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Thereby achieving the effect

Cream Botox for the face is a line of products, which is aimed at smoothing of wrinkles and elimination of small defects of the skin.

Data cosmetic innovations have a similar effect with injectable Botox, but they do not provide for the introduction of drugs into the skin as needed in the conventional method of rejuvenation.

The effect of using such creams is due to the peptides, which contain in their composition. These molecules block the action of transmission of impulses from nerve fibers to muscles. Thanks to this, the skin relaxes and the wrinkles are smoothed out.

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Why you need a replacement

A sharp decrease of the popularity of injectable Botox due to the fact that the composition of the drug enters the substance called botulinum toxin. It paralyzes the muscles and has a negative effect on the whole body. In other words, the botulinum toxin is artificial poison with a rejuvenating effect.

In addition, when using injections patients at risk:

  • to lose skin sensitivity,
  • to acquire the effect of the mask on the face,
  • be complications (headaches, dizziness, nausea, bruises, bruising, etc.).

The presence of a large number of contraindications (pregnancy, diseases of the Central nervous system, gastrointestinal pathology, etc.) makes it impossible for the procedure to everyone.

Another important disadvantage of the use of the injection method of rejuvenation Botox is the fact that before and after the procedure the patient have to observe some rules such as no sleeping on stomach, do not take drugs, etc.

All these factors lead to the fact that more and more patients refuse from these injections and begin to switch to non-injection methods of rejuvenation using creams.

How long to wait for the result

Cream with Botox effect aimed at long use.

To see the first results is possible not earlier than after a month of regular application.

Moreover, in order to eliminate fine lines, you need to apply these remedies at least two to three months.

Advantages over injection

Advantages of using creams with Botox effect are:

  1. Smoothing fine facial wrinkles.
  2. Skin nutrition.
  3. Hydration of the skin.
  4. Comprehensive rejuvenation of the deep layers of the skin.
  5. A minimum of contraindications.
  6. The possibility of using creams on the face.
  7. Low risk of side effects.

  8. The painless procedure.
  9. The skin when applying the mask absolutely not injured, unlike injections.
  10. Included in the peptides promote skin regeneration and rebuild it.
  11. After applying the masks people do not get a mask effect or real person, as it can happen when you enter shots.
  12. The procedure in the home at any time.
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Disadvantages of application of a face mask with Botox effect include:

  1. The high cost of such funds.
  2. Data cream will not be able so well to get rid of deep wrinkles as injections.
  3. The need for long-term rejuvenating course to achieve really appreciable results.
  4. The effect will last for a relatively short time, especially if the person after the cessation of treatment even stop sometimes to use these cream.

What age can I apply

Cream with Botox effect and other similar nano tools beauticians recommend to people in the age group from thirty to fifty-five years old when the skin already has all the signs of aging.

At a young age (up to twenty years) should not use such funds, since the skin still has wrinkles and to influence its structure until you need it.

At a more Mature age (over fifty-five years), these creams will be ineffective. Patients in this age group experts advise to use more radical methods of fighting wrinkles.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for the use of data cosmetic products are:

  1. The first signs of aging on the skin.
  2. Dryness of the skin.
  3. The presence of «crow’s feet» in eye area.
  4. Small nasolabial folds.
  5. The wrinkles on his forehead.
  6. Skin peeling
  7. Loss of elasticity of the epidermis.
  8. Dull complexion.
  9. The tendency to acne.
  10. Lack of vitamin.

Contraindications are:

  1. Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. To use these beauty tools this time women are highly undesirable, as when carrying a child in their body undergoes huge hormonal and physiological changes, so the effect of external stimuli on the skin can cause adverse consequences such as allergic reactions.
  2. The human propensity to edema.
  3. Sensitive skin that may react to the inactive application of the cream.
  4. The age of a person to twenty years.
  5. The presence of open wounds on the skin in a prospective place of applying the cream. To use this tool only after complete healing of the tissues, otherwise there is a risk to bring in them the infection.
  6. Prolonged use of such creams (more than six months). Experts do not recommend to use a cream with Botox effect for longer than six consecutive months, as in this case, the skin just gets used to them and the effect is weakened.
  7. Concurrent use cosmetic acids (lactic, glycolic, etc.) that are practiced when performing peels. Thus the combined use of these acids with creams will neutralize each other’s action.
  8. Fungal infection of the skin at the site of application of the cream.
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Popular brands of face creams with Botox effect

The most popular cream with Botox effect on the date to be the following means:

  1. The line of products Natura Bisse from the Spanish manufacturer. In its composition these creams contain active molecules that are aimed at reducing the facial muscles.

With regular use of such creams to eliminate fine facial wrinkles without using Botox injections.

  1. Line creams «Bark» of the domestic manufacturer includes a cream and serum with anti-aging Botox effect. Their action is directed on correction of age wrinkles of face and neck, moisturizing and skin nutrition.
  2. Cream Botox asset expert will help relax the muscles in the area of the forehead, neck, around the eyes and lips. The tool also does not only reduce wrinkles, but will also stimulate collagen production, nourish the skin, moisturize and give elasticity.

How to use

The following rules apply to the use of this funds:

  1. Apply the cream in a thin layer on the skin, evenly distributing it all over the face and not affecting the area of the lips and eyes.
  2. Apply the cream twice a day for 1-2 months. The only way to achieve the effect of rejuvenation.
  3. It is better not to use for application of cream a brush and use the brush designed for more liquid cosmetic consistencies (for example, masks with Botox effect).
  4. Even after the end of the course rejuvenation at least once a week you need to apply this cream to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Are there any side effects

Side effects when using masks and creams with Botox effect rarely occur. Usually this occurs in people with sensitive skin or when using a defective product.

Most people point the following side effects:

  1. Itching of the skin.
  2. The feeling of tightened skin.
  3. Burning.
  4. Redness.
  5. The appearance of acne.
  6. Inflammation of the skin.
  7. Swelling of the face.
  8. Peeling of the skin.

With proper use of creams from the best firms can significantly reduce the risk of adverse reactions on the skin.

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The recommendations of a cosmetologist

To achieve truly visible results from such rejuvenation should adhere to the following recommendations cosmetologists:

  1. It is important to use only high quality «proven» creams from well-known manufacturers, as applied to the face of the usual fakes in addition to allergies will not bring any results.

  2. Apply the cream on clean skin. The only way the tool will be able to more deeply penetrate the epidermal layers and start «working».
  3. To carry out this kind of rejuvenating both at home and in the salon environment. The first time it is recommended to try the tool in the salon, where a specialist will be able to evaluate the skin’s reaction to a particular cream.
  4. When applying Botox creams can not simultaneously with it to apply the cosmetics with fruit acids, because they will destroy them.
  5. It is best to apply such creams people with the age from thirty to fifty-five years. In this period the maximum skin needs nourishment and care.

Review of prices

Cost creams with Botox effect is dependent on the manufacturer and dosage means.

For example, the cream from the Italian company Botofit will cost about 5200 rubles, and the Botorelax will cost about 4500 rubles.

Cream effect of Botox is safely and efficiently, but these tools also have some of the nuances of its use. For this reason, you need to think twice before applying.

Moreover, as an alternative, you can apply and more cheaply – homemade mask with Botox effect of gelatin and starch. They will do their job no worse.

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