Darsonval from wrinkles — how to apply for the face, manual, around the eyes, forehead

Each human body tend to grow old with age. These age-related changes are manifested primarily by the occurrence of wrinkles on the face and become a primary problem for any woman. Women use a variety of methods, tools and techniques to eliminate them and prolong their beauty. One such modern way is darsonvalization.

What it is

Darsonvalization is a cosmetic procedure in which there is exposure of the skin to electrical pulses and corresponding to a certain frequency. In plain language it electrotherapy.

It is done using a special instrument d’arsonval. He is a medical apparatus having a physiotherapy approach to the treatment of diseases of various fields.

He delivers pulses of electrical current, which have low strength but high frequency and power. The device is a small handle with a specific nozzle on the end. The latter in turn can be very diverse, depending on the application and purpose. Included in the kit.

Staff presented two options:

  • contact, when the therapy is performed by contact of the device with the skin;
  • non-contact exposure is carried out at a certain distance from problem areas, while the sparkling electrical impulses visible to the naked eye.

Can be used in the hands of a specialist cosmetologist, and in their own home.

The devices differ in their efficiency and availability to purchase. The average retail price ranges from 2 000 to 4 000 Russian rubles.

The effect on the skin

Darsonvalization effective for a variety of problems of the skin not only on face but also on your whole body.

Among the highlights are:

  • wrinkles;
  • acne;
  • varicose veins;
  • eczema;
  • swelling;
  • circles and bags under the eyes.

A positive result is achieved due to stimulation by electrical impulses of the vital processes of the skin.

This action leads to:

  • to improve the circulation of blood;
  • the dilation of blood vessels;
  • additional saturation of the tissues with oxygen;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • cell regeneration;
  • the improvement of metabolism at the cellular level;
  • resorption of fat and salt deposits;
  • to eliminate spasm of blood vessels.

Eventually, the skin gradually becomes more supple and elastic, becomes visible in its tone. Marked narrowing of the pores, eliminates oily Shine. Mimic and age wrinkles are smoothed out. Disappear inflammation, blackheads and acne.

A person acquires a healthy and radiant appearance, and the body becomes more fit. Just updated the skin at the cellular level.

Features of application of d’arsonval of wrinkles in different areas

Since the lines of each plot differ from each other a certain degree of severity, for persons in the conduct darsonvalization, provided the use of several nozzles for your machine and various power and frequency of current pulses.

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On his forehead

Darsonval from wrinkles on forehead apply the so-called «mushroom» head, round hat which the diameter is about 2 cm.

Healing electric massage here is performed within 5-7 minutes.

Motion device are from the centre of the forehead to the temples in order.

The procedure ends with a circular massage showerhead with alternating current power.

Around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Therefore, the massage is performed on a minimum capacity, which can be increased slightly with time. More suitable for use in this area will be fitting «petal». It is an elongated plane, a length of about 2 cm and a width of 1 cm can be Slightly concave.

The procedure is performed:

  • In a circular motion, starting from the upper eyelid, from inner corner to the outer corner, and bottom – from the outer to the inner.
  • You should move more slowly at first, gradually increasing the pace.
  • For each eye is given around 3 minutes of massage.

Nasolabial folds

Each person nasolabial folds are expressed in completely different ways. Someone present with the youth, and someone faintly visible until maturity.

In any case, the skin is more thick and the folds are always deep. For their prevention and therapy are used the most intensive pulses of d’arsonval. The exposure time will also need more.

The massage is performed from the middle of the nose, across on the crease to his temples.

For this you can use either a mushroom head or a point, some models have spherical. To stay in this area is not less than 5 minutes.

If electrotherapy against wrinkles is prevention or at the first signs of skin aging, the effect will be more noticeable and persistent.

Much more complicated with a deep and pronounced wrinkles. In this case, the treatments increase significantly the number and intensity of the procedure.

Thus Darsonval from wrinkles it is best to use in order to prevent short sessions, as a kind of a charge for health and beauty of your skin.

