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Cellulite is a big problem, which sooner or later appears in the life of every woman. The modern pace of life sometimes does not make all the efforts to get rid of this problem, have to find faster and reliable way. The cosmetics market offers plenty of means, but of all interested in the question: how effective is cream for cellulite?

The characteristics of the composition

The efficiency and durability of action of cream of cellulite largely depends on its composition, consistency and concentration of active ingredients.

It is important to remember that no remedy can get to be broken down fat deposits deep under the skin to distribute the uneven growth of the tissues and eliminate the root cause of cellulite. Effect of creams aimed directly at the elasticity and beauty of skin in problem areas.

Cellulite looks pretty ugly because that is totally reflected on the skin, giving the appearance of «orange peel». In the means acting on this issue, should include substances that can cause the skin to «stretch», thus smoothing cellulite bumps.

Such substances include:

  • caffeine, theobromine or coenzyme A. Not only stimulate the skin, causing tension and smoothing, but also because of its toning effect can even force to break up some thin layers of fat, located deep under the skin due to transient acceleration of blood microcirculation in small blood vessels;
  • pepper extract, guarana, papaverine, nicotinic acid. Known for its strong warming effect. Short-term exposure to aggressive doses of heat, combined with irritation causes the skin to come under stress and actively resist such destructive effect. The skin regains tone and tension by improving blood circulation underneath;
  • plant extract green tea. Cream with this component will have a dual effect: to strengthen and restore the spider, increasing its elasticity and resistance and beneficial effects on the skin, creating the effect of rejuvenating and strengthening. Used such creams say that the condition and color of the skin is greatly improved;
  • aminophylline. This component is included in almost any effective cream against cellulite. Able to accelerate the metabolic processes under the skin, stimulates blood flow to the problem places;
  • remedy for cellulite always contains a large number of other plant extracts, can accelerate metabolism and eliminate toxic components causing the problem. Such substances include extracts of horse chestnut, ivy, horsetail or St. John’s wort. Significant positive impact may also have components of sea algae;
  • to restore the disturbed lymph flow will help the essential oil useful plants. They can help faster to absorb active ingredients and to tighten the skin, providing care, giving elasticity and firmness. Basically need action help to achieve the essential oils of citrus and conifers;
  • recovery of cells after aggressive exposure to irritating or warming active substances and additional improve the appearance of the skin contribute to these chemical components, such as collagen and elastin, and vitamins a, C, E;
  • cream very important basis. It must be permeable, well-absorbed, have a consistency sufficient to impact even the deepest layers of the epidermis. Best for cellulite cream suitable oil base.
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The effectiveness of the other active substance is determined individually.

How to choose

When choosing a cosmetic product, you need to carefully consider all of the properties and effects of each drug. In order to choose the right cellulite remedy, you will need to focus not only on the price and composition, but also to consider the individual characteristics of the organism and the possibility of an allergic immune response.

You need to pay attention directly on the cream and its consistency. Gel structure is easily absorbed and do not require rubbing.

When you use the gel for more massage effect should be much more intense than when applying creams, which are absorbed much longer, but their application will require additional massage movements, which ultimately, speeds up and enhances the effect.

The cream contains in its composition is warming and irritating elements can cause burns and destruction of thin layers of the skin if used incorrectly.

Cream aminofillinom can cause allergies, so if you have skin problems such as irritability, excessive dryness, fast response to aggressive components better to use another tool.

Definitely a cosmetic treatment must be accompanied by instruction in Russian language. If the cream is marketed as a treatment, the composition should be completely translated.

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That is used in beauty salons

Modern beauty salons offer many services aimed at getting rid of cellulite. Any physiotherapy or massage effects on the table by a specialist beautician is not complete without the use of cream of cellulite.

In beauty salons use the same tools that are sold in specialty stores or pharmacies.

The choice depends on the preferences of the master, as well as customer feedback. Salons care about their reputation, choose only those means of cellulite which have proven to be most effective.

Review of the best cellulite creams

Drawing attention to the composition of the products, user reviews and selection of the best beauty salons you can easily decide which cream cellulite are most effective?

  • cream wax is a Healthy cellulite. Has a dense structure, combining a large number of natural ingredients: propolis, bee venom, beeswax, olive oil, horse chestnut extract and other components, having a warming, tonic, vessel restorative effect. Requires very thorough rubbing and strong massage effect for the best effect;
  • cream-active Fitness Body. Despite its small volume, its effect is very pronounced, one treatment is enough small amount of the product. Copes well with the «orange peel» effect is noticeable already after 2-3 applications. Great also to prevent the appearance of irregularities of the skin, moisturizing and toning the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • cream-the sculptor for the body of Faberlic. Intensively addressing the symptoms of cellulite, reduction of quantity of fat deposits underneath the top layers of the skin and stimulation to improve blood flow and lymph circulation in the treated area. Convenient to use for massage at home, as the packaging is equipped with a special clip;
  • cream Cellutox from the manufacturer is Vichy. Quite a high price range, but the most long-term preservation effect, subject to adherence to the regime of proper nutrition and additional exercise. Perfect even for delicate and sensitive skin, contains only caffeine. Its membership does not include dyes and fragrances. Hypoallergenic.
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Homemade recipes

Use the creams for cellulite homemade is only in those cases, if there is an exact confidence in the absence of allergic reactions, experience in the preparation of cosmetics and the ability to see a specialist, if there is a need to eliminate the negative consequences from the use of homemade ointment.

In the Internet you can find lots of recipes of cellulite creams. To find the necessary components for them is easy enough: papaverine and vaseline bought in the pharmacy, as well as the caffeine or the extract of water pepper. You can also easily find more hot components.

In the preparation of any ointments at home recipe need to adhere strictly to the sequence of adding components and their concentration. In the case of allergies, destruction of the skin, dermatosis after removal of the cream from the skin the use of means to stop immediately.

What to use for prevention

To prevent cellulite deposits, you can easily use the same tools that were used for the intense combat with the problem. In this case, the number of times funds can be reduced to 1 times a week, combining massaging with the massage. Thus the skin will remain in good shape and will not appear unsightly bumps.

Application rules

Recommendations for the use of any means of cellulite is quite simple: apply with circular, rubbing movements to clean, dry skin problem areas.

For added effect, you can wrap the body in plastic wrap after application of cellulite. Because virtually all of them have a warming effect, you will need some patience to survive the impact: the cream will burn, the skin will start to itch. After specified time exposure, the anti-cellulite cream carefully wash off with warm water.

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If after using a tool like the cream of cellulite at home there was an Allergy, the skin began to flake and peel, appeared burns, dermatitis and minor wounds, the use of the cream should be discontinued immediately.


Duration of use of any funds from cellulite and frequency of application specified on the packaging.

On average it is 2-3 months. To use the cream about 3 times a week.

To repeat the application as needed.


Subject to the rules of application of the cream and use complex effects against cellulite, the effects can be noticed fast enough.

The condition of the skin, lymphatic and circulatory system will improve significantly, which helps to reduce the visibility of tubercular deposits of cellulite.

Themselves of cellulite cream will not help, the fat deposits remain underneath the skin, despite the improvement in her appearance and the observed increase in elasticity.

To completely get rid of the problem, you need to combine treatment with exercise and normalization of the supply.

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