Cosmetics for problem skin — healing, decorative, professional

It is believed that oily skin is the lot of teenagers, and skin care products needed only in puberty. But it is the opinion of adults that forgot about acne and pimples, when they were 18-25.

It should be noted that many complain about acne, even in 25 and 40 years, and means on face care they need always. We are talking about those who have oily and combination skin.

Today invented many cosmetic products designed to eliminate acne, pimples, oily Shine. Their basic differences from each other are price and composition.

The characteristics of the composition

So, what should be the composition of cosmetics to effectively deal with the above trouble? Each of the products for problem skin should contain antibacterial and drying components.

As a rule, they are:

  • salicylic acid;
  • fruit acids;
  • glycolic acid;
  • retinoids;
  • zinc oxide;
  • erythromycin;
  • benzoylperoxide;
  • alcohol;
  • birch tar;
  • green tea extract;
  • chamomile extract;
  • sea salt;
  • kaolin (a type of clay).

Depending on the brand, the creams and lotions are moisturizing ingredients:

  • aloe extract;
  • essential oil;
  • glycerin;
  • gialuronova acid;
  • retinol (vitamin E);
  • tocopherol (vitamin a).

Many tools have wound healing effect, as in the composition has the following ingredients:

  • calendula oil;
  • chamomile extract;
  • celandine extract;
  • panthenol.

In the ideal cosmetics for oily skin must contain all four components, but not always.

What tasks should solve

Buying and medical cosmetics for problematic skin, all waiting for the same:

  • eliminate blackheads;
  • the disappearance of inflammation;
  • healing after the acne;
  • beautiful complexion;
  • pores;
  • eliminate scars and irregularities.

Sometimes shoppers will be disappointed. They complain that large pores and roughness have not gone away.

All because the task of cosmetic products:

  • to kill the bacteria that are in the pores;
  • dry inflammation;
  • clean the face of dead skin particles and black spots (scrub);
  • moisten the skin (not always);
  • slightly narrow pores;
  • to heal and disinfect damaged inflammation.

You should know that no cosmetics for home use are not able to eliminate the holes that are formed in the skin after smallpox, boils or improper extrusion.

We need more serious tools, such as laser surgery, chemical peeling, micromembrane.

But this is not about them.

For proper facial care, you should acquire a set of tools like:

  • facial wash anti-bacterial;
  • lotion;
  • cream;
  • scrub;
  • mask.

That is the task of each tool:

  • The lotion cleans the skin from makeup residue, sebum and dirt that fall on the face during the day.
  • Foam – designed for washing.
  • Cream fights acne by killing the bacteria that provoke inflammation and suppuration, and also dries oily skin or moisturize (depending on the type of cream).
  • Scrub – removes traces of dried pimples, gives a healthy skin, cleanses the pores of blackheads.
  • The mask dries pimples and reduces the pores.
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Does not hurt to know about the varieties of these products.

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Types of cosmetics for problem skin

A difficult task – the selection of quality cosmetics. Because the ads are constantly confusing.

Every manufacturer wants to sell its product, and therefore endows it with supernatural qualities, and women mistakenly believe that one cream will solve all their problems in the short term.

It should be noted that this phenomenon is quite rare and, as mentioned above, means there must be some. But their composition should not cause irritation or allergies, otherwise, why need such care? What brands are preferable?

There are several popular brands with good reviews:


Kit for problem skin care consists of cleanser, scrub, lotion, moisturizing, drying and creams. The main part of cosmetics are salicylic and glycolic acid.


Series of care products for face. It is used more often as the price of cosmetics available. The set consists of a cleanser, mask, scrub, tonic, antibacterial cream.

Green Mama

Contains four tools: a mask, a facial cleanser, day gel, night gel. The main component is green tea extract.


Is the most inexpensive of the above brands.

In a set of five items: a gel cleanser, scrub, lotion, cream, gel drying. The main ingredient in the composition is salicylic acid.

Not necessary to buy all the same brand, they can be combined. Before you try the makeup, you should consult with a dermatologist. It is important to know that cosmetics for oily skin can be both therapeutic and decorative.


Medical cosmetics for problematic skin, always sold in pharmacies, often it can be found in stores with manufactured goods. The funds, which will be discussed, have a strong antibacterial effect.

