Cheiloplasty (lip) — that is, prices, photos before and after, reviews

Reconstructive is a complete change in the shape of lips and is often used when eliminating congenital or acquired defects. Sometimes surgery to remove such defects is carried out in the newly born under two weeks of age or at six months of age.

Aesthetic halophytica is carried out at the request of the patient to enhance the shape of lips and make them look more attractive.

There is also a reducing (reduction) cheiloplasty, which is aimed at reducing the volume of the lips of the patient and reduce the length of the upper lip and reduction, as well as the plasty of the lower lip.

What can be done with it?

The procedure allows to achieve the following results:

  • give your lips more volume;
  • to remove the asymmetry;
  • adjust the shape of the lips;
  • to get rid of wrinkles near the lower lip;
  • to eliminate fibroids and cysts on lips;
  • to fix cleft palate, cleft palates and other birth defects.

How is the procedure?

This surgery, requires local anesthesia, so before the operation, the patient is an injection of anesthetic. In some clinics you can have intravenous anesthesia, however, such a move is undesirable and has many contraindications. During surgery, incisions are made along the contours of the upper and lower lips, the excess skin is removed, and the edges of the cuts are connected by sutures, which disappear in the following days.

The procedure lasts approximately two hours and after its end, to the lips of the patient applied ice, which should help to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Before conducting cheiloplasty necessary to consult the attending physician and testing for the presence of certain diseases.

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There are several types:

  1. The range of techniques that include correction and elimination of wrinkles okolorotova. These changes are the beginning of damage to the dermal layer and reduce the red border of the lips, thereby, as an indication for the use of aloplastic.
  2. Reduction cheiloplasty. It is held in the case of long upper or lower lip. During the operation, the ellipsoidal fragment of the skin is removed, and lips formed into appropriate shape.
  3. V-Y plasty of the lips is used when increasing the shape of the lips and give them the desired volume. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the mucous membrane is shifted «ahead» by V-shaped incisions, which are becoming a Y-shaped seam. Subsequently, they disappear completely, leaving behind no trace.
  4. Cheiloplasty Paris. It is performed similar to the V-Y manner, but in contrast, incisions are made in both vertical and horizontal planes. Through this approach, «Paris» allows to personalize the procedure and to ensure a positive outcome for each patient with any form of the lips.
  5. Cheiloplasty, bullhorn. This surgery is recommended for people with overly plump lips and a long upper lip. Plastic of upper lip, in this case, most often done along with rhinoplasty, and facelift, as the patients are women older than thirty-five years. It was at this time the upper lip lengthens and the other remedy to be ineffective.
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Indications are the following factors:

  • the appearance of wrinkles on the lips;
  • post-traumatic defects;
  • congenital cleft lip and cleft palate;
  • excessive bare gums;
  • threadlike lips;
  • overly plump lips;
  • the presence of benign tumors, papillomas, fibromas, cysts;
  • asymmetry of the lips;
  • sagging of the lower lip;
  • the presence of scars in the corners of the mouth.

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  • decompensated form of diabetes;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • of blood clotting;
  • herpes in the acute stage;
  • the unhealed damage of the lips;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • fever, heat;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • epilepsy;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • infectious diseases.


The duration of the rehabilitation period depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and type of surgery. On average, the recovery phase lasts more than two weeks and all is transferred easily enough.

The most fundamental requirement in this period is the limitation in physical activities, and to avoid the appearance of severe swelling and bruising, doctors recommend to apply cold to the injured place.

Possible side effects

After carrying out the following possible complications:

  • Allergy to anesthetics;
  • bleeding;
  • rejection of the implant used;
  • nerve damage if improperly performed surgery;
  • infection.

Another unpleasant side effect could be scarring, which will not only bring the patient’s negative emotions, but also generate a certain deformation. This complication requires another operation, but only after a year.

Cheiloplasty at pathologies in children

Shown children with such defects as:

  • cleft lip;
  • «cleft palate».

Cleft lip or scientific «presented» is a congenital defect, which is formed not accrete tissues of the nasal cavity and upper jaw, as well as the emerging cleft lip. This pathology prevents the child to a normal psychosomatic development, complicates eating, speaking and more.

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Unfortunately, it is found in 2,500 newborn children, but with timely surgical intervention and conducting cheiloplasty in the cleft, perhaps the complete elimination of the defect. Cleft palate is cleft palate, which grips the top lip, upper jaw and palate. This pathology carries all the same problems as cleft lip and removed surgically.

Plastic «harelip» and «cleft palate» at an early age saves the child from many psychological and physiological problems, so experts recommend cheiloplasty in children under the age of six months.


Prices in Moscow are various and differ depending on the clinic and the qualifications of the employees. So, they range from 16500 to 130000 rubles per transaction. On average, the cost of the procedure is about 70,000 rubles.


the cost in rubles
Category 1 29 000 RUB.
2 categories 45 000 RUB.
3 categories 58 000 RUB.
Correction of the upper lip 56, 000.
Secondary cheiloplasty 56, 000.


Name the cost in rubles
Lip enhancement gel «Biopolymere» 16 590 RUB.
Lip augmentation by own fat or tissue 16 590 RUB.
Reduction of lip 20 790 RUB.
Tightening of the lips 16 590 RUB.
Cheiloplasty (secondary correction of «cleft lip») 23 500 RUB.
Removal of the gel from the lip (one lip) 16 500 RUB.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to make a plastic lip after an injury?

Yes, trauma and acquired defects in the mouth are the indications for cheiloplasty.

What could be the consequences?

After conducting cheiloplasty possible swelling and bruising, which take place over several days. When the surgery is performed correctly, no other consequences can not be.

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Helps when lowered corners of lips?

Yeah, plastic mouth practiced in cheiloplasty and is one of the acquired areas. Operation allows you to lift the drooping corners of the lips and give the face a more youthful appearance.

What is the cost of removing harelip?

On average, the price for such operation is about 50,000 rubles.

Is it possible to do it to children?

Yes, holding cheiloplasty in childhood is valid in the case of congenital or acquired defects.

How long is the effect?

The effect is, in fact, the effect for life.

Unlike injections of Botox and other injections, surgery guarantees lasting results, but this does not mean that the patient’s lips in ten years will look the same as on the day of surgery. The human body continues to function, the patient continues to eat and maintain their way of life accordingly, the effect achieved after surgery, can not be eternal.

The before and after photos