Colloid scar — treatment, removal, prices, photos, folk remedies, video

Trying to figure out how dangerous it is, the doctors came to a consensus that the danger of life and health it is not. Being in the open, colloidal rumen greatly reduces the visual appeal of a person. At larger sizes it becomes a serious cosmetic problem.

Sometimes, when pressing on the scar, there is pain. If it is located in the area where comes in contact with clothing, the person feels discomfort and starts to comb scar.

There are cases when a colloid scars are not allow a person to move normally. In all these cases the recommended treatment.

Their causes

The causes of these formations are studied by science for a long time, but to identify clear reasons for their occurrence, doctors have not yet succeeded. At this stage, scientists have discovered several General prerequisites for the appearance of the scar.

In this regard, denote the distribution of keloids in the primary and secondary:

Primary or spontaneous

They occur for no apparent reason, wounds on the skin or not, or they were polecany, but the final healing has not occurred. Colloidal scars can occur due to hormonal disorders, chronic infectious disease, hypofunction of adrenal glands, pregnancy. Genetic predisposition also can cause. Seen the link with the predisposition to seborrhea.

Secondary scarring

These keloids are a complication after trauma or other skin diseases.

In the process of wound healing can be inflammation, sepsis, stress relief and immunity. All of this violates the natural course of healing, the regeneration process goes wrong. Doctors have noticed that most of the colloidal scarring occurs in the first six months after injury.

Quite often, the scars appear in place of burns, this happens within the first three months. Not uncommon keloids and women who have cosmetic problems.

They can occur after rhinoplasty, improper removal of moles or after permanent makeup that has been performed incorrectly or as a result of poor safety precautions after the procedure.

In recent years, more and more young people and children suffering from the disease, this is due to frequent injuries and age-related skin problems. Increasingly, colloidal scar on the earlobe after piercing.

How to get this education?

There are several methods of treatment. It all depends on how long the colloidal cicatrix.

  • If it is not running and has occurred recently, then you can do medicines and folk remedies. Medicines or smear on the surface of the scar or injected into the tissue.
  • If the formation is very large, the surgery.
  • For the surgical method also includes successful in eradicating (excision with electrocautery) and lazarakis (excision with laser). Surgical methods are accompanied by pre-and post-treatment medications.
  • A few years ago old education was removed with radiotherapy, radiotherapy and Bukki-rays. But recent studies have shown that in place of the keloid may form long non-healing sores that transformirovalsya in a malignant tumor. If there are other treatment options colloidal scar from such procedures should be abandoned.
  • Colloid scar after you remove moles can be smoothed with the help of electrocoagulation. The essence of the procedure is to influence the scar tissue shock. Sometimes special dressings with silicone inserts.
  • The procedure cryosurgery painful enough, but combined with Bukki-irradiation or microwave therapy gives very good results.
  • Used to combat the problem, and hormone therapy.

As a rule, the deletion takes place using multiple methods at the same time, to make the effects of your treatment and prevent the emergence of a new formation in the wound.

For example, the earlobe will initially be treated with diprospan injection or kenalog-40. In a month will be assigned to laser or electro surgery.

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After wound healing will be conducted by irradiation of Bukki-rays or microwave therapy, the patient will have to wear a compression clip time. In addition, will be assigned to some procedure to prevent recurrence: mesotherapy, phonophoresis, electrophoresis and others.

Video:Removal of scars, scar removal laser

Laser removal

This treatment can be applied not earlier than 6-12 months after scar formation. Is laser resurfacing colloidal scars with CO2 laser.

To completely remove a keloid will not work, but it will be invisible. The advantage of this method is that surrounding tissue is minimally injured.

It becomes flat and less visible, but will need 6 to 12 sessions of treatments. Between sessions allowed intervals of 1-2 months.

Video: Laser removal of scars in «Lagerhaus»

Laser treatment is combined with other methods:

  • the introduction of steroids;
  • the imposition of a silicon wafer;
  • applying ointments.

The cost of one procedure depends on the size of the colloidal cicatrix. The approximate price of the session for scar 1 cm? will be about $10, the bigger the scar, the higher the cost of the procedure. Session time is from 20 to 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, recurrence after this treatment happens not infrequently, sometimes at the edges of the former scar to form new keloids.

Ointment and cream from colloidal scars

These funds pharmacies few, not all effective. The drug must appoint a physician, because many of the tools vary according to the period of use after surgery, have a lot of contraindications.

In this situation, unfortunately, the trend is clear: the cheaper and more accessible drug, so it is less effective. Good are:

  • gel lioton-1000;
  • cream scar clofibrate;
  • 1% hydrocortisone ointment.
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A highly effective gel plate «Spenco», which is used to treat existing scars and as a means of preventing the formation of new. The plate should be worn full time, removing only for washing 2 times a day. The total period of treatment, depending on the situation, ranging from 2 to 4 months.

More convenient and preferred self-adhesive bandage with silicone, especially good Mepitel, Mepiform Swedish production. You should look for a cream scars Zeraderm Ultra, which can be applied under makeup, if the keloid is on the face. This tool is approved for use children.

The drug is manufactured using the latest discoveries in medicine, has anti-inflammatory action, improves the energetic potential of the cells, protects from harmful UV rays. Apply the cream twice a day, the course of treatment depends on the situation and may last for several months.

Treatment colloidal scars diprospana should be used only on medical advice, contraindications for this means is an impressive list.

Diprospan injected into scar tissue with the help of injections has many side effects, is banned for pregnant and lactating mothers. The drug ScarGuard is a liquid that is applied to the scar with a brush and dries instantly. The result is a coating that protects the damaged area of the skin and serves as a compressing bandage.

In the drug ScarGuard is present in large quantities vitamin E and hydrocortisone, which promote rapid healing of wounds.

You can use it for treatment and for prophylaxis, if the patient is seen predisposition. Contractubex sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Before use is also advisable to consult a doctor, but the effect of this drug special is soft and has no contraindications.

Healing occurs at the expense of onion extract, heparin and allantoin included in the gel.

This tool can be used by pregnant and lactating women, who need to remove colloidal scar after cesarean section. The tool can be used in both adults and children, who have formed a scar after BCG.

If education is long, the preparation is applied under a bandage that lasts from 6 to 12 hours. in milder cases, the gel is simply rubbed into the surface of the scar. Treatment may last from two weeks to several months, depending on the situation.

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Treatment of folk remedies

How to get rid of these entities knew our ancient ancestors, they used for this purpose, consisting of decoctions of plants. Folk healers recommend to use to treat camphor oil, which you need to dampen the cloth and apply to the scar as a compress.

Treated in this way must be within one month. Copes with colloidal rumen and infusion of the roots of Larkspur, which is prepared in the following way.

The roots of the plants need to wash, chop and pour the water and alcohol in equal parts.

Infused medication for about a week in a dark place. With the help of tincture is necessary to make compresses and bandages.

Can be treated with the help of the collection, consisting of chamomile, calendula and nettle. 2 tbsp. l. mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and let steep for an hour. After this infusion should drain, wet it a bandage and apply to the scar for 3 hours. This should be done 2-3 times a day for 3 months.

A great remedy colloidal scars — natural beeswax with olive oil.

For preparing the medicinal mixture you need to mix 50 g of beeswax and 1 Cup olive oil. The mixture is heated on a water bath, thoroughly mixed and ready for another 10 minutes.

The finished mixture should be a little cool, to impregnate her the piece of cloth and put on the scar. This is the bandage twice a day for two months.