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Come to us underwear is to replace the compression bandages that are used with the mid-19th century. It was then opened the elastic properties of rubber. The idea of using pressure to treat disease, was known even in ancient times.

There is evidence that in Ancient Egypt one of the methods of treatment of trophic ulcers was tight bandaging.

At present there are a number of types of compression underwear as body part to which it is applied, and by application.

The types of lingerie is divided into:

  • compression stockings are used in varicose veins and other vascular diseases of the legs;
  • shorts and leggings;
  • sleeve;
  • corsets.

Application areas can be:

  • hospital: used in specialized clinics for the prevention of complications of surgical interventions;
  • treatment: the doctor gets used to wearing at home in the presence of medical indications;
  • prevention: it has a minimal degree of compression, because it can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

According to the degree of compression of the medical linen may be 4 classes:

  • the first class of compression – pressure of 18 to 21 mm Hg.
  • the second class of compression – from 22 to 32 mm.RT.St.;
  • the third class of compression – from 33 to 46 mm. Hg.St.;
  • fourth grade – more than 46 mm of mercury.St.

Types of plastic operations on the breast

Currently, to improve the shape and size of the bust use a large variety of operations. The main ones are:

  • mastopexy is the way to raise Breasts, which as a result of loss of elasticity of the tissue is gradually lowered and flattened;
  • breast reduction;
  • elimination of asymmetry of the breast;
  • breast augmentation using fillers and implants.

Their consequences

After any operation, we unavoidably have:

  • fresh scars, which in the absence of support fabrics tend to stretch outwards from thin threads in a wide strip:
  • breast tissue, the location of which has changed, and you need to lock in the new position;
  • swelling which can significantly stretch the skin and deform the fabric;
  • in the case of using implants can be their migration, which will worsen the appearance of the bust and will bring to nothing all efforts of the surgeon.
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That gives a compression garment

  1. Prevents stretching and expansion of scars, promotes formation of the correct shape of the breast due to good support effect: the breast tissue is raised, its movement is limited.
  2. Prevents the divergence of seams due to the tight fit of the operated tissues.
  3. Reduces the severity of postoperative pain and by reducing sensitivity to shock and touch.
  4. Gently massages the prostate tissue, which helps to reduce postoperative edema, facilitates the withdrawal of fluid from the affected areas, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, which generally speeds up healing.
  5. Makes migration of the implants controlled, does not allow the implant to move below the expected level, contributes to more rapid fixation of implants. If the implants fall sharply below the level of the nipple, the lower part of the breast becomes much better top. This creates the effect of the aging of the breast that none of the patients don’t like.
  6. With a significant increase in breast relieves tension of the thoracic spine and neck.

Hygienic requirements

As a compression garment after surgery will have to wear at least a month after the surgery, without removing, a month in the daytime, the quality of the clothes should be on top, otherwise it will ship the expressed discomfort.

Because the choice of underwear should pay attention to:

  • composition: in the composition will necessarily elastane (it determines the compression capacity of linen) as well as artificial and natural fibers;
  • tactile sensation: underwear should be pleasant to the skin;
  • appearance: the main thing here is that the clothes would hug the contours of the body and it is invisible under clothing;
  • size: lingerie has to support the Breasts, but it should not pull the chest and shoulders and break circulation.
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Normally medical linen after mammoplasty, the surgeon selects for the type of operation conducted and the expected results.

How long do I need to wear

In fact, the issue is different, and specific dates can be set only by the surgeon who performed the surgery. But the General principle is usually:

  • the first month must be worn at all times, while there are a number of restrictions on sport and the load on arms and upper torso;
  • in the second month linen it is already possible to shoot at night, sometimes by the decision of the surgeon from the second month underwear should only be worn on sports and perform physical work.

The transition to regular underwear, too, must be gradual. You can’t just go to wearing a lace bra strapless. Usually wearing this underwear go only a year after the surgery.

How to choose the right bra

In choosing the first bra over gauze dressings after every detail is important, as this ultimately affects the breast shape.

  • Calyx. It is very important to choose a bra with this Cup that she was deep enough and tight to the chest and not falling out of it while bending, and did not move during the movement and turns of the case. Care should be taken that the upper edge of the Cup did not press the breast down. The skin of the breast should not be seen neither from below nor from the side of the Cup.
  • Straps. Thin straps now is not suitable because the Breasts need good support. It is better to choose wide, and in the case of large Breasts is reinforced straps that will not crash into the skin and grate. At the same time, the straps should not fall off and leave your new Breasts without support.
  • The base of the bra. It is best to choose a bra with a wide base so that it tightly encircled the body, but not squeezing, and back up to the head, and remained at the same level as the front.
  • Bones. Seedless not do, because it is the mammary gland retains a rounded shape is best. Bones can be a nuisance in that case, if under the chest is the scar. In this case, you can first use an elastic bandage to close them the location of scars and top wear, buchalter.
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What bras should not be worn for the first time

  • Push-UPS. Look bras push-up is incredible, but during wear severely deform the breast. Because to start to wear such clothes it is best not earlier than one year after the surgery or after the consultation with your surgeon.
  • Bras strapless. In principle, to wear a bra for one evening. But wearing a bra all the time in the first months after surgery is not recommended, as chest, left without support, can quickly stretch out and lose shape.


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