Drooping Breasts (mastoptosis) — what to do, why Breasts droop and how to tighten, photos, prices, operations

From a medical point of view, this process is referred to as mastoptosis, that is, in Latin, prolapse or «falling» of the breast. Next, let’s consider why droops the chest.

Due to changes in the volume of the breast, sudden weight loss, or conversely increase, the aging process in the body, the physiological processes associated with hormonal changes, age, the shape of breast changes.

All these factors affect the elasticity of your Breasts, its form, and its own weight of the breast exerts pressure on the fabric can even cause problems with circulation.

Women who have had surgery for breast enlargement, too, can suffer mastoptosis. The balance between glandular tissue and fat in the breast is important.

The ratio of these tissues plays an important role as women who have breast adipose tissue predominates over the glandular, more prone to drooping of the breast, skin stretching and loss of elasticity.

Stretching exposed and the ligament of breast. So women with large size are, accordingly, more pressure on the ligaments and skin, which worsens the situation. Besides, every woman is affected by hormones, except for pregnancy is still menstrual cycle, menopause. Even birth control pills prolapse.

In the process of feeding and during pregnancy in the body there are physiological changes that affect the Breasts and need in order to grow a healthy baby.

The child may trigger sagging, if it would be wrong to take a nipple in his mouth. Saggy after breast feeding is psychologically very suppresses many women, may be the result of self-doubt and cause complexes.

Video: breast Lift with the increase. A mastopexy.

Briefly about the structure of the breast

A bust of a woman is a pair of symmetrical body that performs the function of feeding the offspring. On top of the chest is covered with leather in the center is the nipple, surrounding areola. In the areola are the excretory ducts.

The mammary gland consists in General of fat and glandular tissue. That is the glandular tissue produces a secret – milk. This fabric is attached to the muscles of the ribs with the help of connective tissue. Shape and size vary in different women in different ways and absolutely does not affect the feeding of the child.

It is noteworthy that the saggy breast is not every woman. Approximately 7 — 15% lucky winners this event has passed. And yet despair not worth the rest. There are ways to make her Breasts again attractive, sexy and healthy!

How to return a perfect shape

So, what to do? Please note, in the first place on your body as a whole and not on the chest. Ask yourself questions like:

  • how healthy is my lifestyle?
  • don’t suffer if I’m overweight?
  • not a lot of alcohol and nicotine enters my body?
  • when was the last time I was at the gym?
  • do I keep my posture?
  • if I sunbathe without a bra and for how long?
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Such moments can indirectly affect the process of ptosis of the breast. Next, we turn to a specialist mammologist, assess the degree of sagging of the breast and check whether you have any accompanying diseases that could possibly be one of the causes of mastoptosis.

Video: breast Lift and breast augmentation. Breast implants. A mastopexy.

How to tighten up saggy Breasts?

Methods of breast lift


There is a specially crafted underwear. Thanks to its construction you can avoid the load on your chest, and even shoulders, back. And in the future to preserve and give a beautiful shape. There is a test to see how well your bra supports.

Stand in front of a mirror and simply smile widely to yourself. If the skin of the neck is tightened, the chest rises — then all is fine.


Huge range of masks, creams, serums help to stimulate mammary tissue, improve skin elasticity, improve physical shape. Here is an example of multiple masks for use in the home.

Mask of cottage cheese and olive for breast lift

You will need a couple of tablespoons of honey, cheese, olive oil and aloe Vera. All of this should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the décolleté and neck for half an hour, covering with foil and a towel. This mask is quite effective and can be used daily.

Mask of blue clay

This mask can be used 2 times a week is enough for a visible result. Take calendula flowers, separete them in boiling water, then one sachet of clay mixed with this solution and splash a few drops of essential oil of myrrh. Leave the mixture on the chest to complete drying. And rinse with warm water.

Cabbage mask

A few leaves of cabbage finely chop, place in a container, drip 7-10 drops of castor oil. Spread the mixture until smooth and lubricate the skin of the breast, except the nipples. Soak for 10-15 minutes and then wipe any excess with a damp cloth.

The mask of oats with honey

Pour hot water 5 spoons of oatmeal, leave the mixture for ten minutes to form a slurry. Next, add 3 tablespoons of honey and mix well. Apply the mask for the decollete for 20 — 25 minutes. Rinse with cold water.


