Cryomassage scalp — prices, reviews, contraindications, photos before and after, video

Currently, many clinics prefer to use cryotherapy as it is a physiologic, safe, relatively inexpensive and effective way to eliminate cosmetic defects and rejuvenate the body.

Why is the procedure effective

Under the influence of cold, a sharp constriction of the skin capillaries, and then their expansion, which is accompanied by the influx of a large number of arterial blood. Stimulation of tissue respiration and metabolism, has beneficial effects on the condition and hair growth.

The cold awakens the dormant hair follicles thereby increasing hair density. Under the influence of low temperature normalizes the sebaceous glands, killing the bacteria. It helps cure oily seborrhea and eliminate dandruff.


Depending on the disease and the reasons that caused it, may be administered in combination with other treatment methods, can be used as a standalone procedure.

Treatment with liquid nitrogen is effective in:

  • the androgenic baldness (alopecia) in men and middle-aged women;
  • the weakening or hair loss with stress, weight loss;
  • oily seborrhea, dandruff;
  • slow hair growth;
  • sensitive scalp, dandruff, constant itching of the skin of the scalp.

Video: Areas for cryotherapy


  1. cold Allergy;
  2. herpes;
  3. pustular rash on the skin;
  4. atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels;
  5. migraine attacks;
  6. epilepsy;
  7. hirsutism;
  8. osteoporosis;
  9. uncontrolled hypertension.

How is the procedure

The procedure is generally performed with a cotton swab on a wooden stick. A tampon dipped in a container of liquid nitrogen, and then light, quick motions point massage the scalp. The time it takes 5-8 minutes, sometimes less.

No special preparation is required, restrictions after the procedure.


The patient immediately feels a pleasant rush of heat to head. After a while, slows down hair loss, becomes visible «hedgehog» of new hair. Decreases the severity of fatty seborrhoea, sometimes before the onset of complete remission, stop worrying about the itchy skin.

Complications and side effects

Side effects associated with the underestimation of the patient of the seriousness of the contra-indications and abuse of the procedure.

The main complication is likely to get minor frostbite, if the swab with liquid nitrogen will linger over any area of skin for longer than is necessary.

The cost

The name of the service Cost (RUB)
the primary reception of the doctor-trichologist 1000
re-appointment trichologist 800
cryotherapy scalp 300-500

Frequently asked questions

How much you need to go through a procedure?

Usually prescribe a course of 10-15 procedures. In case of need and the availability of the testimony of the course may be repeated two or three times.

Is it possible to do in the spring and summer?

. No seasonal restrictions on carrying out cryotherapy no. In the heat treatment is especially comfortable and easy to carry because the skin is still some time retains the feeling of cold and then chill.

Whether peeling after the procedure?

Peeling can give the procedure crippiling. It runs only on the skin. Peeling the skin of the scalp is usually not observed.

If a person has weak blood vessels, can he do?

. The alternation of heat and cold strengthens weak blood vessels and helps to normalize the processes of thermoregulation of the body.

It combined?

Cryomassage scalp with liquid nitrogen goes well with healing masks for hair strengthening lotions, darsonvalization scalp. In principle, the same day with cryotherapy can be performed any procedures, except for heating, light therapy and lazer treatment.

Video: facial skin Rejuvenation

Cryomassage scalp: before and after photos


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