Here are the most common:

  1. Presol. Lotion benzoilperoksida. It is very effective in hormonal rashes. Not recommended for dry sensitive prone to dermatitis skin.
  2. Zener. Lotion on the basis of erythromycin and zinc acetate. It is known for high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and drying effect. The drug rarely causes allergic reactions and irritation.
  3. Prop. A set of tools (two kinds of cream, toner, lotion, mask, scrub, gel cleanser). Substances that fight acne: pyrrolidinecarbonyl zinc, synthetic alcohol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone.
  4. Stop Demodex. A small kit for the treatment of demodectic mange (pink eels). Consists of a liquid soap and balm. Active substance: gialuronova acid, extracts of chamomile and green tea.

  5. Golden farm. The set consists of soap and ointments. Remedies are effective for treating different types of rashes, including demodicosis. Active ingredients: birch tar.

  6. Uhrin.
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Cream, balsam, tincture based on extracts of plants such as:

  • mint;
  • tansy;
  • lavender;
  • the celandine;
  • Daisy.

During treatment, avoid makeup, but for many women, it is not possible.


Decorative cosmetics for problem skin, especially important when it is impossible to refuse make-up for one reason or another. Cosmetic products in question are used not only for daily makeup application.

They have antibacterial and drying effect and is therefore ideal for oily and combination skin.

If a woman prefers to put on makeup every day, to her the lotions, masks and tonics should be added:

  1. Cream (antibacterial). Manufacturer: Garnier, Vichy, L’oreal. Part BB cream Pure Active includes salicylic acid, Vichy Normateint – arginine pca (amino acid), zinc salt; Eveline Pur Control contains zinc and triclosan.
  2. Pencil markirovochnye. As a rule, all Chancellery for oily skin has one major component in their composition, the oil green tea.

On this, the list of care products for problem skin does not end there. After all, there is another line of cosmetics with a serious name: «Professional».


This form is used only in beauty salons.

Professional cosmetics has high prices, it is not always possible to find at the drugstore. Depending on the patient’s skin, cosmetologists work with the following brands.

  • Christina – a line of products made in Israel, especially for oily and combination skin. Consists of creams, masks and lotions. Substances to eliminate acne: extract of eucalyptus and mint, peppery, lactic, and salicylic acid.
  • Holy Land cosmetics with good reviews, which is also made in Israel. Set for problematic skin consists of sugar-soap, scrub, lotion, mask, moisturizer. Components, eliminating inflammation: zinc oxide, sulfur, camphor.
  • Set Medic Control Peel consists of five tubes with glycolic, mandelic, ascorbic, salicylic, phytic and kojic acids. They are used for chemical peels.
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The first two types of cosmetics are very effective against hormonal acne and demodicosis. The third completely eliminates traces of acne and enlarged pores.

Tips beautician

It is important to not only be able to choose the means to care, but also to correctly use a particular item of cosmetics for treatment.

The serialization of the use of funds:

  • morning foam, soap, cream;
  • evening – lotion, foam, mask, scrub.

In addition:

  • scrub used often as three times per week, provided that all of the pimples have dried up and no fresh purulent inflammation;
  • in the treatment of demodicosis, from creams (even therapeutic) should be abandoned;
  • if decorative and therapeutic agents are ineffective, this may be due to intoxication;
  • high consumption of greasy and sugary foods leads not only to obesity but also to the appearance of abundant rash;
  • for oily skin the ideal means on the basis of glycolic acid, benzoilperoksida, salicylic acid;
  • dry skin rarely becomes a problem, but if it happened, it is better to give preference to drugs with lots of moisturizing ingredients.
  • combination skin requires special care: to gently moisturize and dry its individual parts;
  • in order to choose the right cosmetics, you should know the cause of pimples and blackheads. It is better to consult a dermatologist.

The view that the means to care for problem skin – a waste of money, wrong. The fact that people do not always correctly used, bought lotions, masks and creams. Purchasing cosmetics blindly, not knowing the true problems of rash, man condemns himself to a meaningless waste of the honestly earned material resources.

Medicinal, decorative and professional cosmetics designed for drying pimples and cleanse the skin from dirt, but not for the treatment of hormonal failure, dermatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

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