Cleft lip — pictures, causes, surgery cost, photos before and after surgery

According to statistics, for every thousand kids have one child with this disorder.

Despite the fact that the pathology disrupts the aesthetic appearance of the face, and prevents lead a normal life: interferes with normal speech, and also makes it difficult to eat.

This mutation is formed during the prenatal period 8-12 weeks of pregnancy. However, young parents who do not immediately panic!

Cleft lip is not a disability and it can be corrected. About the methods you can see at the end of the article.


  • bad ecology;
  • heredity ( if the family were ancestors with this disorder, the risk increases by 7%);
  • toxic-chemical factors: drugs, alcohol, Smoking;
  • infectious disease of the mother during the first trimester;
  • frequent stress;
  • severe toxemia;
  • maternal obesity;
  • a lack of folic acid in the mother’s body;
  • the age of the mother.


To determine the presence of hare-lip immediately after birth. She may look like a small defect, namely, a shallow groove, often on the left side, as you can imagine a deep cut that exposes the space for the front teeth on display, and ends at the nose or even enters into the nasal cavity.


There are two types of this disease in children:

  • Uni — or bilateral cleft lip;
  • Cross-cutting cleavage.

The first type of this mutation to fix is easier than the second. Through the splitting implies the complete absence of the upper lip when in normal part of Cuba is simply collected in one place. Currently, cosmetic surgery copes with the first and with the second case. Surgery for children with cleft lip is best done at the age of 5 months.

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Video: Bilateral complete cleft lip and palate


Pathology currently, you can see another ultrasound after the fourth month of pregnancy, However, the diagnosis, the doctor can put only after a birth of the child in the full survey, in order to confirm that this mutation is not part of any mental illness, and self-pathology.


There are 3 types of plastic surgery aimed at addressing this problem:

  • Inhalatio — more complex operations, except when the aesthetic need to achieve, and functional facilities. The surgery is performed both on the lip and on the muscular frame of the front unit;
  • Cheiloplasty — surgery before which always conduct a complete diagnosis and detailed analyses. This type of operation is the simplest because it does not require correction of other tissues. At the time of the healing of sutures in the nose is inserted a cotton swab to prevent fusion of tissues. Sutures are usually removed 10 days after surgery;
  • Inhalantsa is the most difficult kind of operation which involves cheiloplasty and inhalambrico, but even with the correction of pulmonary channels. .

If the child has no other health problems, the operation can easily be appointed at the age of 3-6 months. Usually a cleft lip after surgery are removed in 80-90% of cases.

The doctor evaluates a year later, when the scars will heal and the patient will get used to your «new» lips.

Celebrities and cleft lip

Cleft lip is not a reason to put his life on the cross, believe me, even some famous actors in my childhood was the fault.

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For example, Joanic Felix has a scar on his lip. He makes no comment on the matter, however, doctors have long said: «this Hollywood stars as a child was a cleft lip!» Not spared this mutation and the famous Russian actor. As they say a journalist, Boyarsky also has a scar that he hides under his moustache.

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The cost of the operation

If you are wondering how much is the surgery, now we will tell you about it. If you do the surgery in a private medical hospital stay of the baby and mother for 7-8 days, along with the operation will cost about 40 thousand Russian rubles.

Clinic — Jeunesse from 30 000
French clinic 75 000r.
The Honey — Est 35 000r.
The clinic REAMED of 28 000.
Multidisciplinary medical center of KB Moscow state medical University of 30 000.
The Clinic Medestet 30 000.

Also it is possible to do this operation for free. To do this you need to policy for the baby, get in line and get a quote for the surgery.

The before and after photos