Concealer for oily skin — cream

Perfect skin, this is probably the exception than the rule. Most people, especially women, suffer from the flaws of your skin. First to cope with this problem was difficult enough, but now there are many cosmetics that can hide any imperfections on the face.

One of the most popular means is a corrector for problematic skin. But in order to achieve perfect results, a corrector is necessary to choose the right.

What it is

Correctors are different forms of release. Depending on the type of the facial skin, cosmetologists recommend to use one or another form of concealer. If you have problems with the skin should resort to using a cream – corrector.

The problem is the type of the skin, on which there are:

  • age spots;
  • acne;
  • acne scars;
  • spider veins;
  • bruises and «bags» under the eyes;
  • etc.

Cream concealer is a cosmetic product that have a matting effect, due to which perfectly conceals imperfections of the dermis, aligning color and creating the effect of a perfect surface. Apply concealer as a base for makeup.


Unlike many other mattifying drugs corrector has medicinal properties.

It includes salicylic acid, which eliminates small skin defects and to cope with pimples, and drying with reducing inflammation.[/att]

Cosmetologists recommend to apply it to accelerate the process of inflammation.

Because problematic skin is often adversely reacts to cosmetic products, before starting to use a concealer, you should consult a dermatologist. In most cases the product does not cause side effects, but the characteristics of the skin individually, so to control the reaction of the dermis hard.

Not desirable to use in the following indications:

  • if you have an open wounds;
  • complex forms of inflammation of the dermis;
  • too sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions;
  • medical contraindications;
  • beauty treatments.

If there are no contraindications, you can safely use the product to create the perfect image.

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Rules for the choice of a corrector for problematic skin

Cream concealer skin problem is used to hide flaws, so choose the type of funds needed in accordance with the existing problems.

Cosmetic product distinguish by color.

To get rid of any imperfections and requires a color correction cream that will be able to correct the existing defects.

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If we talk about the standards, the manufacturers produce and beige tones means. Selecting natural shades, you should focus on the natural color of the skin.

If the color of the cream blends into the skin, so the tone is perfect.

However, for problem skin beauticians still advise you to use not only beige, but color tone. Thus, it will be possible to achieve the desired result.

Color tones

Depending on the problem chosen concealer a particular shade and tone. If you correctly apply the appropriate color on areas of the face, the makeup will be perfect and all the flaws are hidden.

  1. Green and blue. Hides redness and like girls with oily skin type.
  2. Orange. The best option for those with pale skin because it gives the missing freshness of the face.
  3. Yellow. Suitable for ladies who have problems with closely spaced vessels and skin inflammation in limited areas.
  4. Pink. Is perfectly refreshing color of the face and removes excess Shine.
  5. Peach and apricot. Goes well with dark skin, making it more vivid.
  6. Blue and lilac. Be applied on the eyelids to give them a porcelain shade. Suited for evening makeup.
  7. Gold & bronze. Creates a tanning effect, can be used to disguise freckles and traces of acne.
  8. White. Allows you to adjust the shape of the face and its parts (nose, lips, eyebrows).
  9. Red. Use only if the dermis has an earthy hue. The application of this shade gives the impression of a healthy color of the skin.

To cream concealer lay on the surface of the face perfectly, should closely relate to the purchase of the cosmetic product. The manufacturer plays an important role.

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Review brands

Before you buy a correction, it is desirable to know the reviews of several manufacturers, to ensure product quality, as the range of goods in shops is huge and the quality is not always consistent with the stated.

  1. Belor Design. Has a low cost. The firm offers only two shades, but, according to many, the tool quality and copes with such problems as bruises, redness, fatigue, and traces of acne.
  2. Maksfaktor. The most popular brand of cosmetics. The corrective cream has a lighter texture. The resistance means is maintained for at least 12 hours. Eliminates virtually any imperfections, including spider veins, wrinkles, redness and other imperfections. Available in three shades. Tends to darken after drying.
  3. L’oreal. A quality concealer. The company sells products in three main tints. Texture corrective cream is dense but lies flat and not rolled. Hides minor blemishes (redness, bruising, acne, etc). Suitable for adjusting the shape of the face.

To popular brands also include:

  • Mass market (Katrik, Meybilin, Klarins);
  • Suite (YSL, Dior, Lancome);
  • Korea (Tony Moles, Mischa, Etud House).

Choosing a concealer for problem skin, you can start creating a perfect makeup.

The secret of the treatment lies not only in correct selection of shade of the product and its quality, and in compliance with the rules of its application.

How to use

The application of corrective cream necessarily begins with the preparation of the facial skin, which includes cleansing scrubs and cleanser, then apply a nourishing cream. Once the cream is completely absorbed apply a base for makeup. The idea proceed to the application of the corrector.

Rules for use of the tool.

  1. Cream apply a thin layer or middle layer (depending on application) using the fingertips or brush.
  2. Border you want to shade, so the transition was smooth. When adjusting the face apply a few tones.
  3. Do not apply too thick a layer, otherwise the face color will be unnatural.
  4. Colored cream is applied in a dot in moderation, otherwise the color will be too bright.
  5. After absorbed, apply a tonal basis.
  6. Tone cream is applied carefully so as not to mix the previous layer the corrector with the surface (toning).
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Make the right makeup will be easier if you let perform the procedure the beautician and get his advice.

Advice beauticians

The beauty professionals often apply cream correctors for instant transformation of the image of their clients. Professional experience and knowledge allow us to quickly and accurately correct any imperfections.

Tips beauticians:

  1. Apply correction only on a clean and moisturized cream skin.
  2. Do not apply layers of concealer, if your face cream has not yet absorbed.
  3. When you hide individual sections of the point method, you need not forget about the feather.
  4. Corrector in the form of cream use before applying Foundation.
  5. In case of significant defects (e.g., a bruise or a red spot) so as not to cover the skin with a thick layer, you can mix corrective and concealer.
  6. After applying Foundation it is recommended to walk on the skin surface powder with a matte effect.

The first time to correctly apply concealer if you have problems with the skin it is impossible practically to anybody. To make-up with corrective means was perfect, you will need to gain experience and adhere to the advice of beauticians.

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