Chocolate wraps cellulite — at home, against, recipes

Chocolate wraps cellulite – this is a Prime example of how you can combine useful with pleasant. Because this procedure brings pleasure, as the process and the result.

Useful properties of cocoa

Beauty treatments with chocolate are always in the top ten most popular and beloved. This chocolate mask for the face, body or hair, and chocolate scrubs or massages.

These procedures deliver a true delight. The smell and tactile sensations from the touch of chocolate have a beneficial effect on the mental state of the patient, help relieve stress and lift the mood. However, the benefits of the chocolate is not limited.

The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa powder, which has a very rich composition:

  • caffeine;
  • provitamin a, vitamins B1, B2, PP, E;
  • the trace elements K, Mg, Na, Fe, Zn, P, S, etc.;
  • vegetable proteins;
  • organic acid;
  • saturated fatty acids;
  • phenylethylamine;
  • theophylline, theobromine;
  • melanin.

Cocoa has excellent cosmetic properties of multidirectional action:

  • accelerates the breakdown of fats;
  • improves the drainage effect, relieves edema;
  • activates the process of removing toxins;
  • softens and moisturizes the skin, makes it smooth;
  • has a toning and rejuvenating effect;
  • protects the skin against UV damage;
  • helps in the treatment of acne;
  • reduces age spots.

In some cases, the use of cocoa helps to establish the metabolism in the body and reduce the weight.

Mechanism of action

Thanks to these useful characteristics, the main active ingredient, the chocolate wrap was used against cellulite. To understand the mechanism of action of this procedure is to eliminate «orange peel», it is necessary to know the causes of cellulite.

Cellulite starts as a result of such processes:

  • violation of microcirculation of blood in the capillaries;
  • slowing of the venous outflow;
  • the increase in the permeability of blood vessels;
  • the reduced circulation of fluid in the lymphatic system.

The characteristic bumps appear on the skin due to accumulation of toxins, inadequate flow in the tissue of oxygen and stagnation of excess water. All these factors lead to oedema and excessive accumulation of fat cells in subcutaneous layers.

How a chocolate body wrap can help in this situation?

Its action is as follows:

  • caffeine affects the normalization of metabolic processes at the cellular level and the breakdown of fats;
  • flavonols contribute to the improvement of the blood vessels;
  • vegetable proteins improve skin condition, stimulate collagen and elastin production;
  • antioxidants provide the elimination of toxins;
  • mineral composition optimizes the removal of excess fluid;
  • vitamin a – gives the skin extra nourishment.
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In addition to the highly effective substances included in the composition of the chocolate mass this procedure involves extended exposure of heat that accumulates under the film. It promotes the expansion of pores and deeper penetration of beneficial ingredients into the subcutaneous layers.

It is thanks to this particular, such a wrap is much more effective than any of creams and masks.

Most cosmetics have only superficial impact, and the cellulite is formed in the adipose tissue beneath the dermis.

How to do chocolate body wraps for cellulite at home

Procedure chocolate wrap anti-cellulite is quite simple and available to host at home. You must use only pure with no additives cocoa powder or chocolate containing more than 50% of beans.

The conduct of the procedure consists of three stages.

  • Preparation:
  1. to prepare chocolate mixture;
  2. take a hot shower;
  3. apply the scrub on problem areas, massage them and wash away the remnants of cosmetic products;
  4. wipe the body dry.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended that instead of a shower and scrub to take a turpentine bath.

  • Wrap:
  1. put the chocolate paste on the body (it is recommended to use a special brush);
  2. wrap the treated areas with cling film;
  3. bundle up with a warm blanket;
  4. soak in this condition for 40 – 90 minutes (treatment time can be adjusted depending on your health).

There is another way of wrapping that involves the use of gauze bandages. They need to be watered-down chocolate slurry and wound onto problem areas.

Further, as in the first case, you should wrap the film and cover with a blanket. If you can film gently to cover the entire surface with chocolate, you can instead blankets, wear warm Bathrobe or pajamas. In this case, it will be able to do household chores.

