Dry scalp — causes, treatment, what to do, shampoo, mask

Dry scalp is a fairly common problem, especially in winter. In addition to the appearance of dandruff, itching, discomfort, excessive dryness of the skin can lead to poor hair condition and hair loss.


Excessive dryness of the scalp can cause the following factors:

  • an improper diet. Eating meals of fast food, fatty and fried foods, lack in the diet vegetables and fruits;
  • harmful habits such as Smoking, drinking alcohol or large quantities of coffee;
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of exposure to fresh air;
  • refusal to wear headgear in the cold season or summer, on hot Sunny days. The differential temperature can cause increased dryness of the skin;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal changes during pregnancy, gynecological and endocrine diseases, menopause;
  • the use of properly selected cosmetic products for hair care. They may not be suitable for hair type or contain a large amount of lauryl sodium sulfate;
  • frequent use of hair dryers, hair iron or Curling iron;
  • frequent hair coloring or radical change of their color;
  • chronic diseases of the digestive system;
  • genetic disposition;
  • food allergies;
  • fungal disease;
  • chronic stress;
  • a variety of dermatological diseases (psoriasis and ringworm).

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What is seborrhea

Dry seborrhea is a violation of sebum associated with a change in the secretory function of glands and chemical composition of the secretion which they emit.

The main role in its development played by fungi of the genus Putyrosporum, parasitic on the skin and contributing to the development of the disease.

Also, the cause of the disease can be a change in the consistency of the content of the sebaceous glands, it becomes more viscous, resulting in his selection violated. The disease affects people of any age.

The main signs of the disease:

  • scalp (in some cases the face, upper chest and neck) becomes dry and rough;
  • on the surface there are small cracks;
  • the result is detachment of the skin appears small, like dust, dandruff, white, silvery or yellowish color;
  • the skin of the scalp covered by reddish-pink patches;
  • the hair becomes thin and brittle;
  • after shampooing there is a strong itching.

What to do

If the scalp is too dry, dandruff and itching, you can try to get rid of this follow these rules:

  • to change beauty products for hair care. When buying pay special attention to their composition;
  • start to eat right;
  • it is necessary to limit the impact of high temperatures on hair. Water for shampooing should be warm (not hot), with the use of the Hairdryer and flat irons should be abandoned;
  • lightly daily to massage the skin, to improve blood circulation.
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The elimination of the causes

In order to get rid of the problem, you first need to fix the reason why scalp was too dry. If it is a chronic disease of the digestive system or hormonal changes, in this case, you need to visit a doctor.


The most common cause of dry seborrhea becomes a fungus, for the treatment which is used:

  • vitamin complexes: Aevit, Neurobeks, nicotinic and ascorbic acid, Biotin;
  • tools for external use: sulfur ointment 10%;
  • antifungals: Ketoconazole, fluconazole, Spargel. Antifungal tablets are in case other treatments do not give the necessary results.


Effective shampoos for dry scalp:

  • antifungal: Dermazol, Nizoral, too bad, Keto plus. They are used in the case that the reason for dry scalp becomes a fungus. On wet hair, applied a small amount, massage into a rich lather and leave for five minutes, then wash off with warm water. For treatment, you may need 3 to 5 such applications;
  • on the basis of birch tar, Alopex, tar shampoo. Tools allow you to fight dry skin, fungus and other pathogenic microorganisms. They are used for washing the hair 2 – 3 times a week;
  • emollients: èmolium, Oilatum. A moisturizer that retain moisture on the skin surface.

Recipes masks for dry scalp


Method of application


The roots of parsley 50 g.

Refined vegetable oil 250 ml.

Chopped raw material is poured with oil and heated in a water bath for half an hour. After cooling is filtered, poured into a glass jar and store in a cool place. A small amount of oil slightly warmed and rubbed into the hair roots for an hour before washing. A head covered with plastic and wear a headscarf. Wash off with warm water and shampoo. Use 3 times a week. The course of treatment is 15 procedures.

Mask actively moisturizes the skin, helps to normalize the sebaceous glands. Has a slight anti-inflammatory effect, helps to get rid of dry dandruff.

Baking soda 5 g

Water 1 liter.

Soda dissolved in warm water and used for rinsing hair after shampooing, gently massaging into the roots. Apply twice a week. For the treatment need 5 treatments.

Used to combat fungal skin lesions of the scalp.

Olive oil 450 ml.

Sea buckthorn oil 50 ml.

Oil mixed, the tool is slightly warmed and rubbed into the hair roots for half an hour before shampooing. Apply twice a week for two months.

The tool normalizes the sebaceous glands, has anti-inflammatory effects, reduces itching and dryness of the skin.

Burdock root

Alcohol 96%

Thoroughly washed and chopped burdock root, passed through a meat grinder and by using gauze squeeze juice (you can use juicer). In ready means alcohol is added in a ratio of 8:1, it is used as a preservative. Juice of burdock root applied to the hair for half an hour before each shampooing. Used for 2 months.

Moisturizes the skin, nourishes the hair roots, accelerate their growth, effectively fights seborrhea.

Burdock root 50 g.

Refined sunflower oil 250 ml.

Burdock root chop, pour oil and simmer in a water bath for at least an hour. Once cooled, strain. Apply to dry hair, thoroughly rubbing into the roots, cover it with a shower cap and wrap with a towel. Leave for an hour, then rinse with warm water. Apply once a week.

Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp, helps eliminate dandruff and improves the appearance and growth of hair.

Chamomile flowers 50 g

Calendula flowers 50 g

Nettle leaves 50 g.

The dry raw material is put into a linen bag, tightly knotted and pour three liters of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled to a comfortable temperature it is used for rinsing hair after washing. The tool does not wash off. Used three times a week.

Improves the condition of hair and skin, relieves irritation and soothes inflammation. Fights dandruff and improves hair growth.

50 ml of Flaxseed oil

2 drops of geranium oil

2 drops of tea tree oil.

The medium is mixed and applied to the hair, thoroughly rubbing into the roots. Top wrap a towel and leave for forty minutes.

The mask retains moisture, fights pathogenic microorganisms, including fungus.Improves hair growth.

Sea buckthorn oil 25 ml.

Castor oil 25 ml.

Rose hip oil 25 ml.

The mixture is rubbed into the hair roots for half an hour before shampooing, the hair is then knotted handkerchief.

The mask helps to moisturize the skin, heals minor cracks, improve the growth and condition of hair.

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Tips beautician

  • means for care of hair, such as shampoo, conditioner and a mask it is better to choose one series, so they complement each other;
  • should pay attention professional cosmetics, which is created to restore hair and skin;
  • effect is given a good moisturizing conditioners for hair. People with dry skin, you can add a drop of burdock oil;

  • when using oil masks need to minimize the use of styling tools, otherwise the treatment effect will be insufficient;
  • apply oil on the scalp very carefully, separating strands of hair and trying to hit on them in minimum quantity.


  • it must be remembered that the air conditioners, domestic appliances, heating systems dry out the air, which in turn deprives your skin of moisture. In order to prevent this you have to open the window and use a moisturizers;
  • direct sunlight is also affect the scalp, especially in combination with salt water, so during the holidays need to wear a hat or a scarf;

  • in order to maintain the skin supple and provide it with sufficient amount of moisture is necessary to follow a proper diet. The diet should include raw fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins A, E, D and essential fatty acids;
  • it is impossible to prevent dehydration, to do this, especially in the warmer time of year you need to use at least one and a half liters of fluid.

If, despite all efforts, the scalp remains dry, the amount of dandruff increases, there are pustules and crusts, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or trichologist.

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