Complications of mammoplasty photo

A positive attitude is really great. But it is better if it will be combined with knowledge about what problems can occur with the operated breast, and what can be done to keep these problems to be addressed.

Complications can occur after any breast surgery, but most often it concerns augmentation breast implants because these patients are among those who carries out breast surgery, the majority.

Conventionally, all complications can be divided into those that develop immediately after surgery, and those that occur after 1-2 months and even later.

Swelling of the Breasts

Everyone without exception. Linked to tissue injury during surgery. Swelling becomes a problem when subsides within 2 weeks.

The usual cause of persistent edema is:

  • early cessation of the compression provided;
  • heat treatments and any heat even in the bath, even on the beach, even in the bath;
  • untimely exercise.

Because if you follow the doctor’s advice, problems with losing edema not vonyaet.


In the photo – development of a seroma on one side.

Seroma is an accumulation of serous (interstitial) fluid in the cavity around the implant. In this case the mammary gland is significantly increased in size.

In the case of the development of seroma fluid from the cavity is removed by syringe under ultrasound control.


It so happens that the surgeon may not see a bleeding vessel and sew it. But this is casuistry. It so happens that the damaged vessel, the blood which had folded for a number of reasons again begins to bleed after surgery. In both cases there is a hematoma in the cavity around the implant.

It manifests by changing the shape and symmetry of the breast. The part of the breast in which it is located becomes larger, sometimes the accumulation of blood significantly eye as a brown clot od skin.

The pain is not the average, because after the operation are assigned to the strong painkillers.

The bleeding even if the bleeding has stopped, she will not resolve, so the only way to fix it is to make the puncture or incision and drain postoperative pocket for prosthesis.

Video: Possible effects of augmentation breast

Loss of skin elasticity and mastoptosis

Mascots usually develops faster when the formulation of the prosthesis under the mammary gland than under the muscle. To predict the speed of its development to operations is difficult. But ptosis develops quickly for those who have before the operation was the first signs of sagging Breasts.

With the development of mastoptosis or recommended to replace the implants for larger or to have a breast lift and put implants of the same size.

Contouring of the implant under the skin

Y a very slender female, whose skin is almost devoid of subcutaneous fat, girls, whose own mammary glands do not have sufficient layer of adipose tissue to cover the prosthesis, those who decided to lose weight after the surgery.

The solution to the problem be the introduction of fillers or the conduct of lipofilling chest.

The displacement of the implant

Any implant before latches in tissues to migrate. But the degree of bias is small, and it is controlled usually by use of gauze dressings, limit your physical activity and sleeping on the side and back.

Implants can migrate symmetrically, in this case, the breast loses its desired shape due to the fact that part of the breast above the nipple collapses, and the part beneath the nipple become disproportionately large.

It may be that the implants are shifted asymmetrically, which becomes a serious cosmetic defect and requires re-operation.

Unnatural looking breast

Not many think about the shape of a breast when surgery. Minds is only the volume, how to choose a good surgeon, and where to get the money for the operation. The photo of the star, whose new uniforms look unnatural.

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Suffers as a result. The enlarged breast becomes easily recognizable to the touch as well as visually.

The main sign of a artificial Breasts is a wide distance between the Breasts. The main problem of modern women is megalomania – the desire to do more than that without taking into account the number of own tissue to close implant, subsequent convenience in daily life breast sizes 3-4-5.

In order to accommodate the high volume, surgeons are forced to use «high» prostheses, i.e., for which the diameter is equal to or less than the diameter breast height is much greater than actually required a woman. The result is unnecessarily protruding in front of the chest that looks unnatural.

The second problem is the preference height of the breast, which does not correspond to age. In the end, choose a very high implants that looks good the girl 18-20 years old, but looks unnatural in women 30 years and older.

Well, the third problem is the fear of soft and supple Breasts, which without the support of a bra does not stick out forward like the stern of the ship.

Natural Breasts without the support of underwear in most cases has the same form as in the bra. The same effect is given implants «Soft touch» which has the same density as breast tissue.

But most patients and plastic surgeons choose something firmer. Hence so many opponents of silicone breast among men, and so many critics of breast augmentation from women.

Suppuration after mammoplasty

The reasons, which develops suppuration, there may be several. The main one is the rejection of the implant by the body of the woman, and the development of purulent process in contact with the wound pathogenic bacteria.

It begins with a fever and severe pain that pain medications can only dull, but rarely removed. Over the area of inflammation, the skin becomes extremely red and hot to the touch. Sometimes the redness and pain can be all over the breast.

Tactics of treatment with the development of suppuration of the following:

  • first, in the area of suppuration set of drainage pipes, conduct flushing and intensive antibiotic therapy (give large doses of antibiotics);
  • if drainage is ineffective, the implant is removed.

If drainage work, in the late period may develop complications such as pronounced fibrosis, asymmetry of the Breasts.


So what will be the postoperative scars depends largely on the propensity of the organism to the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars, and care care area of the operating sections.

Even before you need to agree that the thin scars will remain, as they do not disappear without a trace no one. But noticeable they, too, should not be.

The most important rule of treatment is to minimize tissue tension around the scar. For this good will and paper strips (adhesive strips, which do not allow the wound edges to disperse), and silicone stickers on the seams, and wearing compression underwear all the time, until the scars are fully formed.

Also not worth the extra time to massage the scars, intensively RUB any creams and ointments, before you start to use the cream Kontraktubeks.

Any absorbable preparations you can begin to apply only when the connective tissue in the scar Matures. Before you’ll only hurt.

Because if the type of scars you are not satisfied, you can return to the cosmetologist, to scars «buff out» with a laser, or make them less visible in other ways.

With such feature of an organism as the formation of a wide convex scars do nothing.

