Diffuse hair loss (diffuse alopecia) — in women, men and children, treatment, causes, photos

It occurs for both women and men. Can occur in children because of the thinning hair, the child must pay attention, even if no other visible symptoms are not present.

Forms and their causes

Telogen form

Under the influence of adverse factors in the hair follicles move into the telogen stage (dormant) early. Normally in the telogen phase is up to 15% of all follicles, with diffuse telogenous alopecia in the resting phase go up to 80% of the hair. The hair shafts are separated from their roots and fall out particularly intense during such procedures as shampooing, combing hair, massage the scalp.

If the influence of stress factors on the body is significant, then the hair can start to fall out and body.

Telegenova causes of diffuse alopecia:

  • significant nervous stress, nervous stress, chronic mental strain;
  • diseases, both communicable and somatic, acute or chronic, especially those for which treatment took surgery;
  • strict diet with low protein;
  • the lack of such minerals in the body like iron, zinc and selenium;
  • the balance of several vitamins, the most important of which is vitamin a;
  • long-term use of some drugs such as antibiotics, anticancer agents, antipsychotics;
  • pregnancy with its changing hormonal background;
  • hormonal contraceptives with high doses of hormones;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland.

Usually, hair loss begins immediately after the appearance of a reason for this, and after a couple of weeks — a month. Usually, by this time the condition of the body is improved, the hair growth cycle is restored and the parting becomes noticeable fuzz of new hair.

Hair to fall out in form of telogen diffuse alopecia, can long, from several months to years after the impact caused the violation of the growth cycle of hair causes.

If you do not solve the causes of crashes in the hair growth cycle, it takes the chronic form and leads to significant thinning hair.

Anagen form

If a harmful factor that affects the body, has a marked deleterious effect, the hair does not have time to go into resting phase and start falling out right in anagen (the growth phase).

Hence periods between exposure and the onset of hair loss.

Proceeds anagen diffuse alopecia is much more intense than the telogen and in a short time leads to a significant reduction in hair thickness until the complete diffuse pattern baldness.

Causes of acute diffuse alopecia anagen:

  • radiation effect;
  • administration of toxic chemotherapeutic drugs;
  • poisoning by toxic substances.
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Usually the hair follicles are not damaged, because once the body recovers, the hair growth resumes. There is the observation that may change the hue or structure of the hair. For example, the Dalmatian can become the owner of smooth hair and Vice versa.

There is also the anagen of chronic diffuse alopecia, the causes of which are still not installed. It is characterized by exacerbation every few years, during which there is a significant thinning hair without complete baldness. Then the hair is gradually being restored to its former state.

In some cases this type of hair loss in women can trigger the development of alopecia androgeneticheskaya if there is a genetic predisposition. This transition occurs most often during pregnancy on the background of changes in the hormonal status.

The opinion of trichologists

There are us doctors have a very interesting concept that still become a medical termon, but have already identified an existing problem. And this problem is characteristic, for America and for the rest of the world. This so-called crash diets, diet, where reduced caloric daily intake and receipt of necessary nutrients, especially proteins.

Start time crash diets in a large number of people is the same — January: this is usually those who are beginning a new life with the new year and those who want to lose weight in the spring. Because in February there are «first signs» with complaints of hair loss, and in March, observed the influx of patients with the problem of thinning hair. Time is usually 4-6 weeks after the start crash diets. At the reception, it appears that most people are not aware of the harmful effects strict diets on the body and sees no connection between the stress to which they drove his body’s rejection of proper nutrition and hair loss.

Also, many people believe that hair loss will end as soon as they start to eat normally. In fact, the body will need at least another 6 months to fully recover and resume normal growth cycle of hair.

You should consider the fact that with a genetic predisposition to thinning hair, duration of hair loss may take, and lowering of hair density in this case will be significant.

Simple tips from the trichologists who will help to maintain the health of hair:

  • stick to the diet with normal calorie, protein and iron;
  • useful for hair and body as a whole fatty fish, cod-liver oil, preparations of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil;
  • healthy hair vitamins H and B7, vitamins a and C, zinc.
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Baldness in women during pregnancy

During this period, significantly hormonal changes. The most significant in terms of impact on the life cycle of hair is estrogen. It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

After birth, the hormonal background is normalised, the amount of estrogen decreases, and her hair, which lingered longer than his term in hair follicles, abundantly fall. The peak intensity of hair loss usually occurs in 3-4 month after birth. All the same period increased hair loss about 1 year.

Affect the intensity of hair loss can also factors such as constant stress my mother from constant anxiety or frequent illness of the baby, lack of support of relatives, unbalanced diet and many other factors that are rarely taken into account.

Simple tips that will help to reduce the amount of hair loss after childbirth:

  • include in the diet of enough fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of flavonoids and antioxidants, it will protect olusanya prostimulirujte follicles and hair growth;
  • make sure to get the required amount of vitamins b, C, E, Biotin, zinc (ideal in terms of preserving hair special vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant women);
  • go to shampoo and conditioner, which contain zinc and silicon;
  • carefully brush your hair after washing while it’s wet, temporarily avoid hairstyles that involve a strong tension of the hair (the ponytail with tight elastic).

Treatment of diffuse alopecia

As such, diffuse alopecia can not be cured, what would on this occasion you did not tell the sellers of various tools and services.

Itself the hair follicle healthy and can give the beginning of hair growth with the normalization of the functioning of the organism as a whole. Because actually, the point of application of drugs and physical therapy the body for treatment of diffuse alopecia, no.

The only thing you need to do is to identify the cause of hair loss, to eliminate it and to wait a bit, when restored to the normal cycle of hair growth.

Only then can you start using folk remedies, or drugs.

Here it is necessary to understand this point: and folk, and pharmacy tools can’t stop diffuse hair loss, they can accelerate the growth of new hair in the place of the fallen.

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Most often to speed up recovery of hair used stimulants tricomin and folligen that are copper peptides.

Copper peptides are getting into the hair follicles, stimulate the production in their cells proteins and other substances needed for the normal growth of hair. Copper peptides can stop hair loss 30 days continuous use. After a month of using a new hair growth, increasing their thickness and improving the condition of the scalp.

Tricomin is available in three forms:

  • Tricomin Solution Follicle Therapy RGAU – special spray to spray drug on the skin with thinning hair;
  • shampoo;
  • air conditioning.

At the time of tricomin passed two of the three stages of control the FDA (the organization for the supervision over the quality of drugs and products). Does not change hair color. Folligen also comes in the form of a spray, shampoo and conditioner.

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Of physiotherapeutic methods and tools of folk medicine are suitable for accelerating hair restoration is any procedure aimed at increasing blood flow to the skin of the scalp and speeding up metabolism in the area.

The most common and affordable of them: Darsonval, laser comb, hair mask with mustard and red chilli etc.