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Now, increasingly, local darsonvalization was used as anti-aging treatments, which not only can remove wrinkles, but also to spare «in passing» from a number of other health problems such as headaches, fatigue, poor complexion, etc.

How it works

On the tissue during the procedure affect the electrical impulses that cause the following changes:

  • decreases the tone of the capillaries, which promotes better blood circulation in tissues, strengthening of the outflow of venous blood;
  • improves lymph flow, which promotes the excretion of metabolic products of cells and excess fluid;
  • normalizes the nervous system, reduces pain, improves mood;
  • relaxes facial muscles;
  • metabolism and energy within individual cells, which contributes to a faster rejuvenation of cellular structure.

All of these processes occur in the tissues at the same time and for a long time, which ultimately leads to the improvement of the skin, reduce swelling and bags under the eyes, smooth facial wrinkles, improve skin elasticity.

What age can I start

Repeat the procedure starting from 6 years of age. Children darsonval helps to recover faster after colds accompanied by cough and sore throat. In puberty you can use the device to get rid of acne and minor inflammation on the face.


Apply darsonval possible in the following cases:

  • the presence of fine wrinkles, especially mimic or associated with the presence of habitual muscle clamps (in the nose, for example, when there is the habit of frowning, or rays around the mouth, when there is the habit of preloading the lip);
  • dull, sallow complexion;
  • reduced muscle tone, especially in cases when the face looks haggard as a result of chronic lack of sleep or fatigue;
  • with acne and acne;
  • prevention of appearance of new elements of rash on face after cleaning procedures;
  • removing the redness of the skin after any manipulation of the face (cleaning, for example, or massage).
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The procedure should not be performed in the following cases:

  • rosacea and the presence of dilated capillaries on the skin surface;
  • during pregnancy;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • epilepsy and any condition characterized by increased convulsive readiness (for example, in the acute period of craniocerebral injury);
  • intolerance electroprocedure;
  • neoplastic processes of any localization;
  • infectious diseases (tuberculosis, for example);
  • excessive hair growth on the face.

Procedure darsonvalization person

  • A preparatory stage.

The person before procedure it is necessary to wash to remove dirt and makeup. On the face there should be no creams or oils. To the electrode easier slip on the skin, apply to face a thin layer of talc.

If the desire once again to wash after the procedure, you can use a powder or hold darsonvalization dry thin tissue paper. In that case, if worried about acne, you can use a special powder Baneuoqin. You can buy it at the pharmacy.

  • Actually darsonvalization.

First, you need to place an electrode onto the skin and begin to gradually add capacity, focusing on whether there is feelings hurt. Picking up a comfortable power, you can start the massage.

During the procedure, the capacity can be changed as upward and downward. Quality will not suffer.

If the procedure is done about age-related changes of the skin, wrinkles and to improve elasticity of the skin, is preferred contact method. The electrode does not come off from the skin and gives a loud and tangible level.

To get rid of acne and prevent their re-appearance of suitable remote method, when the spark discharges will occur in the region of inflammation.

Regardless of the method the massage is performed by skin lines with additional study of the problem areas.

  • The final stage.
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Talc face wash with water. Applied to the skin a cream or emulsion.

Video: D»Arsonval to clean the skin

What result can you expect?

Skin really responds well to the procedure of darsonvalization are redness and inflammation, increases skin tone, improves its color. Gradually smooth fine wrinkles, and facial contours are improved by increasing the tone of facial muscles. An additional effect is the reduction in the frequency and intensity of headaches, the relaxation during and after treatment, normalization of sleep.

How many times a year to repeat courses?

Usually, the gaps between the individual courses of 10-15 treatments should not be less than 2-3 months. It will be enough to hold 1 course in six months.


Name of service Cost, rubles
darsonvalization person 350


The before and after photos