Contraindications of mesotherapy face, hair, effects, indications

After 25-30 years with skin may start to occur unpleasant metamorphosis. Increasingly visible signs of fatigue, lack of sleep, abuse addictions.

At this age you should think about the prevention of premature aging. After the first wrinkles is better to prevent than to try vainly to get rid of them.

Increasingly popular in cosmetic clinics becomes mesotherapy.

Experts recommend the technique:

  • the prevention and correction of age-related skin changes,
  • as an effective method of removing localized excess fat deposits, cellulite,
  • of hair loss and for hair growth.

What it is

Mesotherapy is an intradermal or subcutaneous administration of small doses of the drug with a syringe with a thin needle to a depth of 4 mm in the target area. Some clinics use a special gun – mesoinjectors, allowing to calculate the depth of injection and the dosage of the therapeutic drug.

For use in the home came up with a dermaroller with a variety of needles of different lengths, providing the same microprotol.

This method is much more efficient outdoor use of cosmetic products (creams, serums, masks).

Because many of the useful components just can not overcome the skin barrier and remaining on its surface.

Mesotherapy allows to deliver active ingredients directly into the deeper layers of the dermis.

Part of the preparations for injection can log synthetic or natural substances, such as those produced by the human body:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • enzymes;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • trace elements.

The specialist selects the appropriate mix of components. This can be as a single-agent preparation or and balanced mezokokteyl, designed to solve a specific problem.

Thinnest needle additionally stimulates nerve endings, which contributes to the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues.

The skin begins to produce substances for regeneration and repair in greater numbers.

There are mesotherapy for face, hair and body. For effective results one session is not enough. You need to take a course of 4-10 treatments with intervals of 7 days.


Indications for mesotherapy are the following:

  • shallow wrinkles;
  • ptosis (age-related sagging of the tissues) in the early stages;
  • dryness and sagging of the skin;
  • gray skin color, pallor, decrease of elasticity;
  • acne or acne, pimples;
  • post-acne, freckles, dark spots;
  • scars, stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss;
  • small deposits of fat in the tissues, cellulite;
  • flaking scalp, dandruff, hair loss, brittle or dull hair; seborrhea, split ends;
  • capillary mesh and star (rosacea).
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Using this procedure to restore the skin after:

  1. intense sun,
  2. plastic surgery
  3. laser resurfacing,
  4. dermabrasion.

Contraindications for mesotherapy

Already at the first consultation the doctor needs to examine carefully the anamnesis, to collect information about the patient’s health and talk about contraindications and possible adverse reactions.

Method involves punctures of the skin, so not all people are equally safe. If you have some health problems is strictly prohibited cutaneous injection.


Common contraindications include:

  • the bleeding disorder, hemophilia, recent use of anticoagulants. Even shallow punctures can cause bleeding, accumulation of blood in tissues and formation of hematomas;
  • epilepsy, susceptibility to frequent seizures, mental disorders. Great risk of attack in response to stimulation of skin receptors needle;
  • treatment facilities to improve the sensitivity of the skin to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays (fluoroquinolones, tetracycline, antidepressants);
  • the needle phobia, low pain threshold. There is a risk of serious psychological trauma, when there is a pathological fear of injections;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding. During this special period the woman should avoid any treatment or introduction into the body of medicines, if no serious illness or threat to life. Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure, and urgency in its application no;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the injection, hypersensitivity. There are quite a number of substances which are used to prepare the mezokokteyley. Each of them has its indications and contraindications;
  • acute respiratory infections, colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases, infections, symptom of which is increased body temperature. At this time, to carry out any cosmetic procedures is strictly prohibited, including mesotherapy.


Local contraindications refers to the unsatisfactory condition of the skin at the site of administration of injection:

  • infectious-inflammatory processes of the skin. First, you need to cure viral or bacterial nature of the disease, and then undergo anti-aging treatments. But some types of lesions, on the contrary, are treated with mesotherapy (for example, acne disease or acne);
  • herpes. If the injection zone has previously been rash, punctures of the skin may trigger a relapse of the infection.

