Cream for oily skin — oily, for face, moisturizers are non-comedogenic

Healthy face, healthy skin, shining eyes say that you are able to care for themselves, to follow their appearance. Suddenly there is a problem with the skin, before looking always great, to push us into shock or depression. But it’s not as scary. If the cause of the disease is not «internal», the cream for problematic skin will help resolve the changes.

The main thing to do is buy the tool that suits you. To do this, to learn all the intricacies of his choice.


Usually people are unhappy with the condition of their skin, even if it just doesn’t look fresh. But if it has any defects, it is necessary to determine the cause. Skin type can be dry, oily or combo.

There is gradation and chronological age:

  1. young,
  2. Mature
  3. fading.

The problem is called the skin, which can have the following disadvantages:

  • the appearance of pimples, blackheads, boils;
  • pale, yellow, or gray, unhealthy skin tone;
  • dryness of the skin;
  • the presence of dark spots or «spider veins»;
  • the appearance of early wrinkles and sagging skin;
  • allergic reactions, which can manifest itself in different ways (swelling, redness);
  • candioti and fungal infections, sometimes accompanied by itching.

All these problems can go through some time, and can be long lasting and cause a lot of trouble to their owners.

Stress, hormonal and age-related adjustment affect the condition of the body and affect the skin.

You have to pay attention to the type of skin that we have inherited. Little impact on it can provide the external environment and daily routine.

For combination skin, alternate designated fatty, dry and normal skin.

Anyone familiar with this type knows about the T-zone (nose, forehead, chin) where sebaceous glands are very active.

In other areas of the face or it is dry or normal. The most characteristic for persons of the young age of brunettes. Although the owner of this skin can be any person.

Its disadvantage is the porosity, sebum (the surface shines), a yellowish tint, weak blood circulation. During the hormonal changes in adolescence have problems with pimples (acne) and seborrhea.

Dry skin lacks in sebum, which is almost non-existent.

She looks like parchment and can peel off. Drawback a reaction to weather conditions, irritation from mechanical influences, from poor quality, hard water. Perhaps tightening of the skin, redness, rashes, early wrinkles. In addition, the epidermis reacts properly selected cosmetics.


In addressing the issue of problem skin needs to help individually selected cream. Often use already created and tested creams, but it is possible to cook them at home.

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And if the problem is not only epidermis, but also in malfunctions with health, they need to be resolved comprehensively.

If you were able to buy a quality tool, it will help to solve the following tasks:

  • will reduce the irritation and inflammation or removes them completely;
  • will reduce sebum, dried skin;
  • will help to improve the complexion;
  • destroy infection with members of the disinfectants;
  • will remove post-acne, having cleaned the pores and dissolving grease tube;
  • do not be noticeable vascular mesh;
  • bleach the epidermis, removing pigment spots.

Even if some of these problems will be solved, you picked the right cream.

The label must indicate what problem does a particular tool.

See notes:

  • «moisturizing»,
  • «matting»,
  • «whitening», etc.

Not the last role to play and the base cream, it.

The characteristics of the composition

The cause of problems with epithelium is often associated with improper care of the skin or incorrectly selected means. The properties of each individual cream is suitable for solving a particular problem. For example, enriching the upper layers with moisture for dry skin, reduces porosity cream for oily skin, but when combined need time to solve two problems.

Cream for problematic skin contains a set of components: water, oil, Basis for this, vitamins, amino acids, emulsifiers, a small amount of preservatives.

Attention! Shouldn’t be lost if you read on the jar a lot of incomprehensible words. Your task is to understand the main effect of the cream, its focus. The facility should in the first place stand the name, and the second – produced effect. You can also contact the consultant.

Cream for oily and problematic skin contains:

  1. Substance that fills cells with moisture: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, water.
  2. Compounds with antibacterial properties: salicylic acid. It will reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria.
  3. Glycolic acid, which cleanses the skin and refreshes it. Its role – softening and exfoliating.
  4. The components responsible for the formation of the lipid layer, normalizes the functioning of skin glands: fatty acids.
  5. Vitamin cocktail, And reduce the duration of aging, «E» — restore surface layers, «With» is «responsible» for the immune functions of cells.
  6. Vegetable and essential oils, moisturizing effect is proven. Recommended for dry and dehydrated surface.
  7. A unique component azulene, derived from different extracts of medicinal herbs. It has a number of useful properties: heals wounds and soothes irritated areas.
  8. Panthenol, possess the ability to regenerate (to restore) and make the skin softer. Affects the processes of rejuvenation.
  9. Allantoin softens the upper layers, but also holds in moisture, eliminating peeling.