  • Final:
  1. rinse in the shower applied the mixture;
  2. wet the body with a soft towel;
  3. apply moisturizer.

One of the important aspects of the conduct of a chocolate wrap is the preparation of most cosmetic compounds. You can use these recipes.

Classic wrap


  1. cocoa powder – 250 g;
  2. milk of 2.5 – 8 % fat – 200 g

To warm milk. Pour in milk, cocoa and mix until lumps disappear.

With ginger


  1. cocoa powder – 5 tbsp;
  2. milk – 2 tbsp.;
  3. ginger – 100 g

To the milk add fresh ginger root and boil. Add powder, mix thoroughly. Remove from heat and wait a half hour until the mixture to infuse. For the application you want to use only the supernatant liquid. Settled grounds shall not be used, because ginger paste is much to burn the skin.

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  1. cocoa powder – 100 g;
  2. seaweed (pharmacy spirulina or kelp, in a pinch, you can take sea cabbage) – 200 g

Soak seaweed for 5 – 6 hours in cold boiled water. Grind them in a blender. Add the cocoa and whip the ground again.



  1. dark chocolate bar – 1 piece.
  2. milk – 400 ml;
  3. Cayenne pepper – ½ tsp

Boil the milk. Grate the chocolate and add it to the milk. Stir until complete dissolution. Add the pepper and stir again.



  1. cocoa powder – 350 g;
  2. water – 2 tbsp.;
  3. cinnamon – 2 tbsp

Add water to cocoa and stir. Pour the cinnamon.

In any recipe States that after preparing the mixture need to cool and then apply on the body.


It is important to know that chocolate wrap anti-cellulite has a lot of contraindications.

If you are going to carry out such a procedure need to familiarize yourself with their list:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypertension;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • the period of menstruation;
  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;
  • the presence of wounds, lesions, inflammatory processes on the skin;
  • infectious disease;
  • of the tumor.

Usually the presence of most of the diseases or conditions the patient knows in advance. But if you have any allergies to chocolate, few people think. However, this product is quite dangerous allergen. Therefore, the first session of chocolate body wrap should be preceded by sensitivity test.

Do in beauty salons

Of course, such a procedure as a chocolate body wrap against cellulite
is list of services of many beauty salons.

The big difference between the results from both home and salon procedure no.

The benefits of salon treatments are as follows:

  • manipulations are performed by a specialist, and the patient, freed from all the «dirty» work, can fully relax and get real pleasure;
  • no problems will be handled even hard to reach places on the body, while most apply the mixture on your back is difficult;
  • for wraps use a special thermal blanket, which is more intensively heats the body and maximally promotes deep penetration of active ingredients into the subcutaneous layers;
  • the interior additionally creates a comfortable environment with the use of fragrant candles or lamps, music, muted light.
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The disadvantages of this service include the high cost of salon procedures and a lack of confidence in 100% the quality of the chocolate mixture.

Video: Technique


The effect of chocolate body wrap will be noticeable after the first session. However, this is mainly the appearance of the skin. It becomes soft, velvety and pleasant to the touch. The final result of the use of chocolate body wraps cellulite is the draining effect and reduction of visible signs of «orange peel».

In the initial stages of the development of cellulite with the help of chocolate wraps you can achieve almost ideal results.

If the «orange peel» has already passed in the fibrotic stage, the special effect will not be achieved.


A single holding the wraps have only preventive value or serves as a means for relaxation.

The full course, which will provide visible results, should consist of 15 – 20 procedures. Sessions should be held twice a week.

If cellulite is just beginning, then get rid of its external manifestations can in one month. To prevent enough to hold wrap 2 – 3 times per month.

What to do after the procedure

To consolidate the results from the chocolate wrap is recommended after a month break to hold another round of such procedures. In addition, you should know that using only wraps much success to fail.

Definitely need to follow a specific low calorie diet.

It is also necessary to perform physical exercises, facilitating burning of fat, and regularly do cardio. Additionally, you can enjoy a massage. This integrated approach will provide ideal look to your body without any signs of cellulite.

Photo: Before and after