Contraindications to liposuction — ultrasonic, shock wave, laser, the effects

Before you agree to a liposuction, it is important to familiarize yourself with all contraindications to this procedure. Consider everything you need to know about bans to liposuction.

What is

Liposuction is a surgical technique for correction, in which the patient removes excess fat localized in different parts of the body.

Today there are several types and techniques of liposuction, each of which has its contraindications and consequences.

Features and differences between different types of

There are two main liposuction techniques:

  • laser;
  • ultrasonic.

These methods have significant differences. Let’s consider each of these in more detail.


Ultrasonic liposuction involves removing the fat using ultrasonic waves that disrupt the structure of fat cells.

After processing these waves of subcutaneous fat, he gradually turns into a liquid mixture, which is removed by vacuum.

Usually this procedure is done in several sessions. The traditional course involves the conduct of 5-7 procedures within ten days.

Contraindications for ultrasonic liposuction traditional. They will be discussed below.


Laser liposuction eliminates fat through the influence of the rays that affect the integrity of cell membranes of fat.

This technique has the advantages of its implementation:

  • there is no need to make open cuts in the skin (the procedure is performed by executing a puncture);
  • body remains deep wounds;
  • quick healing;
  • quick rehabilitation period;
  • good efficiency of the method;
  • low risk of bruising and hematomas due to cauterization of blood vessels;
  • the possibility of conducting the procedure under local anesthesia;
  • quick session (30 minutes);
  • the effect is noticeable almost immediately.

Video: Technique of the laser method

Contraindications for liposuction

Contraindications to laser liposuction and ultrasonic methods are divided into two separate categories:

  • General contraindications;
  • local contraindications.


General contraindications to surgical liposuction are:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  2. HIV infection.
  3. Stomach ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Disorders in the Central nervous system (neuroses, unstable emotional state, depression).
  5. Oncologic pathology.
  6. Period after recently suffering a stroke or heart attack.
  7. Hypertension.
  8. Heart disease.
  9. Diabetes.
  10. TB.
  11. The presence of inflammation in the body.
  12. Acute infectious diseases.
  13. Acute respiratory disease (influenza, pneumonia, SARS).
  14. A weakened immune system.
  15. The weakening of the body after recent surgery.
  16. Patient age of eighteen.
  17. Syphilis.
  18. Hepatitis and other liver disease.
  19. Varicose veins.
  20. The clotting of blood.
  21. Acute or chronic renal failure.
  22. Obesity is associated with genetic predisposition.
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Local contraindications include:

  • the presence of ulcers or other lesions of the skin at the place of intended operation;
  • fungal infection of the skin in the area of operations;
  • infectious lesions of the skin.

Are there safe methods

The most secure methods of liposuction are bezoperatsionnye such procedures.

To those belong:

  1. Vacuum massage is a type of non-surgical liposuction, which works on the problem areas using a special nozzle. It saturates the cells with oxygen and improves muscle tone. Fat cells turn into an emulsion and go through the circulatory and urinary system. The treatment course involves performing procedures 5-6.
  1. Lipomassage is done on special machines, which are equipped with rollers. This person needs to wear a special suit, which will give the opportunity to improve the girth of the fat folds.

Lipomassage does not cause pain and does not leave bruises, so it is very popular. The course of treatment should be 10 to 15 sessions.

Strictly forbidden when this procedure

Liposuction is strictly forbidden in such diseases and conditions of the patient:

  1. Patient age of eighteen and over the age of 65 years.
  2. The patient’s pregnancy. While it does not matter which rows of pregnancy – still can’t do the surgery.
  3. The period of breastfeeding.
  4. Any pathology of the heart.
  5. Various diseases in acute form.
  6. Infectious diseases.
  7. The clotting of blood.
  8. Disorders in the Central nervous system when the patient can’t control himself and wants to fix non-existent defects.

Photo: Before and after surgery

What happens if you do the procedure bypassing bans

When you perform liposuction and there is at least one significant contraindications patient may be dangerous consequences:

  1. Excessive bleeding may develop when a person with a bleeding disorder. Moreover, with abundant blood loss a person can develop anemia.
  2. Heart attack or cardiac arrest can occur when performing liposuction for various diseases of the heart, pacemaker, heart disease, and in disorders of the Central nervous system.
  3. Hypertensive crisis may occur in people with hypertension. When not treated this condition can lead to stroke.
  4. When performing the operation, the patients with diseases of vessels in the past can happen the rupture of blood vessels, bleeding, and hematoma e.
  5. During surgery people with diabetes may have serious complications and long healing wounds.
  6. When liposuction patients older than sixty-five years may cause sagging of the skin. Also there is a risk of deterioration of the General condition of human health.
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Separately worth saying about the liposuction during pregnancy, especially if it is to do in the first or second trimester.

This procedure can be vitally dangerous for the expectant mother and the fetus. It justifies this by the fact that anesthesia, administered medications and General stress women may adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus, threatened miscarriage or the birth of a child with abnormalities.

In addition, to do liposuction during breast-feeding are also strictly contraindicated, since the majority of drugs can be excreted together with breast milk, so one way or another the baby will still get «your dose» harmful drugs, which can be bad to appear on his health.

For this reason pregnant women and young mothers is better not to hurry and to do the liposuction after the final completion of the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding.

To avoid surgery on a pregnant woman, during the training mandatory, the patient should take a pregnancy test.


Often after liposuction of different body parts of patients developing the following complications:

  1. Bruising at the site of the operation.
  2. The appearance of unevenness on the skin can happen with uneven removal of fat.
  3. Bruise develops due to internal bleeding.
  4. Seroma occurs when there is accidental damage of the lymphatic system.
  5. The violation of the General sensitivity of the skin is damage doctor nerve endings.
  6. Anemia.
  7. Thromboembolism.
  8. Blood poisoning.
  9. Fat embolism occurs when blockage of the fatty tissues of the vessels.
  10. Hypersensitivity.
  11. Swelling is a normal consequence of liposuction of any body part. He usually passes by itself after a few days after surgery.
  12. Nausea.
  13. Strong pain syndrome.
  14. The appearance of pigmentation on the skin.
  15. Zagnoenie wounds can happen if you get an infection in the wound. This can happen during surgery or already with dressings.

Alternative ways to get rid of fat

The most effective alternative methods of getting rid of excess fat are:

  1. Exercise. Here the key is to do them regularly. The active load can be very different. As practice shows, the most effective are running, swimming, walking long distances, yoga and fitness.

Moreover, exercise is beneficial not only to improve the figures — they will also enhance the immune system, strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system. The man who is «friendly» with sports always has good humor and good body.

  1. Diet.
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It provides that:

  • the duration of the diet should be no more than three weeks in a row, then I need to do a two-week break;
  • should completely refrain from fatty, fried, salty, sweet and starchy foods;
  • useful to drink citrus juices, they promote weight loss;
  • eliminate fast food, fizzy drinks, pork, lard and butter;
  • the basis of the diet should be boiled meat, egg whites, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits;
  • you can eat seafood and nuts;
  • you need to drink at least two liters of water daily;
  • you should quit Smoking;
  • you can drink green tea;
  • you need to keep a food diary and learn to count calories (per day you should eat only a certain amount of calories from food).

Liposuction cost

The price of this surgery depends on the complexity of the procedure, its scope and the qualification of the surgeon (the more experienced the doctor, the more expensive the liposuction).

On average, this surgery will cost from 40 to 90 thousand rubles.

When a large volume of transactions, this figure may be several times higher.

Despite its apparent simplicity, liposuction is a real operation that could cause substantial harm to the health. For this reason, you should to consider before you agree to it.