Double bubble after mammoplasty — what is, causes

This specific complication, which can be after breast augmentation.

This complication is associated with several factors:

  • improper technique of the plastic surgeon during the operation;
  • the quality of the selected implants;
  • individual;
  • the anatomical features of the breast.

What it is

Double bubble in addition to the double breast. In the first paragraph it was stated that this particular complication, so you can give sleduushee definition.

This complication, after the breast augmentation, with the use of low-quality implants, the result is formed deformation of the breast in double fold or double bubble.

Double bubble after mammoplasty refers to a surgical complication, and very rarely develops after breast surgery.

Double fold is a deformation of the breast that occurs after replacement of the breast where the implant and the bust can’t form a coherent whole and in the result, the implant acts as an extra roundness.

Features of the female breast

The mammary gland is a paired organ, which consists of glandular tissue.

The mammary gland consists of the following components:

  • glandular lobules, which are made up of fatty and connective tissues;
  • nipple – pigmentirovannoy, rough education, the color of which can have different connotations.
  • the areola – the areola, which can be of various shapes;

Mammary gland covered by smooth skin. Under the skin is the fat layer. Beneath the fatty layer is the body of the breast, which is covered with connective capsule.

In turn, the connective capsule hanging on the clavicle. The chest is on the second and third level of the ribs.

The nipple and areola are located roughly at the level of the fifth and sixth ribs. The inframammary fold to be at the level of the seventh and eighth ribs.

The body of the breast is connective sheath that is formed from the superficial fascia. Fascia is divided into two plates, which surround the gland.

From the front surface of the breast to the deep layers of the skin sent a large number of connective tissue «superovyh ligaments»which support the form and structure of the breast.

Between the rear surface of the fascia and the pectoral muscle is a layer of loose adipose tissue, which tightly covers the body of the breast.

Looks like a double bubble after mammoplasty

As already mentioned the double bubble refers to the appearance of double pleats on the chest.

Depending on the deformation of the breast she may have a different view.

But there is always the aesthetic aspect in any kind of double pleats make breast ugly, deformed and of course require surgical intervention for correction of this complication.

This complication of dependency can have the following form:

  • chest superimposed on one another;
  • the implant, which is located in the chest can act as an extra roundness;
  • the chest could look like breast implant flows down, while the nipple and areola are lowered, experts call this type of complications as the «waterfall effect».
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This complication is characterized by the deformation of the breast, after the implant is formed double crease.

The prosthesis looks like an extra roundness. It has the appearance of a forked breast or double bubble. This complication ranges from 30% of all operations for breast enlargement.

Photo: Before and after surgery


Double bubble can occur for several reasons and is associated this complication with the technique of breast augmentation surgery.

The main reason for the appearance of a double bubble after the plastic — a small, underdeveloped lower pole of the breast.

In this case, the main part of the glandular tissue located in the upper pole of the breast.

At risk patients with:

  • tubular;
  • conical;
  • or normally formed mammary gland;
  • but with a high inframammary folds.

Such a cause of emergence refers to the early appearance of double folds.

Tubular shape of the breast has an extremely narrow base and large in diameter of the areola, the inframammary fold is too high. In this form the glandular tissue is concentrated in the upper pole and has a structure of the tube.

Called conical form in which the chest in za three to four times wider than the nipple-areola complex of the breast, the shape of the breast has the form of a pyramid.

The main causes associated with the occurrences of late effect «double bubble» are:

  • lymph node fibrosis;
  • slide the gland with the implant or the effect of the «waterfall»;
  • the omission of the implant is formed is below the fold.

When lymph node fibrosis is a contraction of the capsule, is compressed prosthesis and the soft tissue of the breast up to the top, while the implant itself goes down.

What to do

To eliminate this defect required an additional surgical intervention, about which it is necessary to excise the breast tissue to spread it and form a crease in a new place.

The operation of the correction of the double bubble on the one hand very simple but on the other hand requires accuracy and careful attitude to the breast.

The complex is in this operation that spread the breast tissue should be carefully, in order to properly fix and form the submammary fold in a new place to get aesthetically beautiful result.

The main goal of the operation is to transfer the submammary fold down into the correct position. First incision of the skin releases the tissue of the pancreas, is secreted from both sides, then cut the iron.

After squaring and expanding the folds of tissue, iron is bound to the new submammary fold. As a result, the deformation is eliminated, and the inframammary folds become smooth and symmetrical.

