Coral peeling — what is it, reviews, before and after photos, prices, care

This surfactant median peeling. The depth of penetration and degree of peeling can be adjusted by the amount of drug that is taken for the procedure, and the time rubbing coral in the skin.

The drug Rose de Mer

It is usually prefer 100% natural. The preparation consists of crushed corals of the red sea, Dead sea salt, extracts of herbs from the Amazon, Shea butter.

Algae contain large amounts of antioxidants and active substances, which due to the loosening of the epidermis penetrate deep and have a pronounced effect. Shea butter excellently nourishes skin and maintains its elasticity.

Plant extracts restore the skin’s structure after damage and give it a radiant appearance. Because under the influence of the drug, the skin not only peels, but also receives a large amount of nutrients.


First of all, peeling Rose de Mer is designed for owners of sensitive skin, which do not fit the chemical peels. A real boon it will be for those who have frequent allergic reactions to cosmetics.

Coral dust allergic reaction develops much less frequently than other components of cosmetics. In principle, can perform it anyone since 35 years who have indications for this procedure.

What skin problems solves

  • Acne is worsening

When on the face, neck and chest left scars and a scar from healed pimples, dark spots acne. Coral peeling in contrast to the acid perfectly smooth border and exposed parts of skin defects, making them become much less noticeable on the smooth skin.

Curing light degree of acne, especially if the number of lesions is small and purulent lesions are practically not observed, when his help is not much point.

For getting rid of acne there are a large number of effective but less traumatic for the skin treatments.

  • Age-related skin hyperpigmentation

Due to the deep exfoliation of the skin can get rid of pigmented spots on the skin. During one procedure the lesions are pigmentation can be greatly lightened, for the treatment of pigmentation can be removed.

But here is the compulsory use of sunscreen with SPF not less than 50, as only a couple of hours to the sun can bring all the results of the procedure.

  • Sagging skin and reduced muscle tone

Massage performed on the particles of coral, even with careful implementation it turns out very hard. Because the facial muscles become toned. After peeling the skin is stretched, which ensures a pronounced lifting effect.

  • The first shallow wrinkles

The procedure stimulates the regenerative processes in the skin and promotes its regeneration. It favors the elimination of the first shallow wrinkles and a significant reduction of deep wrinkles.

  • Enlarged pores, poor complexion, roughness of the skin

By cleansing dead skin epithelium not only smooth skin, but the mouths of the sebaceous glands, as well as the lifting effect tightens pores and become virtually invisible. The skin after peeling noticeably smoothed and the color becomes more uniform. But the same effect can be achieved less traumatic procedures. Because to make a choice in favor of coral peeling is meaningful only in the presence of other serious defects of the skin, which failed to remove more gentle ways.

  • Stretch marks

Stretch marks (also called striae) it helps in if used in conjunction with other drugs, such as mesotherapy, wraps, local use of funds from the stretch. By itself, it smooths out the edges of stretch marks and this makes them less visible on the smooth skin. But to stimulate sufficiently the full restoration of normal structure of the skin peeling alone can not.

Where it will be useless, and even harmful

  • Rosacea (rosacea).

Mended method can remove facial spider veins or veins, as translucent vessels are located much deeper than the level at which fragments of the crushed coral can penetrate. Improvement in the course of rosacea can be achieved after coral peeling by sealing the skin and improve its resistance to external influences.

The less sensitive skin to any influences, the better hydrated she is, the less will respond to the expansion of blood vessels of the face to temperature changes, hot food, stress and other reasons that used to cause permanent persistent redness of the face.

But at the same time allowed to do the procedure only in a period of stable remission of rosacea, when not observed vasodilation in those areas of skin where once spider veins are not observed when no increase in the number of red papules.

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If you do the procedure in the period when rosacea progresses, it will make the blood vessels of the face more vulnerable to adverse external factors, from which previously they were protected by a thick layer of epidermis. In such circumstances, the spider veins and spider veins can dramatically spread across the face.

  • Demodicosis

Many cosmetologists are carelessly to the probable presence of Demodex mites on the skin of the patient, which they perform peeling. They are normal can live in the mouths of the sebaceous glands, but their reproduction is constrained by the immune system.

If immuntet can not cope with mites, disease develops demodectic mange, which is characterized by the appearance of abundant rash, and insensitive to treatment by conventional means of acne.

Demodectic mange is not always so pronounced as in the photo above, because often patients are a regular treatment of acne and not turn to a dermatologist for a more detailed examination.