Instructions for use of the house

To exclude spending for the service darsonvalization in beauty salons, it can easily be carried out at home, buying the most suitable model of the device.

Each apparatus is accompanied by instructions for its use and the basic rules of technique perform the procedure.

During electrotherapy, the house must:

  • before conducting be sure to read the instructions;
  • use of the nozzle strictly by appointment;
  • performing a hard massage on previously cleansed skin;
  • use a special cream and gel;
  • to monitor the cleanliness of the nozzles;
  • massage to be staged – the forehead, nose, chin, eyes, neck;
  • each section of the face massage at the relevant scheme (usually specified in the instructions);
  • to finish the procedure applying anti-aging remedies.
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The whole procedure is completely painless. It is noted only a slight tingling feeling in the area of exposure apparatus.

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Despite a number of advantages and benefits in the fight against deficiencies and skin problems, including wrinkles, darsonvalization in some cases contraindicated.

These include:

  • pregnancy;
  • predisposition to allergic reactions;
  • Oncology;
  • the availability of various skin lesions (compulsory consultation);
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of open wounds and sores of an inflammatory nature;
  • epilepsy and other diseases of the nervous system.

Before using d’arsonval home, it is imperative to know the list of contraindications and some side effects, some of which may be perfectly normal, and some will be the signal of the adverse effects and necessity of certain measures.

Adverse reactions

Allocated allowable adverse reactions after and during the procedure, which tend to take place independently after a certain period.

Among these:

  • tingling;
  • a slight reddening of the skin;
  • the appearance of mild blemishes on the skin;
  • a small feeling of heat.

All this is considered normal, because increased blood flow to aktiviziruyutsya all metabolic processes in the cells of the skin epithelium.

If marked:

  • increasing the pain;
  • bleeding;
  • severe irritation and redness of the skin;
  • various kinds of rashes;
  • swelling and tumor

should immediately stop and seek medical help.

To great cons darsonvalization also include:

  • the risk of cancerous tumors;
  • possible transition of benign skin tumors to malignant;
  • provoking a heart attack or stroke, in the presence of addiction;
  • stimulation of hair growth on the skin in unwanted areas if there is to this propensity.

Frequency of use and rate

Duration of use electromassage in the fight against wrinkles, depends on the General condition of the skin. If wrinkles on the face of the deep and numerous, that require more intensive and prolonged course.

Usually the average is about 20-25 sessions that are 15-20 minutes darsonvalization. To implement it is desirable through the day.

In the year of such courses must not be more than 4. That is, on average, the procedure be performed by one course every three months.

If you need to correct not deep, not long ago appeared wrinkles, the treatment will be shorter twice. Thus, this manipulation is carried out an average of 10 minutes every day, or every other day 10-15 sessions. Such courses a year are recommended to spend two or three times.

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If you have a d’arsonval personal use at home, in order to prevent the electromassage will be most effective 1-2 times a week, a short five-minute sessions.

Expert advice

When using the method darsonvalization should know the important and significant tips of specialists. This applies both to the use of his home and in the salon. Thanks to them you can avoid a number of unwanted effects.

The main recommendations of beauticians in the application of d’arsonval:

  1. Before buying the device be thoroughly familiar with various models, but better consult about it with the beautician.
  2. Use the device only as directed.
  3. In addition to studying the instructions, it is desirable to pass a small training course with a specialist.
  4. Before applying go through a number of important surveys, to exclude contraindications.

  5. The positive effect is achieved only with regular use.
  6. For more and comprehensive treatment can improve the efficiency of the method.
  7. Do not use the appliance a few people, especially outside the family.
  8. The skin of the face, hands and the device itself should always be clean before the procedure.

From all above presented it can be concluded that the d’arsonval in the fight against wrinkles is highly effective and painless remedy.

It can afford to almost everyone as it is affordable and easy to use.

Most importantly, you need to know basic contraindications, follow the rules and recommendations of specialists, to bring benefit, not harm their health.

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