Also when you fixed the double folds can do the following manipulation:

  1. the capsulotomy;
  2. removal of the prosthesis;
  3. the installation of a new prosthesis;
  4. lipolifting chest.

This complication can be pre complications such as capsular contracture – the formation of a thick fibrous capsule, which squeezes the implant and resulting effect of «double bubble»

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For this plastic surgeon and carries out the process of capsulotomy, isseka excess fibrotic seal around the implant.

Sometimes becomes inevitable and the process of removing the implant. This happens mainly due to the individual characteristics of the organism of the patient, for example caused by an Allergy to the material from which the prosthesis.

As a result of such an allergic reaction happens swelling of the breast tissue and with this swelling, the implant is pressed and deformed chest and it seems like a double bubble.

In this case, you need to immediately remove the implant as caused by allergic threatens not only aesthetic appearance, but also the health of the patient.

If you select an implant was selected of poor quality dentures they also need to be removed because the breast will have permanent deformation and a woman wakes to feel beautiful and confident.

Lipolifting breast is one of the most popular remedies for the elimination of double folds and even breast augmentation without the use of implants.

Carry out the same operation with transplantation of own fat tissue of the patient from places where it quite a lot.

When carrying out correction of Breasts with lipolifting in the anatomical area of the chest is introduced fat, and the specialist who conducts the procedure can adjust and create a customized breast shape in each case separately.

In order to avoid double creases needed and combination implant, or in other words the formation of a two-axis bed for him.

In this process the upper part ustanavlivaetsya implant under the pectoralis major muscle, while it is under pressure from the top down and with this arrangement, the prosthesis is in the expanded state and has a regular form that allows you to create normal lower pole of the breast.

If the prosthesis is completely under the muscle, including the lower pole, it is because of such work the lower muscle, the implant is squeezed upward, and the effect of «double bubble».

Prevention techniques Mention the methods of prevention can be divided into three stages.

In the first stage include all actions which are performed before the operation itself is relatively of breast surgery include:

  1. the choice of plastic surgeon;
  2. the completion of all necessary tests;
  3. the implementation of all recommendations of the plastic surgeon;
  4. the choice of the clinic;

The second stage is directly related to your procedure, and there should be a proper manipulation by the plastic surgeon.

These include:

  • the right balance of anesthesia;
  • the choice of location the location of the implant;
  • the correct application of the required incisions;
  • technique of sutures;

Third stage prevention of complications «double bubble» in which the whole responsibility lies on the shoulders of the patient, as it is a rehabilitation period where the patient must behave responsibly in relation to their health and aesthetic appearance of the figure.

In the rehabilitation period, you must perform the following recommendations:

  • wearing compression underwear;
  • limitation of physical activity;
  • the recommendation of the attending physician;
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Video: Correction of complications

Useful tips

Experts recommend that after the elimination of the double breast in the rehabilitation period, you must wear a compression garment for one month without removing.

Shapewear must be of a dense elastic fabric. Linen must not be present sutures hard edges.

Many doctors say that after surgery should be limited physical activity. Always check with your physician that what exactly is included in these limits.

The main limitation of physical activity can be the following:

  • high lift arms;
  • to bend;
  • abruptly to his feet;
  • to drive the car.

Also, it is important to know that after the correction and elimination of the effect of «double bubble», the old fold wakes to persist due to the presence of skin of memory, but during the week it will disappear.

If the implant has already been installed, and it does not require removal or replacement, then the rehabilitation period after the second correction wakes to flow quickly and almost painlessly.

No need to be afraid of the pain that will be present after breast surgery. Your doctor may prescribe You pain medication that will reduce pain.

You can also use various ointments or gels to accelerate the healing process, but only with the permission of a specialist.

In order to avoid double bubble after breast mammoplasty also need to be treated very carefully to the choice of implants. The implant must be made of quality materials, sleet to pay attention to the shape and filler of which consists of implant.

The correct selection of the prosthesis for future operations can prevent the risk of complications of mammoplasty and even such as the effect of «double bubble».

The problem of «double folds», remains an urgent problem always and sometimes it depends on the skills of a plastic surgeon, experience and ability to carry out plastic surgery from all over new forms of implants, which offer manufacturers.

For the past 15 years, plastic surgeons discuss the problems and complications that arise after the cosmetic surgery of the breast.

This also applies to such complications as an effect of the «double bubble» prevention and solutions.

And all patients and doctors would like to wish that such complications are avoided them, and if it does it’s a problem to have enough intuition, health and experience of women and plastic surgeons in removing such complications.