Cosmetics for dry skin and sensitive tools

In autumn and winter, our skin is especially prone to dryness, flaking and the appearance of microcracks. It is therefore important to ensure proper nutrition and skin care at this time. Today in the cosmetic market there are many funds, acting not only as makeup but also have medicinal properties.

Often the problem of dry skin is bothering the female, regardless of the time of year and, for example, of the nature of power. It’s just a genetically determined trait, and often a consequence of prolonged exposure to the sun or in the Solarium.

Mechanism of action

Remedies for dry skin have a certain set of qualities, the combination of which leads to a positive result:

  • increased hydration and nutrition;
  • maintaining water-salt balance in the dermis and epidermis;
  • the effect of peeling, i.e., peeling of the dead cells;
  • the restoration of the sebaceous glands;
  • protection from UV radiation and frost;
  • smoothing of wrinkles;
  • hypoallergenic.

The funds for devoid of moisture have a creamy texture, crumbly and dry because makeup will only exacerbate the problem. Cosmetics for dry facial skin creates a waterproof barrier between the skin and the environment. Thus moisture easily penetrates into the skin, and loss is limited.

The characteristics of the composition

Choosing remedies for dry skin, be sure to pay attention to the composition of products depends on the impacts.

Preference is given to cosmetics, water-based, contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

To components whose presence in the composition of these cosmetics is desirable and even mandatory include:

  1. glycerin, fats and oils needed to create a waterproof layer.
  2. vitamins A and E, improves trophic skin.
  3. vitamin C is an antioxidant that enhances skin regeneration of dead cells.
  4. hyaluronic acid is able to «bind» the moisture.
  5. glycolic acid (1%) that activates the synthesis of connective tissue proteins.
  6. collagen and elastin – the main components of the dermis, causing its properties.
  7. salicylic acid(2%), which is aimed at reducing skin peeling.
  8. extracts of chamomile, calendula, celandine, improving nutrition and skin regeneration.
  9. sun-protective filters (SPF).

Harmful components, which has a devastating effect on dry skin:

  1. alcohol, which is known to dry the skin.
  2. sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium Laureth sulfate, strongly dries the skin.
  3. menthol (peppermint), skin tightening.

Overview of cosmetics for dry skin

In most cases it is not sufficient to use moisturizers and make masks for moisturizing. Dry skin needs carefully selected, not only care but also decorative cosmetics, which possesses the corresponding properties.

Choosing on the market of cosmetic products, pay attention not only to the composition of the product, but also its consistency.

Overly dry powder or blusher will accentuate the existing problem with the skin.

Cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin has the appropriate mark on the label, making it easy to find the necessary funds.

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  • Mineralize Concealer from MAC cream concealer, actively moisturizes the skin and masking her faults. Price from 1800r;
  • Instant Concealer by Clarins is a liquid concealer, which has an excellent moisturizing effect. Price from 1500P;
  • Urban Decay 24/7 glide–concealer creamy structure in the form of a pencil. Price from 1300r;
  • Lumi Magique Concealer from L’oreal – concealer, perfect for dry skin, capable of performing the function of a highlighter. Price from 600 rubles;
  • Consealer Affinitone from Maybelline – budget version of a liquid concealer, hiding minor flaws. Price from 350 rubles;


  • Color Compact SPF50 Light from Heliocare – cream powder, which in addition to moisturizing action offers a high protection from UV rays. Price from 2500r;
  • Mineralize Foundation/Loose from MAC mineral powder Foundation that supports the skin’s moisture balance. Price from 1800r;
  • Like a Doll from the Pupa Loose Powder –compact powder with the extract of cotton seed, providing hydration to the skin. Price from 1000R;
  • Alliance Perfect by L’oreal – powder — highlighter has a creamy texture, good moisturizing the face. Price from 800R;
  • Luminys Baked Face Powder from Pupa baked powder, which is composed of oil, providing sufficient nutrition and hydration of the skin. Price from 700p;


  • Silk Superbalanced Makeup by Clinique – resistant concealer with a small solar-protective effect. Price from 2000P;
  • Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture SPF15 from the Aveda –has a light texture and just apply. Price from 1800r;
  • Vichy Aerateint Pure – tone cream of the production, which uses thermal water, moisturizing the skin during the day. Price from 800R;
  • CC Color Correcting Cream from Lumene – has a moisturizing and regenerating effect, provides protection from UV radiation. Price from 600 rubles;
  • Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois Paris – moisturising concealer for economy class. Price from 400 rubles;