Spa salons offer services lifting or massage. Massage can be performed independently at home. It is very easy. It can be done with a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. You can also use hard sponge or brush. Blood circulation improves, nerve endings are stimulated, the local metabolism is improved, and accordingly improved your chest.


Exercises for saggy Breasts effectively contribute to the maintenance of the shape of the breast and her tummy. The exercises are quite diverse. Here are the basic and most simple to strengthen the pectoral muscles.

  1. Get on your knees, hands lean on something, about the sofa ( or it can be wall) and in this position datalimits chest until it stops. Now complicate the exercise, begin to push UPS on the floor.
  2. Lie on the floor, fold arms and now not having to take your hands raise your chest up, hold as long as possible. Start with 5 approaches. Do the exercise slowly.
  3. Squeeze with hands to each other in front of you and tighten your muscles with all his strength , squeezing them.
  4. Sdelayte the same thing, but keep your hands above your head.
  5. Vstante on tiptoes and stretch arms up alternately as if grabbing something.
  6. Take in each hand on the book, hands at sides palms up and try to hold it up books as long as possible.
  7. Straighten to his full height, legs spread apart to width of pelvis, bend your elbows and touch your fingertips to the shoulder, tentatively with the force squeezing the chest muscles. And now, rotate hands in a circle.
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Video: Exercises for breast

If you have dumbbells, they are ideal for the following exercises:

Exercises with dumbbells for saggy Breasts


Imitating the motion of a swimmer in the river start waving the hands first forward, then back.

«The cross»

Get down on your back, grab a dumbbell and cross your hands in front of him alternating between right and left.

«Vertical cross»

A similar exercise for the 2nd, but is performed while standing and hand in elbows do not bend. The hands are parallel to the floor.

Below are photos of women with saggy Breasts

Unfortunately, exercise can’t always help to change the situation, since most chest muscle fibers no. It is, as mentioned above, consists mainly of fat and glandular tissue. In varying degrees, the mastoptosis inevitable for women, and focusing only on exercise — result may not be.

Plastic surgery

One of the most effective and radical method is surgical. It is called mastopexy and is widely used in plastic surgery. The operation depends on the degree of sagging of the breast. The best results are in the first degree. And all four of them. They are determined by the position of the nipple and the crease under the breast. To mastoptosis first degree include cases where the nipple is above the General fabric and above the crease. Women with nipples «looks» to the floor have mastoptosis third degree or last degree of ptosis.

Treatment of mastoptosis

Any of the above methods will help you to restore breast shape and return aesthetic appeal, but it should be noted among them is the method of surgical correction as the most effective.

Mastopexy cope with any degree of sagging. In addition, this operation is often combined with augmentation of the breast.

Postoperative scars after braces are virtually undetectable, particularly if for cosmetic polishing.

In General, surgeons use three types of surgical intervention, although in fact they are more than twenty:

  1. Surgery where the scar is located near the areola of the nipple. The incision is performed near the top of the areola, remove the excess pieces of skin if necessary. Thus, the nipple can shift by 2-3 cm
  2. Surgery, where the scar will be in the form of a «tennis racket». During this surgery, an incision takes place in a circle, which allows the use of implants for breast augmentation. Suitable for women whose chest is stretched cone. Can remain the scar, he soon heals, thread for stitches dissolved by themselves and the traces remain visible. This technique will help to reduce the chest. Considered to be complicated.
  3. The scar resembles a «anchor».
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Here we need a vertical and horizontal incision for breast lift third or fourth degree prolapse. The vertical incision extends from the top without touching the nipple down to the inframammary fold at the center.

Minus remains after such an operation is the number of stitches. They are much more than in the previous year. Mastopexy is performed under General anesthesia, the surgery itself takes no more than three hours, but require advance preparation.

The patient must be in good physical shape and psychologically located.

The final result after surgery can be assessed after a year or two.

For the first time in the postoperative period should be under a doctor’s supervision. A prerequisite is a special restraint lingerie for breast or bandage.

Should watch their weight, avoiding sudden changes in this hormonal balance. Better to do mastopexy after the last delivery, otherwise the new one will erase all your efforts.

The price of such an operation are in the range of 5040 to 450000 rubles on average in Moscow, depending on your choice of clinic, the degree of complexity of the operation, conditions of the postoperative period.

Imenovanie procedures Prices in rubles

1000 RUB.

Breast enlargement (implant view) 148 500 — 193 500 RUB
Mastopexy 148 500 — 175 500 RUB
Reduction halo 76 500 rubles.

The before and after photos