If in the past, keloid scars have already formed, then any operation that is performed not for emergency reasons, it is better to refuse.

Loss of skin sensitivity

Loss of sensitivity due to the fact that during the operation damaged the nerves that go to the skin. Most often, this complication is found when performing the incision around the nipple. But it could be during the operation of the inframammary or axillary access.

Sensitivity rarely disappears forever. In most cases, it recovers within 2 to 6 months after surgery.

Cracks and ruptures of the implants

The third generation implants from manufacturers that are well proven, safe. These include Boston, Mentor, Silimed. Usually quality breast implants made of non-flowing, sticky silicone, which, even when rupture of the implant does not spread, and if squeezed out from the shell (if severe trauma to the chest, for example), it remains in the cavity, which was created for the prosthesis by surgery. Sheath modern implants bilayer. The inner layer is silicone, outer prevent seepage of the gel from the cavity of the implant.

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Cause of exploding dentures previous generations was the wear of the walls due to the constant flexion and extension of them under the influence of the respiratory movements of the chest.

Because these implants need to be replaced every five years. Modern implants of the third generation for 300 years of regular flexion-extension during breathing, because of spontaneous rupture of the prosthesis is the third generation excluded.

If under the influence of mechanical trauma of a breast implant ruptures, it routinely needs to be removed or replaced by another.

But still there are known cases when on the market get poor quality implants and give serious complications when you break, crack or leak if gel through the shell.

Examples of such implants have become the products of the French firm PolyImplantProsthesis (PIP), which were filled with technical silicone which can migrate and to have toxic effects on the body and single-ply membrane, which prevented the leakage of gel from the implant in the tissue.

If the silicone gel gets into the tissue, it can migrate under the skin of the chest and abdomen, forming a tumor-like seal – silicone. The gel can also migrate down the channels intermuscular hands. Also, the gel may accumulate in the lymph nodes.

Any such distribution of silicone gel requires advanced surgical removal of the implant and the tissues damaged by the action of the silicone.

Video: Replacing PIP implants -1

In the video, filmed the process of replacing the implant through the sheath which is seeping in the gel. And in this video filmed the process of removing a ruptured implant. The gel was soaked in the nearby lymph nodes.

Video: Removal of the implant PiP -2

In the photo the result poperemenno rupture of the implant: the implant content stands out along with the pus through the skin fistula (hole in the skin, which during the suppurative process is formed by yourself). On the last picture you can see the shell of the implant.

If you plan to do breast enlargement serious in the clinic, which gets the prosthesis from major manufacturers, then you do not worry about it.

If you think that dentures are not the most important, and they can save by buying implantatoire their own (and many where now you can buy a pair of implants is very cheap), then be prepared for any outcome of his decision.

Capsular contracture

Razvitie connective tissue occurs around any foreign body in the body. Breast implant is no exception. Problem fibrous capsule becomes when begins to shrink around the implant and deform it.

Still the reasons for the formation of contracture is not known. There are assumptions that contribute to its development can infection regular physical activity, the tendency to form hypertrophic scars or incorrect preparation of the implant before surgery. But to predict the reaction of the body still, no one can.

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In order to distinguish between normal and pathological cases of the formation of a fibrous capsule, was created by the classification according to Baker:

  • Stage 1 – the breast looks natural, soft to the touch;
  • Stage 2 – the breast looks natural, these implants do not change shape, but the touch is compacted;
  • Stage 3 – becomes noticeably change the shape of the breast, touch the breast solid;
  • 4 degree – the chest is deformed, hard and very dense, sometimes painful.

When the first and second degree correction is not required. In the third degree surgically incising the capsule (is capsulectomy).

In the case of capsular contracture of the fourth degree it is necessary to replace or remove the implant. The probability of the re-development of contracture is very high.

To prevent the development of capsular contracture use implants with a textured surface massages the chest courses, the procedures of ultrasound therapy, the recommended intake of vitamin E inside.

Skin dimpling or «washboard effect»

Skin dimpling (aka rippling) is the result of tension of the skin around the implant. It is stripes, as if someone ran her fingers over the skin and it left a dent deepening.

As a rule, skin ripples are not static. It can come and disappear depending on the change of body position or movement. It can have different degrees of severity. The waves may be visible on the skin, no clothes, and can only be palpable.

On the appearance of a skin ripple can affect:

  • the skin of the patient, its elasticity, a sufficient layer of subcutaneous fat;
  • the shape and size of the implant;
  • the technique of the surgery.

Often «washboard effect» seen in slender women with a small amount of your own breast. The larger the graft, the more likely is the appearance of «waves», especially if the width of the prosthesis is greater than the width of your own breast.

Enhance the manifestation of skin rippling saline implants, which are specially overflowing in order to avoid the splashing and rolling of the fluid inside the prosthesis. The soft gel implants will create less ripples.

Implants with a textured surface create more ripples than smooth, as they are stronger than fixed tissues.

The risk of developing «waves» below when installing the implant partially or fully under the muscle.

In order to solve skin ripples, you can:

  • to add volume around the implant due to feeders of the type Macrolane or Alloderm;
  • to carry out fat grafting breast around the implant;
  • replacement delevopement in a gel;
  • transplant implant under the muscle, when previously it was between the muscle and the mammary gland;
  • replacement implant with a smaller.

Actually not all of them agree to another surgery, especially to replace the implant with a smaller as the skin ripples in most cases does not become a serious cosmetic problem.

Damage ducts and breast tissue.

It happens not after each operation. This complication should be prepared those who:

  • make a cut around the nipple;
  • put the implant under the glandular portion of the breast.

If a woman is not going to feed babies breast milk, it does not give her much trouble. If pregnancy is planned or suspected, the child will have to immediately translate to artificial feeding.

If the ducts or the breast tissue is damaged, return the integrity and permeability will not happen.