Darsonval is a device intended for physiotherapy.

Darsonval is a device intended for physiotherapy. It can be used in complex treatment of many diseases and cosmetic defects. In modern cosmetology one of the most popular procedures is the use of the apparatus Darsonval of cellulite.

The method

The principle of operation of d’arsonval apparatus based on the use of pulses of electric current. These pulses have a relatively low power, but high frequency, which, however, can vary depending on which procedure apparatus d’arsonval need to spend.

Special electrode delivers pulses of electrical current in different range. Voltage and subsequent formation of ions provoke the appearance of the discharge current of low intensity. If you increase the intensity, maybe with an increase in voltage to occur the charge of the spark type. This is a consequence of ionization of the second order.

Electric current of low frequency cause a sharp, short-term spasserovannye blood vessels, followed by the same fast relaxation.

This type of external influence leads to instant acceleration of blood flow, a constant change in voltage causes a strengthening of the vascular wall, improve it elasticity and lower permeability.

In addition, weak currents d’arsonval lead to the improvement of metabolic processes at the cellular level. Body tissues are saturated with beneficial ions and oxygen, which helps to affect the subcutaneous fat layer.

The effect of the procedure can be observed quickly enough.

The improvements are visible to the naked eye even as the skin becomes radiant and much softer. The height of the bumps of «orange peel» is significantly reduced and with regular repetition of the procedure is smoothed for good.


Before you sign up to the beautician for a treatment apparatus Darsonval against cellulite or to use it itself, it is worth considering whether the use of the comparable currents, even of low frequency, with the condition?

Like most physical therapy methods of exposure, darsonvalization has a number of contraindications.

In the presence of at least one of them using the unit is strictly prohibited:

  • cardiovascular disease: arrhythmias of different nature, acute and chronic heart failure, pathologically high or low blood pressure, diseases in which it is necessary to use different types of pacemakers;
  • the presence of tumor masses, regardless of their origin and cellular composition because the use of currents of any frequency leads to uncontrolled growth of tumors;
  • pathology blood clotting: increased or decreased clotting, hemophilia;
  • epilepsy;
  • fever;
  • active, open-minded the extent of tuberculosis and acute lung pathology;
  • chronically increased body temperature;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • also, the use of the apparatus d’arsonval is not recommended, if the skin too much hair. For a start they will have to be removed.

If the use of the apparatus d’arsonval for any reason is in doubt, is to conduct additional consultation with the specialist and pass the necessary tests. Safety health in any method of treatment is paramount.

The nuances of the procedure

The use of apparatus d’arsonval in the treatment of cellulite requires adherence to some basic rules aimed at improving the effectiveness of treatment and maintaining health at a high level:

  1. before working with the instrument about half an hour before the procedure should be applied to places of deposits of cellulite fat burning cream or cosmetic oil and allow to absorb;
  2. the first few treatments are carried out using the applicator in the form of the letter T, later with the help of mushroom-shaped nozzles;
  3. attachment d’arsonval can walk across the surface of the skin of the lower limbs, in addition to the popliteal notch;
  4. use of the device on each leg should last at least 10 minutes to stimulate the acceleration of blood and lymph circulation;

  5. exposure time and frequency to each of the cellulite-affected area increases with each subsequent procedure;
  6. if during or after d’arsonvalization patient feels pain or discomfort, the apparatus is immediately stopped.

Usually for getting rid of cellulite using the apparatus d’arsonval experts recommend 10-15 sessions a day. In the next to secure the result can again enjoy a beauty course in three months.

As carried out in beauty salons

Procedure darsonvalization in salons is used quite often and is a standard set of services.

Is necessarily on the couch, before the procedure disinfect it and use with every new patient a new disposable sheet.

Customer skin beauty salon is processed cellulite gel or cosmetic oil, and then the doctor leaves it to rest for approximately half an hour until oil is absorbed. At this time, the specialist selects the current frequency for a given clinical case and selects the nozzle depending on the status of the «orange» peel and what is the procedure.

Hold darsonvalization, leading the T-shaped attachment from the ankle and ending with the skin surface of the thigh. The session was carried out for 10 minutes on each leg, plus an extra 5-6 minutes of treatment nozzle «fungus» on location intensive fat.

The result of the course evaluated in approximately a month, after use of the device.

To accelerate the effect is recommended to alternate the use of d’arsonvalization with anti-cellulite body wraps and massages.

How to apply Darsonval of cellulite at home

Darsonval can be used not only in beauty salons, this device is available for home use. It is easy to purchase in a special shop of medical equipment.

Picking up the device it is necessary to consider not only the cost and number of nozzles, but also technical characteristics. To avoid a rapid amortization model should give preference to a better option.

Before applying you must read the instructions and take account of existing chronic and acute diseases which at the moment can suffer the one who decided to get rid of cellulite with the help of the device Darsonval.

Apply home darsonvalization strictly according to these rules of procedure, not to forget the use of cosmetics before and complete removal of excess oil or gel before the nozzle touches the skin. The surface must be completely dry.

You cannot increase the time of use d’arsonval with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. Exceeding these 10-15 minutes can lead to negative effect, because fizioprotsedur is the use of current.

After wear of the nozzle needs to be replaced immediately.


Before use, you must do everything that the procedure was completed as safely as possible.

For this you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • you may not use the d’arsonval in areas with high humidity, with wet hands on wet skin;
  • after moving the machine into a warm room from the cold it is recommended to wait before using, about 40-50 minutes.
  • you will need to ensure correct working of d’arsonval and its integrated;
  • it is impossible to connect the machine to the mains without the established by the rules of the electrode;
  • if the housing or component parts d’arsonval wet, before using it you need to remove dry;
  • do not touch metal jacks and holders on the housing of the apparatus;
  • to use the device with care, avoiding mechanical damage and shock.

If the condition of the device is questionable, it should give immediately to a repair shop or replace the device for a new one.

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Is it possible to apply for prevention

Many cosmetologists tend to argue that the use of the apparatus d’arsonval helps not only in the case of visible body fat, but also for preventive measures for the formation of «orange peel».

The appearance of cellulite is an inevitable process that will eventually be exposed to every woman. Thus the body looks for a way to protect against environmental factors.

Regular prophylactic use of the apparatus d’arsonval will help as much as possible to preserve the beauty of your body.

The result

The use of the device will give a tangible and visible effect already after a few treatments. Significantly smoothes skin and reduce cellulite bumps under it, but it is important not to stop there and try to keep positive results were obtained for a long time.

Darsonval is not a miraculous way to get rid of cellulite without any effort from the patient. In order that the result is preserved for a long time and was achieved with the highest possible speed the necessary steps to self-control.

In the cellulite is not developed and has not progressed, you have to combine the use of d’arsonval with increased physical activity, introduction to the culture of healthy food and additional cosmetic procedures.

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