  • Eye Cream from RMS Beauty – popular cream shadow, perfect for dry skin century. Price from 2000P;
  • Full metal Shadow from Yves Saint Laurent – liquid eye shadow with the handy applicator. Price from 1900R;
  • Ombre Couture from Givenchy is a matte water-resistant cream shadow. Price from 1100r;
  • Addict Fluid Shadow from Dior’s liquid eye shadow that maybe the first time will not be very convenient in application, but they are very persistent and does not dry the skin. Price from 900p;
  • Cream Lasting Colour Crush Eyeshadow from Kiko – resistant cream shadows, very moisturizing the skin. Price from 400r.
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  • Phyto Lip Shine from Sisley hydrating lipstick extra class. Price from 2500r;
  • Rouge Coco Shine from Chanel – has established itself as one of the best moisturizing lip-balms. Price from 1700р;
  • Clarins Joli Rouge moisturizing lipstick and lip gloss, for a long time kept on the lips. Price from 1500P;
  • Vitabalm from Darphin – nourishing lipstick-a balm that does not have color, but have medicinal properties. Can be used under colored lipstick. Price from 700p;
  • Color Riche Serum from L’oreal Paris contains in its composition hyaluronic acid, hydrates the lips and restores moisture balance. Price from 400 rubles;


  • Multi-Blush Clarins – cream blush suitable for problem skin and protects it from dehydration. Price from 2000P;
  • Chubby Stick Colour Balm by Clinique cream blush in stick with good durability. Price from 1500P;
  • Creme Puff Blush from Max Factor cream baked blush, easy to use. Price from 1000R;
  • Diorblush Cheek Stick from Dior – blush cream texture in a stick, which after application give a matte effect. Price from 1000R;
  • Lumene Raspberry Miracle from – budget blush stick, to create a natural blush. Price from 600 rubles;
  • Rouge Cream Blush from Nyx Professional MakeUp – cream blush with a fairly oily texture. Price from 400r.

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Ideal for sensitive dermis

Especially careful treatment calls for a sensitive skin. In cosmetic products for the skin, it is important the presence of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This makeup is hypoallergenic, fragrance and perfumes.

To know about the presence of anxiolytic properties of money is possible on a special label on the product: «for sensitive skin».

Usually the composition will contain only natural ingredients that eliminate irritation, redness and other consequences of overly sensitive skin.

How to wash

The owners of dry facial skin precisely the question arises, what is better to wash off the makeup. Now in the cosmetic market there are so many options tools for removing makeup. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Micellar water

Initially this tool was invented to care for the skin of babies. It is easy to guess that its use to owners of dry skin will not bring discomfort. It does not dry the epidermis and also removes makeup.


The tool is very soft causing no irritation. Effectively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, allowing to keep the balance of water at the proper level.

You should choose those tools which are based on water.

Cleansing cream 2-in-1

Cream to moisturize the skin and remove makeup is becoming more popular due to its versatility: in the process of removing makeup you should moisturize the epidermis, and eliminate the need to use additional means to care for skin.

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The use of oils as tools for make-up remover guarantees the restoration of water and lipid exchange in the skin. You can use as a natural oil (olive, grapeseed, coconut, etc.), and modern artificially synthesized hydrophilic oil.

The process of removing a makeup involves a few basic rules:

  • remove makeup in a certain order: lips, eyes, face;
  • to make makeup removal are to be strictly along the massage lines;
  • when removing makeup from the eyes use the funds that have the appropriate markings: «for removing eye make-up»;
  • makeup remover should be used at least 3 cotton pads;
  • it is not necessary to wash your face with water after removing make-up, it is sufficient to apply a moisturizer.

Tips beautician

  • First, you need to put in order your diet, drinking more water, choose organic foods, as well as to Supplement their diet with sources of vitamins A, b, E and C.
  • Second, never expose your skin to the exposure to extremely hot and cold temperatures. Washing your face in the morning, try to use lukewarm water. Do not overdo the exposure to the sun and in tanning salons. Before going out, be it winter or summer, use a moisturizer as a base under makeup. In summer, the cream should contain a filter against UV radiation.
  • Third, don’t forget to do a moisturizing mask a few times a week. Masks can be used as homemade and store-bought. The most important is the regularity of conducting this cosmetic procedure. And also pay attention to the choice of cosmetics for daily makeup.

If you do all of the above rules, but the condition of your skin is not getting better, and perhaps even worsening, then you should go to the beauty salon for a consultation with a specialist. You may be an appointment for a facial, peel or ultrasonic cleaning of the skin.

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