Double fold after mammoplasty — who’s to blame, what to do

Double fold after mammoplasty is one of the unwanted side effects, which occurs infrequently, but it negates the results of the operation.

This defect requires repeated surgical correction, it did not fix it.

Looks like

It is believed that the double fold after increasing the bust occurs, as a rule, women whose Breasts initially has a conical or tubular shape.

However, recent research and comparative analysis of the results showed that the defect may appear in patients with normal Breasts.

Double fold looks like a more rounded or «step» below the lower line of the chest. These bulges – shifted down implants.

Signs of defect appear after breast augmentation or after a long period of time (from six months to a year and a half).

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Why do I get

The most common reason for the formation of double-fold:

  • cropped;
  • reduced;
  • or undeveloped lower chest area.

A large part of the glandular tissue is concentrated glands on top (upper pole).

Usually so arranged conical or tubular Breasts, it can also be the specifics of well-formed glands with a high inframammary fold.

A defect often occurs due to:

  1. violations of equipment operation;
  2. inappropriate access;
  3. or the wrong implants.

Often occasions the formation of the double folds are fixed in the following situations:

  • partial combination spektralnogo pockets with access lymph node on the crease in patients with a pronounced inframammary fold and a thin skin;
  • the formation subpectoral pocket through intraarterially access with excision of excess skin;
  • create subglandular pocket through intraarterially access.

Double fold is formed when the natural inframammary fold can’t fix and because of this, they become two: natural and artificial, under the implant.

Thus, there is a «conflict» between the tissues and the implant. This is the reason for the early emergence of double folds, which appears directly after mammoplasty or after the toe swelling.

Late double pleat can be formed over time, not immediately: a few months after treatment or even years. The reasons and timing of occurrence of late double folds various.

Among the reasons for the occurrence of late double pleats distinguished:

  • lymph node fibrosis;
  • the slide of the breast with the prosthesis («waterfall effect»);
  • the omission of the implant below the whiskers.
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Most often late double fold is formed because of lymph node fibrosis. In this case there is a tightening of the capsule, it in turn compresses the implant and the soft tissue of the chest is tightened up.

The prosthesis moves down. In such a situation enough to make a capsulotomy on the existing prosthesis, or replace it if required.

The risk of complications is increased among women who have the main volume of the glandular tissue is localized in the upper pole of the glands.

For this group of patients the choice of implants must be carried out carefully. It is better to prefer the anatomical implants with high or ultra high profile.

When planning a mammoplasty, the surgeon must consider an important feature of the breast: the lymph node memorizing forms folds, as well as the risk of defect formation in the presence of sagging Breasts.

What to do when you double crease after mammoplasty

Double fold can be corrected only surgically. Secondary the operation involves excision of the skin and its smoothing. The result of the correction depends on how well-formed lymph node fold.

To correct the disadvantage of the circuit is augmented with an implant. In this case, the surgeon artificially forms the inframammary fold, and has it slightly below the natural.

From tubular and conical breast inframammary fold is too high. The lower pole of the glands is virtually absent, the glandular tissue is located on top and has a tubular structure.

When elimination of such defect need to choose the right form of the prosthesis and to adapt the prostate tissue.

The best method of correction of tubular glands – the use of sverkhvysokochastotnykh anatomical implants with a truncated base and the opening of the far Department, the tubular glands in the form of «umbrella».

In addition, at the same time eliminated the herniation of the areola with a purse-string method. Concentrated in the upper part of the glandular tissue finds a place at the top of the truncated prosthesis and placed it in the chute, forming bulges in the future.

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A similar tactic is used in the elimination of cone-shaped deformation of the chest. The only difference is that in the case of a cone there is no need to eliminate areola herniation and reduce the size of areolas.

The same approach is justified for well formed glands with reduced lower pole of the lymph node and high natural fold.

In this case, it requires only the careful selection of implants, and precise surgical separation of natural folds. In this situation, you should take into account the memory of the skin’s natural folds.

If it retains its shape even after a deep disconnection, tension is removed through the through perforation to be performed with a sharp needle.

If there is a «waterfall effect» — «runoff» of the breast relative to the prosthesis, the correction is performed in exactly the same way as in the early double crease.

Is repositioning of the breast with opening the lower border and areola peccia. If the prosthesis matches the specified parameters, its replacement is not required, otherwise it is replaced by a more suitable one.

Repeated intervention is transferred much easier and does not require long rehabilitation. Throughout the week, or slightly longer than the deformation is retained, and then gradually begins to fade.

As usual after the increase, are required to wear a compression bra.

What is dangerous

This complication is not dangerous, but the aesthetic discomfort it causes considerable.

After all, the main objective mammoplasty – improve the appearance of the breast, giving it a seductive shape.

The presence of the defect indicates that the main goal not achieved, therefore, no re-adjustment is not necessary.

How to prevent

For prevention requires a combination of the introduction of the endoprosthesis, i.e. the creation of a two-axis bed for him.

The upper region of the implant is under the «truncated» greater pectoral muscle.

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When the reduction is done in the correct pressure on the denture on top, and he is in the expanded state, maintains normal shape, thereby forming the normal lower pole of the breast.

If the prosthesis is injected under the muscle (the lower pole), because of the work of the muscles from above it is displaced upward, and there is an effect of double folds.

Using the described approaches can eliminate double crease on already operated on breast.

In this case the surgeon makes a decision with regards to the conservation of the implant (if chosen the suitable size) and adapt it with a soft cloth, or replace it.

It should be noted that the elimination of double folds – not an easy task. Usually the elimination of the defect is not carried out in a single operation, but a few small corrections after the mammoplasty. It is much easier to prevent complication.

You need to remember that the result of the operation depends not only on the skill of the plastic surgeon.

In the rehabilitation period, the woman must comply with all recommendations of the doctor:

  • to wear a compression bra;
  • take prescribed medicines;
  • to take care of the skin;
  • avoid physical exertion.

Thus, the problem of double folds after mammoplasty remains relevant to this day. It is not always depends on the category of the doctor or from new varieties and forms of prostheses.

The woman should approach the breast implants thoughtfully and carefully evaluate all possible risks and to understand whether surgery is necessary or just a temporary whim.