Cryolipolysis (coliposte) — what is it, reviews, photos before and after, contraindications, prices

Currently in Europe to have the machine for cryolipolysis is considered a must for any prestigious salon or a health center that particularly emphasize their concern for the health and beauty of customers. Now machines cryolipolysis appeared, finally, in the major cities of Russia.

You need to enjoy the moment, as many salons offer special discounts, hold events to introduce potential customers to new product. Some centres are played even a free procedure.

Mechanism of action

The method is based on different degree of resistance of cells to exposure to low temperatures. Due to these differences, the properties of the cells composing the tissue, speed blood circulation, metabolism, oxygen consumption by the cells. For example, skin cells are easily transferred to cooling and quickly restore their livelihoods. This phenomenon is associated with permanent skin contact with the environment.

Cells subcutaneous adipose tissue was created in order to accumulate nutrients, protective mechanisms against the effects of cold they have, since inside the body is constantly maintained a certain temperature. If significantly cool the fatty tissue, the cells of subcutaneous adipose tissue is irreversible damaged, and dying gradually away. Technically this is implemented as follows.

The attachment device has a special recess, where the fold of skin and subcutaneous fat is sucked under the action of vacuum.

Two sides to the skin suitable cooling elements, which reduce the tissue temperature to -5OC. It is at such temperature there is damage to the cells of subcutaneous fat. The cooling of one area is carried out within the hour.

The breakdown of fat under the action of cold after the procedure occurs gradually over 2-4 months. First you will see the results after 2-4 weeks.

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This low speed makes it kielipaketti a number of advantages over other methods of getting rid of fat:

  • low speed the death of fat cells does not disturb the functioning of the body, therefore causes no disturbance of health;
  • a gradual resorption of the fatty tissue allows blood and lymph system to cope with the removal of the toxic products which are formed after cell death does not occur because of intoxication, there is no need for additional procedures such as lymphatic drainage massage and others;
  • is a slight redistribution of fatty tissue in the conduct of kielipaketti, because the exposure is not formed in the trench, uniformly reduce the whole area, for example, the crease on the side, or uniformly reduces the degree of convexity of the abdomen.

Cryolipolysis zeltiq(zeltiq)

Company ZELTIQ Aesthetics was founded in 2005. The young company immediately identified as a priority the development of such cosmetic techniques, which analogues will not be.

Based on the studies of specialists from Harvard University and the main hospital of the Massachusetts company in 2009 created the technology and the apparatus Zeltiq for conducting kriolipoliza. The patents on the methodology, conducting the necessary clinical trials has allowed the company Zeltiq to obtain FDA approval in the United States.

Numerous studies have shown that cryolipolysis Zeltiq more effective than other treatments on average by 22%.

In Russia already there are proposals procedures under this brand, which are irrelevant to the patented technique, so be sure to check all the details before the procedure, at least until its payment. The procedure is carried out on the equipment and technology Zeltiq.

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Zone for processing

This device has two nozzles (coating) – large and small. A large nozzle is used for removal of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen, waist, flanks. If fat deposits are pronounced and the skin is well taken into the fold, then using a large probe 1 procedure can handle 2-2.5 zones.

A small nozzle is used to eliminate thin folds of fat, and hard to reach areas like back, arms, inner thighs, calves. You can easily correct the problem areas as fatty cushions above the knees, the «breeches», buttocks, shoulders.

The pros and cons


  • the technology is a simple biological phenomenon, the methodology is designed to have a minimal effect on the body;
  • removing unwanted fat takes place without surgery because there are no harmful effects on the body drugs, including for the conduct of anesthesia, no risk of infection, no scar in place of operating seams, there is no need to wear special tight underwear;
  • the method allows to solve different client issues: one is enough to lose a few pounds, others need to «grind» a figure where sports massage and powerless;
  • the dream of all women: the technique allows you to lose weight locally, i.e. only in the stomach or in the thigh, while all the ways to kielipaketti expected weight loss and reducing the volume evenly throughout the body, i.e. chest, too;
  • you usually need 3-4 treatments for 1 hour to obtain a visible result after 3 months because the procedure is ideal for busy people;
  • there is no reference to the timing of the procedures to the season of the year.


  • the result is not instantaneous;
  • there are contraindications and consequences;
  • very expensive;
  • many other places are not available geographically.

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  • Alimentary-constitutional obesity.

This type of obesity develops in people whose habits they’ve inherited from parents and close friends, contribute to weight gain. It is a usual sedentary lifestyle, dislike of sports, frequent meals, large portions, addicted to high-calorie sweet desserts.

  • Obesity on hypothalamic type.

If the damage to such brain structures as the hypothalamus is a violation of the nervous centre responsible for feeding behavior. This man begins to eat much more than they need to meet their needs for nutrients and energy. The excess is deposited in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

  • Obesity as a symptom of endocrine diseases.

In disorders of the endocrine glands varies the intensity of metabolism, therefore weight can grow even with a low calorie diet.

  • Obesity in mental illness.

