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He performed with products based on phenol of about 80 years. Since the formulation of the drug has undergone several changes in order to preserve its effectiveness in terms of skin renewal, and reduce the toxic effects on the body.

At the moment the main components of peels based on it are: phenol, the oil, the purpose of which is to reduce the speed of absorption through the skin into the bloodstream, glycerin, propylene glycol solvent, water.


Typically, such a procedure is not performed patients younger than 55 years, as those who are younger, you can offer other less safe and effective procedure. For owners of oily skin is much more suitable glycolic peels or the same scinocca that uses calcium chloride.

  • pronounced age-related changes of the skin such as deep wrinkles around the nasolabial folds, frown lines, the area of «crow’s feet»;
  • the change in the elasticity of the skin, the initial signs of sagging skin;
  • decreased elasticity of the eyelid skin;
  • senile (senile) pigmentation;
  • the presence of cicatrical skin changes such as stretch marks, pitted acne scars, atrophic scars.

The hallmark of phenol peeling is its ability to completely destroy the old degraded and have lost their function, the frame of elastin and collagen fibers, stimulate the skin to develop new fibers.

This is especially important for skin in the eye area where the skin loses its elasticity and ability to shrink very quickly.

It is not shown to those who have only seen the first wrinkles, has little desire to smooth the skin’s surface and smooth the complexion. This again is a more safe procedure. For example, TCA or peels with fruit acids.


  1. Perform phenol peeling is possible only on limited areas of the body. For example, on the skin of a scar or stretch marks individual. Delimitation is associated with the toxicity of phenol.
  2. It can not replace plastic surgery. Anyway, after the procedure you will remain «flews» in the cheeks, hernia age and other signs of strain aging of the skin.
  3. Deep peeling at home for face and body is impossible, and due to the lack of possibility of adequate pain relief, and due to the technical difficulty of the procedure, when you need to know what areas of the face what quantity of phenol applied.

Unprofessional actions can cause the skin will be burned at full depth, including the growth zone, and instead of the epidermis, the wound will start to grow connective scar tissue.


The most important contraindication is a condition:

  • phenol, soaked in blood, forms blood plasma of toxic compounds which can cause arrhythmia, because the heart and blood vessels needs to be in order, prohibited the procedure for those who have various kinds of ECG changes or a pacemaker;
  • for neutralization of phenol and intermediate products of its metabolism needs to the liver and kidneys were normal, the phenol has a strong nephrotoxic activity (violation of the functioning of the kidneys);
  • cancers are a contraindication to the procedure;
  • in pregnancy, the phenol has a marked toxic effect on the fetus;
  • chronic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, can first, to accelerate the absorption of phenol through the skin and increase the risk of side effects, and secondly, the skin of the disease can dramatically worsen;
  • aggravation of acne or the appearance of pustules (acne) can cause the bacteria that caused the inflammation in a limited number of hair follicles can be spread over the entire face, including into the subcutaneous fat with the development of purulent process;
  • taking medications that are detoxified and eliminated by the liver and kidneys (almost all).


Usually special training in the form of creams and I can make with fruit acids is not required, so as to prepare the skin for burns of the third degree is still impossible. You have to go through surveys to the extent that will determine for you doctor.

The results of the survey determines the presence of indications and contraindications to the procedure. The only thing you can do in a pre-peeling period is to give the skin the maximum amount of nutrients to provide a reserve of skin repair.

For this suitable ampoule concentrates and alginates, micronized seaweed and clay, a special serum.

A week before peeling should start taking antiviral drugs and other medicines that are prescribed by a doctor.

How is the procedure

Procedure itself is painful, as it artificially on the skin is called 3rd degree burn, and it lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. To withstand such pain can not every.

Taking into account the risk of complications in the form of arrhythmia and the need to perform the procedure under General anesthesia while the deep peels of the presence of the anaesthetist is mandatory.

The patient at the time of execution of peeling connected to a heart monitor. There are a number of clinics. where phenol peeling is performed without anaesthesia and without anaesthesia. If you consider that the cost of the procedure not below the same, performed with anesthesia, it becomes clear that the clinic just saves, but at the same time very little risk.

Step 1. Cleaning and degreasing of the skin.

For the face use of aggressive soap and a rough sponge in order to remove not only cosmetics, but also maximally possible layer of the epidermis. After cleansing the skin thoroughly dried. Degrease the skin with a mixture of alcohol and acetone.

Step 2. The application of phenol.
The process of application of phenol consists of two consecutive processes. First, the phenol is applied on separate areas of the face, and then use Galileo for a more even distribution of the phenol in the skin and the uniformity of its effects. On different zones of phenolic drug is applied with a different number, as the skin on different areas of the face differs in structure, and developed age-related changes.

Galileo is a combination of special polymer film, which is superimposed on the face, and a special drug, similar in appearance to the wax, which is applied on the film. In the interaction of the film and the wax from the wax secreted phenol, which contributes to a more uniform impact on the areas of the face where the impact of phenolic solution was not enough.

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Is Geoleo on for up to 48 hours, then removed along with dead skin. After removing the mask the skin have a mandatory process preparations containing antibiotics, prescribed oral antibiotics.

Post-peel skin care

In the first day or two after the procedure is necessary to use painkillers, as the pain and burning sensation can be very severe.

The first three days before removing the mask you can’t wash, brush the teeth, as they prohibited the ingress of water to the face.

Even the water you can drink only through a straw. Remove the mask with dead skin with a special plastic stick or spatula. Exposed bleeding sites.

Gradually to the injured area due to the constant of plasma on the surface of post-peel wound (and the whole face becomes one big wound) delayed fibrin in the form of a film. This fibrin film is very nasty person and restricts the facial expressions.

Coming off the tape the individual pieces within 7-10 days, and under it grows red leather, somewhat resembling the skin of a newborn baby. Redness may stay for another 2-3 months. All in all, on that new skin is completely formed, you need 6 months. Constantly for the first week or two you need to use antibacterial and wound healing agents. On the third or fourth week you can start to use the powder.


Complications can develop even in people with healthy internal organs, as different leather in different passes of phenol and, therefore, different people with the same concentrations of phenol on skin may have different doses of phenol in the blood.

Threaten the patient’s life are such complications as:

  • arrhythmia;
  • the development of acute heart failure;
  • the development of acute renal failure;
  • the appearance of pigmentation (usually is the result of diseases of the endocrine system);
  • the appearance of the demarcation line – the border between devoid of skin pigment in areas where the peeling was conducted and undisturbed areas;
  • the emergence or strengthening of allergic reactions n any stimuli from the external environment;
  • exacerbation of herpes, or the development of purulent process in the tissues of the face;
  • the development of scarring in that case, if the damaged germ layer of the skin and is epithelium begins to grow connective tissue;
  • if during the procedure irreversibly damaged melanocytes, the skin loses its ability to tan, and along with his natural protection from the sun, because it increases the risk of skin cancer.


Procedure Cost in RUB.
Phenol peeling from 29000

The value of the procedure may also depend on the number of days a patient will spend in the hospital, if necessary.

Photos before and after deep peeling face

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