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It is a stereotype because not take into account either the age or features of the body structure or comfort of its owner (a big chest is really uncomfortable). And manufacturers of the various preparations, tablets, pills, dietary Supplements, creams, breast implants actively reproduce that stereotype in advertising their funds to again and again to make a profit.

Preferred most women is breast enlargement using cream as:

  • nothing needs to be taken inside (security);
  • no need to do surgery (no risk of complications of anesthesia and wearing implants);
  • just need to slather the cream on your skin within 2 weeks of the month (the simplicity and satisfaction from the ritual of self-care).

In order to pay for an effective product, let’s first understand what effects you can expect from creams for breast augmentation, and based on what these effects.

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What is mammary gland

Mammary gland is composed of glandular (in the picture it is purple) and fatty tissue (yellow). Because the breast volume can increase for two reasons: the growth of glandular tissue in adolescence, before the birth and the growth of adipose tissue when there is a set of body weight.

The effects of the various creams for breast enlargement

  • The cream enhances the Breasts visually, thanks to its member care components.

This is the most plausible explanation of the effect of the cream on the skin of the breast. Thanks to the collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts restores skin elasticity, chest tightened up and compacted. While the actual volume of the breast does not increase. Visually the volume of the bust increased by the seal of the mammary glands and improve the appearance of skin on the décolletage.

  • The cream contains special ingredients which act on fat cells of the breast and promote their growth (division).

To achieve the fatty tissue components in the cream need to pass the epidermis and the dermis, which is impossible even with the use of microspheres and other technologies to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. If it were possible, the technology of mesotherapy, biorevitalisation and mesoroller would have lost its relevance. But this is not happening because one of the main functions of the skin is a barrier: to prevent the penetration of substances and microorganisms from the environment into the body. Even if the drug passes through the skin, it gets into the blood vessels of the skin, and from there into the systemic circulation, will spread to all organs and body systems, and will be decontaminated (disinfected) by the liver.

From here two questions:

  1. How to massage active ingredients into the skin, enough liver, whole body and still have the fatty tissue of the breast?
  2. Why fat cells of the mammary gland to respond to stimulation, and fat cells of the abdomen or hips, no?
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All the creams work by the placebo effect. People tend to believe what they really want. If cream to enlarge breast, then over time, using the means of the second or third month, you can gradually convince yourself that the cream really helped, and chest really increased.

According to the rules, all drugs tested, which compares the efficiency of a drug with a pacifier. In any study, moreover, in each study there is a certain percentage of patients for whom a pacifier helps.

Be accepted for registration only drug that is effective in a much larger percentage of cases than nothing. Similarly, you can RUB the breast skin chamomile cream, to believe in the result and this result to obtain.

Cosmetics such tests don’t pass. And the advertising promises often create the right image that result, which can be obtained from the use of specific tools.

Another mechanism of the placebo effect is the reluctance of a man to admit that in the past (when choosing a cream, for example) he made a mistake (believe the hype). Because it’s easier to convince myself that the cream helped, than to admit his mistake and what a waste to buy cream was clearly irrational.

In order not to mislead yourself and do not rely on the subjective judgments of others, better to take pictures before and after applying the cream, to see the real result or lack thereof.

Hormonal creams contain phytoestrogens, which give the growth of the glandular tissue of the breast. If you take into account that phytoestrogens are analogues of female sex hormones, it can be assumed that some impact on the volume of the breast.

Well, in this case, to use such drugs are generally dangerous, as it is unknown how the glandular tissue would react to such stimulation, and will not do a cream harm to the body.

After all, if the cream works on the tissue of the breast, why can’t he influence the activity of the ovaries, growth of the endometrium, the menstrual cycle, hair growth and other processes involving estrogen. Of course, the above picture is slightly exaggerated. Can’t cream for breast enlargement to have such an effect on the body. Because here again two options: either lifting, or self-hypnosis.

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Review of tools and their compositions

The cream is interesting because regardless of the price, the same components will have a similar effect. This means that any expensive cream you can find effective and cheap analogue with the same composition and properties.

Serum for breast augmentation Body Performance Toning Bust Serum from Estee Lauder

A product with a strong lifting effect.

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In the cream:

  • extracts of siegesbeckia and boswelia that strengthen and increase the elasticity of the bust;
  • the system of the microspheres, which allows you to penetrate active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin;
  • and a special polymer that when applied to the skin when dry shrinks, and shrinks them together and the skin of the breast.