Uncontrolled eating behavior can be a symptom of mental illness, and the result of taking a number of drugs for the treatment of in the practice of psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

In the first case, when alimentary-constitutional obesity, cryolipolysis can be used as an independent procedure, and can be combined with diet and exercise.

In other cases, cryolipolysis must be used in conjunction with medication, the underlying disease that caused the obesity.


  • pronounced obesity;
  • pathological reaction of the body to cold, which can manifest itself in conditions such as paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, or cold urticaria;
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon, or chilblains;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of scars, wounds, skin diseases in the place of the proposed procedures;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.
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Before is required medical consultation to determine the presence or absence of contraindications. The procedure is better to take an interesting book or notebook, as the procedure is lengthy, especially if you are processing sequentially several areas.

How is the procedure

  1. The client sits on the couch cosmetology.
  2. The skin at the site of the proposed processing is applied to a special brush gel or film.
  3. This place is overlaid with the apparatus which draws in a fold of skin.

Starts cooling, which lasts about an hour. At the beginning of the procedure, the patient may feel a slight chill in the location of the nozzle, then these sensations are. Simultaneously with the cooling starts vibrating, which helps to maintain normal blood circulation in the skin. During the procedure, you can doze, read or work, if you have a laptop.

Duration for one zone for 60 minutes. If you are consistently a few regions, respectively, the elapsed time will be longer.

After the nozzle is removed from the skin, removes film or any residue. The client can continue their normal life without restrictions.

Side effects

  • feeling cold during the procedure, a pain in the field of drawn skin folds;
  • bruises at the location of the probe as a reaction of the circulatory system to the suction effect of the vacuum;
  • numbness and redness of the skin immediately after the procedure in response to the action of cold.

All side effects do not require treatment and go away on their own.

The durability of effect

In place of the impact is the destruction of from 25 to 50% of all fat cells. The thickness of the fat fold reduced by 3-5 cm In the future, these cells will not be replaced, because the effect of the procedure persistent.

How to enhance the effect

By itself, the cryolipolysis is designed in such a way that the patient did not have any indications for additional procedures during the recovery period. But they are not contraindicated. On the contrary, the combination of multiple countervailing procedures will enhance the slimming effect and the local correction.

Optimally combined with the cryolipolysis, ultrasonic cavitation, body mesotherapy and radio wave lifting.

ULTRASONIC cavitation affects the more superficial layers of subcutaneous fat, which contributes to a significant reduction in visible signs of cellulite.

Radiolifting helps smooth and reduce the skin, which is an excellent prevention of sagging and sagging.

Mesotherapy improves the condition and appearance of the skin.

This combination of procedures allows you to get the chiseled figure of the dream as from the glossy covers of magazines, only without Photoshop.

If you pass just as many procedures are not included in your plans, it is possible 2-3 days after cryolipolysis to go to do the lymphatic drainage of the body, Tranzion or LPG Endermologie-based lipolysis. This combination of procedures will significantly accelerate the onset of effect from kriolipoliza by increasing blood and lymph circulation.

With cryotherapy during the whole time of the destruction of damaged fat cells (3-4 months) perfectly combines ultrasound therapy, massage, ozone therapy.

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Used headpiece The cost of 1 zone The cost of 1 area while treating 2 or more areas
large 30000-40000 from 25000rub.
small 18000-25000 from 14000руб.

The before and after photos

Frequently asked questions

How often can I do?

For one course is performed 3-4 procedures with an interval in 1 month. Courses may be repeated not earlier than 4 months.

If for weight loss?

Yeah, that’ll work. It should be noted that cryolipolysis allows you to remove the fat where it is not needed, and keep the volume where it counts. Due to removal of damaged cells by the cold weight will be reduced.

Better cavitation?

Cryolipolysis has no analogues neither on the technology nor the softness of impact on the body. This was a breakthrough in aesthetic cosmetology.


There are some contraindications that must be considered. And there are unspoken side effects, like bruising or redness in the affected area. Otherwise it is completely safe.


Marina: Did. Very, very would have done. Honestly, I do not particularly believe in the result, but still wanted. Mom also just snorts and pursed lips when I told her where he was going. The procedure itself is not to say that quite painless. First the cold, then it was noticeably painful. Endured. Went to the gym, counting calories. I calculated that I was supposed to lose after the procedure, almost 10 kg of weight, but left only 6. And like all good, but I was expecting great results.

Katya: did the analogue procedure for 8 thousand rubles per session. Bought into the promise to lose weight effortlessly. I do not understand what it was. If the weight and left, slightly, and the difference in the volumes of the clothes do not see.

Lena: I did not leave a «lifeline» from the hips. Came to the ridiculous: sopimus in the gym, and walk in the wide pants, shapeless t-shirt. Girls that later I began to do, ponakupili tight shorts and t-shirts, and I still have folds of fat hide. In the end, did the stomach and «ears» on the sides. It was still only two months, but the result pleases me. It seems that will have to do another course, but it’s worth it.