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The restrictions for the procedure in separate areas

Mesotherapy body is not carried out in the presence of stones in the kidneys or gall bladder, any localization of the cancer, if there are diseases of the circulatory system.

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Mesotherapy will not help to get rid of deep wrinkles and folds, to remove the strong sagging skin.

This method is used in most cases for the prevention of visible aging changes. And rejuvenation using other treatments that have a more powerful effect.


Contraindications of mesotherapy of the face are:

  • deep laser or chemical peels. Before mesotherapy, you should wait until full recovery of the skin (2-4 weeks);
  • the presence of benign tumors at the injection site (papillomas, moles). Injury may trigger the degeneration in their malignant form.
  • a tendency to form keloids;
  • the beginning of the menstrual cycle when increased risk of bleeding;
  • decrease in immunity. Possible complications and long rehabilitation period;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland.


Mesotherapy to stimulate hair growth has a number of contraindications:

  • Allergy and the risk of a severe reaction to the injected drug (anaphylaxis, angioedema);
  • open wounds, inflammation or damage to the skin of the head;
  • age less than 18 years of age;
  • serious disease of the heart and blood vessels;
  • diabetes.

A single word drugs

So how there can be individual allergic reactions to the substances contained in the products for mesotherapy, it should be more familiar with the contraindications to them.

Hyaluronic acid, part of cocktails, or used separately, is prohibited when:

  • hypersensitivity of the skin,
  • the presence of wounds,
  • scratches,
  • after conducting aggressive cosmetic procedures.

An important complication can be the development of autoimmune diseases.

DMAE is contraindicated:

  1. high blood pressure,
  2. pregnant and nursing,
  3. as well as hypersensitive.

Glycolic acid is not allowed to enter into the skin, covered with a fresh tan, if there is damage, warts, after recent chemotherapy.

Extract of artichoke is contraindicated in:

  • acute renal failure,
  • violations of the liver,
  • hepatitis,
  • pregnancy.

Caffeine can’t drive:

  1. children
  2. people with diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  3. with extrasystoles,
  4. glaucoma,
  5. tachycardia,
  6. high blood pressure,
  7. in case of sleep disorders.

Collagen and elastin is contraindicated in patients:

  • the accelerated blood clotting,
  • with diathesis,
  • individual intolerance.

Vitamin C can cause the development of hemophilia, so its excess is dangerous for people with thrombocytopenia. It does not apply if there are kidney stones, diabetes.

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Phosphatidylcholine and sodium desoxycholate – lipolytics are used for the treatment of cellulite, it is forbidden to use in humans:

  • allergic to soy;
  • with collagenosis;
  • in the presence of a progressive infectious processes.

What not to do after the injection

After the procedure possible unwanted effects (hematoma, bleeding, hemorrhage, allergic reaction, infection).

The observance of simple rules will help to avoid them:

  1. For 4-5 hours you can’t wash, take showers and baths. If the injection was made in the scalp, it is forbidden to wet your hair for two days.
  2. Hiking in the bath, sauna or in the pool will have to be postponed.
  3. You cannot be under direct sunlight.
  4. In the case of cellulite treatment you should wear loose clothing made from natural fabrics, does not cause skin irritation. It is important to limit physical activity.
  5. When performing mesotherapy on the face 6 hours not to use decorative cosmetics.
  6. Do not massage, do not RUB, try as little as possible to touch the treated area for 2-3 days.

It is important to understand that any procedure relating to the violation of the integrity of the skin, has a number of contraindications. A qualified person shall on the first appointment to talk in detail about everything.

If the doctor just prescribed a course of mesotherapy, is not studying history, not knowing about the presence of chronic diseases and not seeing the psychological state of the patient, then this beautician to trust their beauty and health are not worth it. Because of the skillful actions of a professional directly affected the result.

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