Diode laser hair removal — what it is, reviews, prices, photos before and after

The beam of such a laser affects the cells of the follicle and the hair shaft in the hair follicle containing melanin. Under the action of laser study of the pigmented cells die, leading to irreversible changes in the hair follicle and stop hair growth.

The types of devices

  1. MeDioStar laser machine that can work with two types of laser radiation which have wavelengths of 808 and 940 nm. For hair removal can be used for both single and double pulses, which allows to adjust the machine individually for each client, taking into account sutatip his skin and properties of hair.
  2. LightSheer ET
  3. Soprano XL


Diode lasers appeared not so long ago. Because of their advantages is a certain wavelength of laser radiation, and a number of technical solutions that make the procedure convenient and comfortable for both technician and patient.

The wavelength is such that light flash only works on the cells of the hair follicle without affecting the skin cells, even if the skin is dark or tanned. Removes not only dark, but light and thin hair.

Technical solution advantage is the large diameter of the light beam and pulse rate to 10 per second. This allows you to epilate in the movement and significantly reduces the time to execute the procedure.


The drawbacks include the pain. Damage the skin there, but the hair inside the follicle still heats up under the action of laser radiation.

Because at long, very dark and thick hair treatment to all or certain parts of the skin may be sensitive or even painful.

This is especially true for patients with low pain threshold. The hair does not disappear immediately after the procedure and fall out within two to three weeks after hair removal.


  • hair from dark to light brown color;
  • ingrown hair formation at the site of ingrown hair dark pigmented spots;
  • irritation from the razor and/or shaving;
  • the hair, which do not allow for a long time the feeling of smooth skin even after shaving them with a razor or removal cream;
  • intolerance to waxing or epilators.
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Video: Diode laser hair removal


  • fresh tan: this is not a 100% contraindication, but not recovered after exposure to the sun the skin can respond to the impact of laser dryness, peeling, appearance of pigmentation, and hair removal will not be as effective;
  • placer mole in place of the proposed procedures;
  • varicose veins to hair removal legs;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • acute diseases of internal organs and/or cardiovascular system or exacerbation of chronic;
  • herpetic rash, fungal, bacterial skin diseases, allergies;
  • the common cold;
  • trauma to the skin in the affected area;
  • the tendency to form keloids;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • for hair removal of the bikini area and underarms contraindications any disease of the pelvic organs and breast cancer.


Before the procedure, diode hair removal, it is advisable not to pluck and not to pluck the hair in any way for at least one month in order not to provoke a compensatory increased growth of hair.

For a day or two before the procedure, the hair should be shaved with a razor to back to the beginning of laser hair removal on the skin no irritation from the razor. and his hair had quite a bit to grow. Hair to grow more than 1 mm is impractical, because then the whole energy of the laser radiation will be consumed by the hair shaft and follicles may not receive sufficient intensity of exposure to stop the hair growth forever.

Before the procedure should not be applied to the skin, cosmetic oils and creams, as this can provoke burns. With a weak pain tolerance to be applied to the skin anesthetic cream or 15 minutes before her numbing spray with lidocaine.

With frequent relapses «cold on the lips» is recommended prophylactic course of antiviral drugs, as well as in response to skin damage from laser, you may receive the herpetic rash.

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How is the procedure

Usually before a session of diode laser hair removal consultation, dermato-cosmetologist, which defines the indications and contraindications to the procedure, answering questions of the client.

During procedure the client lies on cosmetic couch. The eyes of the client and physician should be protected by special goggles that block the laser light.

The doctor distributes the laser flashes the entire area of hair growth. The hair burn. You may receive the characteristic smell of burned hair. The whole procedure takes from 15 (upper lip hair removal), up to 60 minutes.

When performing a hair removal unit, procedure time may be about 4 hours. After the skin is necessary to apply panthenol or other means, promotes healing, which will recommend a doctor.

Skin care after the session

In the care of the skin during the first days after the procedure, you must focus on your feelings. If there is no pain, itching, burning, and irritation, it is possible to take a warm shower without using coarse sponges, and be sure to treat the skin panthenol 2-3 times a day.

If you save the skin irritation and discomfort, it is best not to wash and do not RUB the skin, don’t wear nylon pantyhose and tight clothes, be sure to use healing tools. Before the following procedure, be sure to tell the doctor about the skin condition after the previous session, so he can choose the optimal mode of exposure.

Avoid tanning for 2-4 weeks so the skin has time to recover. You should not visit a sauna or a bath, exercise, or heavy physical labor, as sweating may cause irritation of the skin or the development of folliculitis.

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How many procedures are necessary

The number of procedures is selected individually, based on the continued growth of hair. Typically ranges from 4 to 7-8. Different parts of the body can require more time to completely get rid of unwanted vegetation.

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The cost

The area of hair removal Price in RUB. Price by subscription.
Antennae 1500 750
Chin 1500 750
Shin 4000 2000
Hip 4000 2000
Feet completely 7000 3500
Hands 1/2 3000 1500
Fully hand 4000 2000
Armpits 3000 1500
Bikini (classic) 4000 2000
Deep bikini 4000 2000
Mezhyagodichnoy region 2000 1000
Bikini Brazilian (full) 8000 4000
Bikini (male) 15000 7500
A separate area 1500 750
Buttocks 4000 2000
Neck area 3000 1500
Loin 4000 2000
Belly 3000 1500
Track 1500 750

The table shows the price of diode laser hair removal in Moscow. As you can see, in many shops the cost of one procedure may differ in the smaller side for regular customers. Therefore, make sure to ask about discounts and the cost of the procedures on loan.

Photos before and after diode laser hair removal