Dry body skin care what to do at home, why

Why is this happening

Causes excessive dryness of the body (xerodermia) a few:

  1. sun exposure: it is the intense radiation from the sun dehydrates and, as a result, dry skin. If you are not protected in the summer from the sun special creams long time I’m on the beach and exposed to intense solar radiation, the result, as a rule, are dry skin of the face and body. Intense temperatures also provokes dryness of the skin;
  2. the use of aggressive hygiene products: Soaps, shower gels, liquid Soaps, shampoos. The vast majority of these products contain sulfates, which removes the protective film from the skin, thereby irritating it and causing dryness;
  3. the use of cosmetics containing alcohol: a Misto and lotions for body and alcohol;
  4. remedies containing peppermint, menthol and eucalyptus, and citrus essential oil. If the dermis is prone to dryness, not necessarily to exclude these funds from use, only need to treat them with caution;
  5. the use of rough scrubs will also irritate and dry the skin;
  6. tools to moisturize the skin, under certain conditions dried. For example, creams with glycerin, petrolatum, hyaluronic acid in dry areas in the cold season, with a dry climate and low humidity (below 65-70%), rather than the impact of moisture from the environment into the skin, are the exact opposite, pulling the moisture from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface and into the environment;
  7. the lack of water and food with fatty acids in the diet affects the beauty of skin. You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, eat walnuts and salmon – then with the receipt in your body fatty acids and water-lipid balance of the skin will be all right;
  8. uncontrolled use of laxatives and diuretics can also cause dry skin;
  9. dishwashing detergent, washing powders and other household chemicals and bad water in swimming pools and tap. Also, your skin may become dry after a swim – just a good rinse with sea salt ;
  10. if you excessively drink coffee, smoke, often abuse alcohol, your skin under the influence of these factors can become dry.

Also dry skin has been observed in severe diseases:

  • chronic kidney disease,
  • hepatitis,
  • cirrhosis,
  • the Oncology pathologies
  • diseases of the skin.
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In old age the skin dryness is a constant companion. There is still a genetic predisposition to dry skin, which is observed in svetlovolosogo and fair-skinned people.

When to consult a doctor

If dry skin is itchy, you constantly feel discomfort, pain, cracks – have to visit a dermatologist.

He will collect the anamnesis, will determine what doctors you need to visit.

Because these symptoms can be indicative of not only cosmetic problem but also a factor for serious faults or abnormalities in the body.

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The role of water

About 20% of the water in the entire human body is contained in the skin. Water defines both mechanical and physiological properties of the dermis, providing the skin.

From the usefulness of the water balance depends on the youth and health of the skin. Well hydrated skin is always soft, elastic, fresh and smooth.

If the dermis is dehydrated under the influence of external and internal factors, it reduces the protective resources of the skin, which becomes dry and sensitive, cracks.

To prevent dehydration, the skin required components that directly affect the process of regulation of water balance.

Rules for the care of dry body skin

There are rules that will help restore and maintain optimal water balance:

  1. frequent washing is your enemy, dry skin will be quite an evening cleansing milk and essential use a moisturizer.
  2. eliminate soap and other alkaline substances. You must use a special cleanser intended for dry skin. Cosmetics for dry skin should not contain alcohol, as it strongly enhance the existing xerodermia skin.
  3. morning and evening is very useful to wipe the face a cube of frozen mineral water or herbal infusion. This procedure optimizes the flow of blood in the skin, increases muscle tone, skin fresher, firmer.
  4. you need to drink up to 2 liters per day of clean water, better still.
  5. very positive on the skin affected by regular physical activity. The lack of movement slows circulation, reducing muscle tone, the skin becomes dry, dull and flabby.
  6. several times a week, pamper your skin with a moisturizing mask that you can prepare at home and also to buy in store or pharmacy.
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Preparations against dry skin needs to be assigned and applied after determining such factors as:

  1. the degree of dryness of the skin of the patient,
  2. health safety,
  3. hypoallergenic,
  4. as well as the individual tolerance of the tool.

Thus it is necessary to consider that with age the skin condition is changing under the influence of hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause, problems with the prostate gland in men).

You must consider the time of year: in winter more oily skin in the summer and – tools with a light texture.

If dry skin is not only tightened, but also there is severe itching, scratching, cracks, gets a more thorough treatment:

  • the creams should be high in content of natural medicinal ingredients: selenium, zinc, tar, salicylic or lactic acid, urea;
  • have to do baths and baths with sea salts, herbal decoctions of plantain, chamomile, yarrow, oak bark, willow bark, birch buds, burdock root. Sea baths saturate the skin with iodine, potassium, zinc, and herbal — help to normalize metabolism.

What to do at home

For the treatment and prevention of dry skin the body can home mask:

  1. mayonnaise mask (not store-bought mayonnaise, do not worry). To prepare homemade mayonnaise: take 2 egg yolks eggs, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil (preferably olive) and whisk to a smooth consistency, apply to body 30 minutes;
  2. take 25 grams of fat cottage cheese, a tablespoon of sour cream, two teaspoons of cream, two teaspoons of milk, mix, apply on the skin for 15 minutes, rinse;
  3. very useful for dry dermis stimulation massages with vegetable oils: coconut, olive, apricot, peach. You need to massage the skin until complete absorption of the oils.
  4. with a certain amount of caution, you need to do exfoliation. Peeling should not be very hard, making procedure, no need to press, the movements should be delicate and smooth. Good to do peeling of a mixture of 5 berries strawberries and 2 tablespoons of cream (fat) or milk: fresh strawberries and mash in a bowl, add the milk, apply this paste on the skin for 10 minutes.
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Do you need vitamin complex

There is now quite a large selection of tools that improve skin condition:

  1. the drug Aevitum. This tool is inexpensive and effective, is very popular, it contains optimum amounts of vitamins a and E;
  2. dry skin can be treated and with the help of complex drug Attributed that contains a lot of vitamins which in small amounts are present in food;
  3. good vitamins is the drug of ravivora that moisturizes the skin and makes it more elastic.


If you constantly monitor and take care of skin, it is possible that you will never face the problem of xerodermia skin.

Prevention will necessarily result:

  1. after a bath or shower, and any water treatment is necessary to lubricate body moisturizing cream;
  2. pay attention to the material from which sewed clothes and shoes: it is desirable that it was a simple, natural fabrics that allow air to pass through;

  3. before a long stay in the sun be sure to use sunscreen;
  4. lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke, eat a balanced;
  5. sauna is useful for dry skin, but not every Finnish not healthy Russian bath is very useful;
  6. do not tighten the visit to the doctor, if the problem of dry skin gives you a lot of discomfort. So you are warned of the serious diseases that may threaten your life and not just beauty.

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