Attention! The content of oils can help to understand the properties of the cream. So, coconut oil has softening properties, and olive and vegetable skin. The vitamins contained in the form of extracts from various botanicals, not in its pure form.

Odnoimennyi outer layer creates a barrier. It does not allow to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin pathogens, do not allow to evaporate the moisture.

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Basis, included in the composition of cosmetic products, penetrate the lipid layer, causing the cells oil, vitamins, water, and other necessary components. If fabric is supplied with all the necessary nutrients, the skin looks 100%.

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How to choose

You’ve come to the cosmetic Department and looked at the counter beautiful, different shapes of jars. Where to start and how to choose cream for oily skin?

We will closely study the label and pay attention to the following:

  1. Means written on the jar at random, but in sequence. Starting with those substances, the content of which predominates. Then the list goes in decreasing concentrations. This principle applies from any manufacturer of cosmetic products.
  2. Discard the tube, where there’s formaldehyde or its derivatives. It is recognized as a carcinogen, can cause mutations and the growth of foreign cells. It is used as a preservative. If you see the word «formalinum», do not purchase this tool.
  3. Almost all compositions contain parabens – preservatives that prolong the shelf life of cosmetics, especially funds with natural ingredients. They are last in the list on the label end in «-paraben». Its content should not be greater than 0.3%.
  4. Emulsifiers and antioxidants prepared from plant extracts. They can heal abscesses and cracks. Emulsifiers are needed and to give the cream a homogeneous composition (that it is not stratified). Thanks to them, the consistency of the composition is viscous, but not sticky.

About other parts mentioned above. Therefore, the choice of a cream and studying the labels should not be accompanied by panic. You intelligently and carefully read the composition and choose what exactly you need.

Attention! Creams are better to buy in bottles with dispenser. Nutrients, being on the air and interacting with oxygen, lose those properties for which you were bought. If you use a jar, a spatula, remove the required amount and quickly and close it tight.

Today well-known large companies manufacturers of cosmetics, which are responsible for the quality of their products, repeatedly testing her before offering to the buyer.

Well-known brands reputation does not allow to use questionable components.

It is better first to use a probe and test your skin, because the quality of the components does not contain products, all very individually. This cream may not apply to you. Or Vice versa, you will understand that this means you need to your skin type.

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What do you mean are non-comedogenic moisturizer for oily skin

On the skin, usually oily, there are black dots (comedones). This is due to the enlarged pores that become clogged with dust, sebum and causes inflammation of the individual sections.

You can try to use the tool to narrow the pores, but it not always copes with this task. Better to pick up are non-comedogenic cream with a light texture and ability to not clog the ducts of skin glands and pores.

Are non-comedogenic properties are tools that can easily be absorbed:

  1. fluids
  2. serum
  3. just light cream.

The label usually has the word «are non-comedogenic». If the components of the cream are quickly absorbed after it is not greasy and a feeling of tightness of the skin, it suits you.

How to prepare at home

A light and nourishing cream is easy to make at home. It is convenient and practical. In addition, you certainly will know which components will appear on your face.


  • 2H. L. chopped strawberries,
  • at tsp coconut,
  • vegetable and olive oils
  • a few drops of vitamin E.

All of the components to melt, mix well, mix and place in a cool place. Warming a small amount and gradually apply on the face. After 15 minutes, rinse with soft, warm water.

During pregnancy

Skin problems arise and in the period of waiting for a baby.

Changes in the endocrine system, is reflected on the exterior:

  • pimples occur,
  • inflammation,
  • irritation.

Apply the cream for oily skin in this period must be careful. It needs not to harm expectant mothers. Better if the components are of plant origin.

There are a series of special gentle creams:

  • Amway ARTISTRY,
  • Mon Platin — DSM,
  • Vichy Normaderm moisturizer for oily skin,
  • Chicco cream during pregnancy.

Take care of your skin is necessary. Everyone should think how he looks. Today, with a rich Arsenal of cosmetic products, it is not difficult.

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