Skin after the peel is loosened and becomes noticeably thinner for some time, reduced its protective properties, which is a perfect time for mass reproduction of mites and spread them on the face.

Because if you decide to peel, be sure to verify the laboratory the absence of the disease. Performing this test within 5-10 minutes and the result is you can learn almost immediately after taking you scraping.

  • Herpes

To perform peeling all the rules may be no earlier than 6 months after the last exacerbation with the appearance of the characteristic rash on the skin or mucous membranes. There is no difference, there has been a rash on the lips or any of the parts of the body.

If the rash was not so long ago, and the procedure to be postponed there is no desire or possibility, it is necessary a week before the session start prophylactic administration of antiviral drugs. They should take another 3-4 days after the peel.

  • Pregnancy

On the one hand is not conducive to the procedure of changing a hormonal background, which makes the result unpredictable peeling.

On the other hand coral peeling poses a real threat to the fetus.

All because of the coral peel is a VERY painful procedure. In response to the pain may increase uterine tone, which impairs blood flow in utero-placental system. As a result fetal hypoxia.

  • The lability of the nervous system, increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue, bad mood.

Heading in this procedure you must be sure that you will be able to withstand. Because it is not necessary to plan a visit to the beautician for the period izmenjivaca mood before menstruation, after a hard day at work, if you can not stand the pain.

It is possible to collect will in a fist and endure 5 minutes of racking grains of coral in the skin. But the peculiarity of the procedure is that the sick person will be even a day or two after the procedure, with the slightest touch of a hand, scarf, collar, pillow, hair. Of course, the discomfort will gradually weaken, but it will have to withstand.

  • The procedure in spring and summer.

Competition among cosmetologists is growing. The number of clients decreases in the summer due to vacations and other reasons. Because you see application to perform peels in the summer and spring, and hear the assurance that it is absolutely harmless and even useful.

Peels do in the winter because in the winter the sun is not so active and most of the time hidden behind the clouds. Because the risk of pigmentation is minimal even when the customer disregards the recommendation to use sunscreen.

Very often beauticians cite the example of Israel, where the number of Sunny months of the year much more than in Russia, or the same Brazil, where the peelings to do it too once you need. But we with you are not in Brazil. We have the winter months, why not use this fabulous opportunity?

The skin has special protection mechanisms against photo-ageing. For protection from ultraviolet radiation in norm upper thickened Horny layer of the epidermis. Constantly Stripping this protective layer we make the skin more vulnerable and prone to aging under the action of sunlight. The intensity of ageing in winter it is also minimal, since the amount of ultraviolet radiation is reduced. Because all the peels, especially the coral to better plan for the winter.

Contraindications many may seem not so serious. But keep in mind the fact that this is a serious procedure that can if you serious attitude contraindications can have serious side effects.

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How is the procedure

There is usually no special training unlike the acid is not required. Before peeling, you can perform the mechanical cleaning, if you have acne and give the skin to recover.

The procedure itself doesn’t take very long.

  • In the first stage, face cleaned of makeup and dirt. For deeper cleaning of the skin can be applied scrub. But this is at the discretion of the cosmetologist. During washing the dry powder of the coral dust is filled with a special solution for swelling.
  • In the second stage the prepared corals is applied evenly to the face and soft, very lightly begin to RUB or to roll in the skin.

This is the most unpleasant stage, as the patient massage does not seem soft. Sharp grains of coral scratch the skin with every movement and cause a burning sensation and acute pain.

The massage is performed in 3-5 minutes depending on how deep a cosmetologist and wants to work on the skin. To reduce the pain on the face after the massage is applied a cloth soaked in icy water. The cold also contributes to a less pronounced reddening of the skin after the procedure. Change wipes beautician can several times, re-wetting them in cold water.

After cooling of the skin on the face is a special «zakleivayut» composition, serum specific chemical smell, which on the one hand prevents the contact with traumatized skin microorganisms that can cause a rash, but on the other hand contributes to a longer preservation of the coral fragments in the skin. The longer corals remain in the skin, the more pronounced is peeling, and the better the skin is renewed.

  • In the third stage to apply a cover cream Rose de Mer which is a great substitute for concealer and powder, but it does not contain any artificial pigments. It is based on medicinal clay, which gives the cream a nice beige tone and protects the skin from the probable development of pustular rash.

Video: Natural peeling

Immediately after the procedure, especially if it was caused cover the cream, the skin looks slightly reddened and stretched. But this does not prevent the patient on the day of the peel to work, to meet people. The first night face to wash it is impossible. Cover the cream can be left on all night without harming skin.