The price of the cream from Estee Lauder – 1340 rubles.


In a cream multivitamin complex A, E, and F, and the extract of Asian Gardenia, who is credited with the ability to increase the amount of fatty breast tissue.

Cream guarantees an increase in breast size by 1 after 1 month of using the cream. But presses that use cream and then have all my life.

In fact, in the foreground, moisturizing, lifting and firming effects to skin bust.

Price – 1750 rubles.

Serum Filibust (Phytobuste) from Sisley

In the cream, extracts of fucus, ivy, tormentil, red grapes, yarrow, essential oils. The manufacturer promises that after three weeks of use Breasts will grow by one-third. But believe in it with difficulty, because the same components are usually included in anti-cellulite body wraps (seaweed wraps), which is aimed just the same on the decrease. Because again we have a great way to improve the elasticity of the breast skin, which, among other things, is a lot.

Price – 6800 rubles.

Aesthetic Breast Firming Cream from Oriflame

Contain Menthyl-lactate, caffeine complex and jojoba oil to improve the condition of the breast skin, as well as special polymer Pentamer-complex, which has a strong lifting effect.

Price – 400 rubles.

Firming serum neck and decollete Beauty Bust from Oriflame

The complex consists of grapefruit extract, wheat protein and soy, to improve the condition of the breast skin, improve skin tone and help to seal the chest.

The price is 540 rubles.

Gel for bust Bust Gel from L’occitane

Part lightweight gel, almond extract, which tones the skin, lifts the Breasts, making it more coherent and resilient. For those who want to restore breast shape after a dramatic weight loss.

Price – 1780 rubles.

The cream for modelling and breast development Laco-Active

In the cream, extracts of sage, olive, hops and Pueraria, which strengthen the skin, improve its elasticity, improves microcirculation. A special component of the drug combeferre, which is extracted from Commiphora, tree that grows in the Arabian desert, according to the manufacturers increases the volume of fat cells, and with them the size of bust. Also the cream can be used to increase lip volume.

Price — 2000 rubles.

Cream for bust and decollete Cellular Bust and Decollete Complex from La Prairie

In a cream polysaccharides, peptides and derivatives of vitamin C. Because the cream has not only a strengthening and stimulating effect, but also has a bleaching action on the skin of the breast and décolleté. Means has a light structure and is very economical to use.

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Price 5100 rubles.

Cream Breasthill

Aggressively moving online. Though nothing special in the part he does not have: extract Pueraria Mirifica, phytoestrogens, vegetable protein, rose oil, vitamin C. the producers Themselves increase not promise, at least on the package we are talking only about lifting.

Price – 2000 rubles.

Guam (GUAM)

At Lakota there are two versions of cream for the skin of the breast. Is GUAM Duo – refreshing cream, and GUAM Hay with clay. In creams include algae extract, Gardenia oil, rice bran oil, soy protein and wheat. The composition of GUAM Duo includes menthol, and GUAM Hay — white clay. Both of the creams have firming and lifting effect on the skin of the breast.

Price – 2100 rubles.

I Feel (Pure Line)

In a cream placenta, but the manufacturer claims that the cream is non-hormonal and can even be used during pregnancy and lactation. This can be seen or targeted introduction of buyer confusion or illiteracy. Any placenta contains a large number of hormones. It is because of hormones and began to develop the production of placental cosmetics.

Because of them, it gradually lost its leading position because of any hormones except those that are produced naturally in the body, has side effects.

In addition to placenta cream contains vitamins and plant extracts that boost elasticity and make your skin smooth.

Price – 250 rubles.


In fact, a universal cream that can be used for breast skin. Contains conditioning complex with phytoflora, white beeswax, glycerin. Does not contain parabens and other chemicals, because long soaks, but perfectly softens and protects the skin.

Price cans 250 ml – 360 rubles.

And here is the promised good cream for enhancing breast for little money

Currently, in pharmacies, in retail stores and online stores began to appear Active serum for modeling of the bust Slim Body from Markell. Use combeferre, which helps to strengthen and improve the shape of the bust, elastin and collagen to improve skin elasticity, almond oil and seaweed extract, which moisturizes and nourish the skin.

Price — 140 roubles.

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