Contrast shower against cellulite — vs how to do

Leading beauticians claim that a cold shower helps in the fight against cellulite even in advanced cases. Was the clinical study, the results of which it became clear that in 80% of cases water treatments have a pronounced effect against «orange peel», but only in combination with other techniques.

As a standalone tool douche helps in 20% of cases and only in the initial stages, therefore, you should carefully analyze the situation and solve the problem comprehensively, using all available methods. These water treatments will be most effective in the prevention of cellulite.

The principle of operation

If you evaluate the total effect of all physical treatments, then it is safe to say that the greatest impact in the fight against cellulite has a contrast shower. It will not only remove all the hated «orange peel», but also help to burn extra pounds, improve skin elasticity and to return to her former tone.

Contrast shower against cellulite is a training of vascular smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Maintaining these structures in good shape, you can achieve great results, both in General health terms, and in cosmetology.

This procedure allows to get rid of harmful toxins accumulated in the skin pores and the fatty subcutaneous layer.

The principle of this procedure is to gradually heat up with the sudden change to cold. Sudden change of water temperature has a beneficial effect on problematic skin areas, providing a massage and vasotonic effects.


Douches are not recommended for people suffering from:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • oncological pathologies;
  • disorders of blood clotting.

You should also postpone the sessions of treatment during exacerbation of chronic somatic diseases, as well as in the menstrual phase of the cycle.

When neurocirculatory dystonia in the early stages of hypertension, the effect of different water temperature on the contrary will promote recovery and improve overall health.


Contrast shower against cellulite will be effective only if several conditions:

  1. The procedure must be taken systemically and preferably daily. If you do the procedures of «how to succeed», it will not have a pattern of behavior and will not become a habit;
  2. In this case an important role is emotional. You have to believe that water has healing powers, and take it should be in a good mood. If you think that a cold shower will help in the fight against cellulite, there is motivation to do them and then a positive effect will not keep itself waiting long.
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How to do a contrast shower against cellulite

Few people know how to take a contrast shower, and most often it is because of this, there is an antipathy to such procedures. Many people taking their first steps to a healthy lifestyle, make mistakes, and then throw Wellness classes completely. So it didn’t happen you must correctly follow all the recommendations and then the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Basic rules:

  • The best time is the morning.
  • Waking up, it is recommended to first perform gymnastics to warm up the muscles. After exercise, the useful effect will become more pronounced and persistent.
  • With no time for exercises, you can warm up the muscles by hand, using a grinding or standing in the shower a few minutes under hot water.
  • To heat water to high temperatures, but it definitely should not be burning.

  • Stand under hot water requires not more than 7-8 minutes, then abruptly change the water to cold.
  • Wait under the water for a minute and then back hot again.
  • For beginners it is recommended not to switch off the water immediately on ice, and cool to start with, gradually reducing the temperature.

You should not rush things because it may discourage the desire for further studies in their own health. In this case, the main thing is to get positive emotions and to not lost the desire to do this every day. Gradually the body adapts itself and gives hints when the time comes to make the water colder.

Taking a shower, it is also important not to stand still, and as if to stagnate. On the bottom of her feet there are many nerve endings, stimulating which it is possible to achieve a huge result in the overall strengthening of the body.

After you change cold water to hot, wait a couple of minutes, and then again turn cold.

In one session you must make at least three such transition. If desired, the number can be increased. Need to finish it after the cold water, because this will allow you to save the state of the vessels in the right tone.

Stepping out of the shower, you need to RUB your body with a towel and apply to the buttocks and back of thighs oil from wheat germ. To enhance the effect, you can also add a few drops of essential oil.

Most effective against cellulite has oil of bergamot and orange.

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If you take water treatments in the morning – this will give you a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. Head wet not necessarily only to wash his face. It is very important not to substitute the head under running cold water, especially if you decide to take the procedure at night.


Affecting the skin, this procedure affects a lot of biological processes in our body.

Vasotonic that occurs when the abrupt changes of temperature and tension of skeletal muscles, lead to a number of positive effects:

  • activation of metabolic processes;
  • return skin to its former tone and elasticity;
  • decongesting the lymphatic system;
  • getting rid of toxins;
  • strengthening of catabolic processes in adipose tissue;
  • improvement of blood;
  • prevention of heart rhythm disorders;
  • increased hemoglobin and red blood cells;
  • increase efficiency;
  • improvement of cardiac activity;
  • the increase in exercise capacity;
  • the prevention of colds.

Useful range of effects is huge and if desired, it could continue indefinitely, but in this article we want to uncover a beneficial effect of a contrast shower is when cellulite.

I should say the anti-cellulite effect is achieved in several ways:

  1. Massage effect that occurs when the contrast shower will have a stressful effect on the subcutaneous fat. Our fat stores «don’t like» when they could pad, so when this kind of shake-up, immediately starts improving the blood circulation in lipid deposits and fatty tissue slowly disintegrates.
  2. Vasospastic action of the soul improves metabolic processes in the skin. Stimulated by nutrients, activation of collagen synthesis, the skin regains its elasticity and youthfulness.

Charcot — alternative or additional effect

Power shower is a simple procedure with high efficiency against cellulite and is frequently encountered in various spas. The purpose of the procedure lies in the fact that the man sent a jet of water from a distance of several meters.

Water is supplied under high pressure while its temperature is changing alternately from hot to cold. By the time all this takes less than 10 minutes.

Cosmetologists recommend to achieve a lasting effect of attending at least 10 sessions.

In many women this procedure is painful (there are bruises, small size, redness and bruising), however, for the sake of result you can endure minor injuries.

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The pressure on the soft structures of the body, activates local metabolic processes, accelerates the metabolism and stimulates catabolic processes in adipose tissue.

Modern showers allow such sessions even at your home. Many of them have the function change the water flow and one of such varieties is a power shower.

In this procedure, there is an analogue called the Alekseev shower, for the price it is cheaper but has a similar effect close to the original. Some women taking shower this, note that for half of the month, the hip size is reduced by 3 cm.

Using similar procedures it is possible not only to get rid of cellulite and reduce the size of thighs, but also to smooth the skin and reduce the severity of edema.

Use in the fight against cellulite contrast shower and after a while, your skin will not be flabby, tighten and return its elasticity. In addition, this procedure will improve overall health and give a charge of vivacity and health.

In the end we can say that a douche is an effective tool in the fight against cellulite that have a positive impact on the majority of organs and body systems. The procedure has the greatest effectiveness as an adjunct to other anti-cellulite methods. If You want to feel the beneficial effects of water treatments they should be doing systematically, and preferably on a daily basis.

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