Applying a cover of cream after the procedure painful. Touching the face, collar, hands, hair, too painful. Lie on pillows by the cheek the first night is unlikely to succeed without pain. Sensations such as if you fell face-first into the glass wool and the skin are still thousands and thousands of small sharp needles. They really are there, only that the sharp corals, which continue to exfoliate the skin.

The consequences

  • Pain and burning sensation. It happens at all, but the severity of it from different people different because of different pain threshold. It may be that the first night, burning and soreness will not go to sleep. In this case you can accept or anesthetic type «Tempalgin» or soothing drops like «Valocordin». On the second day the discomfort decreases and almost completely disappears by the third day.
  • Redness of the skin. Can be of varying severity depending on the initial state of the skin and its sensitivity to damaging factors.
  • The tightness of the skin. Usually expressed significantly even if they run in the coral dust shallow. Gradually goes away as the appearance of flaking.
  • Peeling. Everyone has. But the severity of it can vary. One «climbed like a snake», others peeling can be weak and largely during and after washing.

Video: Rose de Mer

Coral care after peeling

The recovery period lasts from 3-4 days to a week. In the first day of any manipulation of the skin is not carried out. In the first 5 days are not recommended to visit fitness centre, swimming pool, heat treatments, as it can increase the redness of the skin, contribute to bacterial colonization of the treated area of the skin.

For this reason, the first two or three nights after the procedure is necessary to lay fresh bedding, especially the pillowcase, which preferably further ironed with a hot iron. The second and third day you can begin to wash the face with water and mild gel cleanser.

From this time until the end of the peeling no fat containing creams and emulsions should not be used, as the fats in the part of these means glue is shed scales and stretch flaking in time. But any water ampoule concentrates and serums are great for hydrating the skin and reduce tightness of the face.

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In any case it is impossible to independently remove a crust formed, since it violates the education of young skin.

Some salons offer to come in for exfoliation and deep hydration, which is aimed at faster recovery of the skin and improve its appearance. When scaling coming to an end, you can switch to the fat-containing creams and serums that are much better retain moisture in the skin and help restore the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin.

Important!!! From the first day after the procedure, you can’t go outside without sunscreen, even if the winter, even if only for a moment, even if to the store (garden etc.) and ago. It is not necessary to use products with SPF below 50.

In some salons the cost of the procedure includes a ready set for speed post-peeling care, painted by day. Such care can even enter the composition for retinol mask, which the patient alone can cause on the 5th day after the coral peeling.

Side effects

  • Pustular rash.

Usually beauticians explain its emergence by the presence of pimples, which «was sitting deep in the skin», and now finally come out.

Actually pustular rash can have several causes:

  1. The underestimation of the severity of contraindications, when to take procedure of the client with the presence of pustular lesions on the skin.
  2. Breaches of the procedure when not all conditions to prevent the ingress of bacteria on the skin during the procedure.
  3. The weakening of the immune system of the patient, when the body is just not able to cope with the skin damage quickly and without losses.
  4. Violation of the rules of skin care in the post-peel period, a visit to the thermal procedures, sportal.

Pustular rash usually goes away without treatment when recovering private protective function of the skin. To speed up the process using tools with provitamin B5. Examples of such means may be cream «Dexpanthenol-E» or «Bepanten».

  • The aggravation of herpes.

Usually the emergence of a rich multi-compartment vesicles characteristic of herpes, may be due to the belief that herpes is only on the lips. In fact, they can be not only on the red border of lips, but the mucous membrane of the mouth, where they are virtually painless and much faster heal without causing any problems to the patient. The presence of herpes lesions on the mucosa is also a contraindication to the procedure.

  • The emergence and strengthening of the existing pigmentation.

In some cases, it is the result of exposure to the sun without sunscreen. In other cases it is an individual reaction of the skin to injury. If the answer to the coral peeling appeared foci of hyperpigmentation, peels contraindicated. To start is to eliminate all mechanical peeling ( microdermabrasion), and then if the episodes of appearance of new pigment spots are repeated and after acid peels to abandon peels at all.

How often can I do

The procedure is generally coral peeling doing 1 every 3-4 weeks, because after peeling the skin restoration is still ongoing for 2-3 weeks.

Apply a skin injury before it is fully restored is inappropriate, since the condition of the skin can then only get worse. In the course of doing 3-4 treatments. But in most cases enough for 1 or 2 treatments.

The before and after photos

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