful tips

To go to a salon, pleasing long-lasting effect, you should make some effort after the door cosmetology.

Doctors recommend to follow the basic rules:

  1. It is necessary to normalize the power. Excluded from the diet of empty carbs and sweets, add more cereals and vegetables. Snacks should be dense, but useful.
  2. At least 15 minutes a day to devote to the sport. Morning exercise is better than nothing. Also, you should lead an active lifestyle – walking more, to move, to run.
  3. During the conduct of anti-cellulite massage, you should relax. The procedure will be carried much easier, and be accompanied by minimum pain.
  4. To get a minimum of complications, you should contact the major cosmetics that are certified to conduct procedures, and the work is done by doctors with specialized education and experience.
  5. If after the first procedure there were complications, be sure to tell your doctor about them.

In the cabin of cellulite deliver quickly and efficiently. But will it work to please the girl for many years, depends on her desires and the desire to look good. Not yet invented a tool that will eliminate the «orange peel» once and for all. Success can be achieved only through proper care, diet and regular activities.

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