Dry skin around eyes — what causes itchy at home

Dry the top layer of skin (the epidermis) is most often caused by moisture deficit. Cellular metabolism is slowing down, the formation of skin creases – wrinkles. Additional symptoms in the form of itching, redness, swelling – a reason to go to the doctor. It is important to preserve the beauty and prevent complications of the disease.


Dry skin in the eye area is a serious problem. Not only that it is ugly, unpleasant, and often painful.

Dry skin that is easily injured, may cause the development of infectious diseases in the tissues .

Finally, a serious psychological discomfort, women delivers the inability to use cosmetics.

The problem is that the skin around the eyes is very thin and almost devoid of subcutaneous fat. This area has no sebaceous glands and muscles, and collagen fibers, forming a resilient frame, located far from each other. As a result, the skin quickly loses its elasticity and we begin to get older with age.

Causes of dry skin around eyes different:

  • the shortage of water in the body;
  • poor quality or not suitable for your skin type cosmetic;
  • violation of the rules of skin care age;
  • allergic reactions;
  • the lack of sleep and etc.

This is the most common causes for the drying of the epidermis that are not associated with any disease. Consequently, man himself is able to rectify the situation.

If dry skin is caused by:

  1. skin,
  2. inflammatory,
  3. infectious,
  4. ophthalmic,
  5. endocrine and other diseases.

In this case, correct diagnosis and adequate treatment to appoint only the doctor.

Lack of water

Yes, the simple lack of water can have very unhealthy consequences for the human body. No joke: at night a person physiologically lose half a liter of water through breathing, sweating, sustain.

Scientists have calculated that to maintain the normal functioning of cells per kilogram of weight per day should drink 30 ml of water, and this is from a half to 2.5 ml.

If this happens, the skin dramatically loses its elasticity, dries out, and especially in the eye area.

Not the right cosmetics

Delicate skin around the eyes is demanding and requires special care. If after the application of wrong cosmetics, it became dry, sensitive, painful, urgent need to change body and decorative.

The fact that the area around the eyes there is a special cosmetics. The creams, mousses, gels for the eyelids differs from the composition means for care of face, neck, decollete.

Not by chance in each of the line’s skin care there are three basic creams: day, night, for a century. They have different composition and different concentration of active substances.

What you need to pay attention:

  • lanolin in cosmetics often causes dryness of the dermis;
  • thick cosmetics can cause not only swelling but the dryness. For the century preferred light gel creams;
  • it is important that the level of PH in cosmetics were neutral
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The skin may not be suitable for not only the cream, but the cleanser. If after using the gel, cream, cosmetic soap the skin around the eyes is pulled off, it is dry, this tool is not suitable, you can not use it.

Not proper care

The skin of the eyelids is important to care properly, otherwise it will become dry and get old quickly. The basic rule is to provide regular moisture. If not, the negative processes will start very quickly. The older a woman is, the more careful should be the care.

What mistakes often make dry skin around the eyes:

  • don’t moisturize it with special creams;
  • ignoring the need for consistent daily care;
  • do not wash off makeup at night;
  • incorrectly applied the cream on the eyelids;
  • using creams that are not suitable by age.

The sooner the skin care age, the better. No need to wait until age dryness: moisturize the dermis need after full maturation of the skin, which occurs after 20 years.

Daily care should include three stages:

  1. cleansing
  2. toning,
  3. the eye cream.

Great harm to the skin causes the misuse of anti-aging cosmetics. Before the age of 30 do not buy creams labeled «anti-age», so as not to harm the skin and cause dryness.


A common cause of dryness of the eyelids – an allergic reaction. The lead, of course, allergic to cosmetics. However, do not think that is the only reason.

A list of potentially dangerous substances and products that may cause adverse skin reaction around the eyes are:

  • funds care and decorative cosmetics;
  • foods with high allergenicity (chocolate, nuts, citrus, honey, cocoa, eggs, some fish, etc.);
  • household chemicals;
  • the fur and dander of Pets;
  • drugs and vitamin preparations;
  • flowering plants, including room;
  • tap water.

It is not always possible to trace exactly which allergen caused the dryness of the skin. However, this is extremely important so as to get rid of the problem without knowing its causes, it is impossible.


Scientists have proven that lack of sleep leads to accelerated aging of the skin. Dry the area around the eyes, loss of elasticity, dull and rough skin, wrinkles – all these are consequences of defective night’s rest.

In addition, to trigger dryness of the eyelids can the wrong organization of sleep. If the room is stuffy, stale air, the pillow is too high, and the pillowcase is stale, the danger of excessive drying of the skin increases significantly.

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Talking about itching in this area

If the skin around the eyes not only dry, but itchy, we can assume several reasons:

  • severe allergic reaction;
  • severe conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye);
  • hypovitaminosis (deficiency of essential for the body of vitamins);
  • digestive disorders.

In the first two cases in urgent need of help and the correct treatment plan. The fact that the dryness and itching of the eyelids can lead to secondary infections. Sometimes a person has dry skin around the eyes and it itches so much that you involuntarily, for example, in a dream, rascist, to injure the eyelids.

If we are talking about conjunctivitis, it will aggravate the disease, will spread the infection to the tissues.

To treat the disease should only be a doctor, and to access it you need as quickly as possible. If tightening, the skin becomes very dry, starts to peel off.

What to do for dry skin around eyes

If dry skin is caused by allergies or infection need to be treated by the appointed doctor scheme:

  • to relieve allergic itching, the doctor will recommend an antihistamine taking into account the type of allergen, eye drops and a soothing cream. Depending on the severity of it can be a hormonal agent;
  • if dryness is a consequence of conjunctivitis, you will be assigned medications in the form of ointments, antibacterial drops, antiseptic solutions.

Additionally, you can use the decoction of soothing anti-inflammatory herb. It can be chamomile, calendula, series, mint. They need to do compresses, herbal tonics, apply to the eyelids in the form of lotions or wipe the skin with a cotton pad.

When dryness around the eyes, caused by improper care, should be replaced by creams, lotions, tonics. Additionally, to provide Express assistance to parched skin, you can apply patches and mask based on hyaluronic acid or collagen. They instantly hydrate the skin, smooth out wrinkles, increase skin elasticity.

What to do at home

If access to a doctor is not necessary (dryness around the eyes is not infectious inflammatory) to help your skin can be your own. What you can do at home? Important – to ensure proper hydration.

With this purpose, use a homemade mask:

  1. with honey and vegetable oil taken in equal quantities;
  2. with cream and a puree of fresh peaches;
  3. from a mixture of peach oil (teaspoon) and oils of wheat germ and grape seed (5 drops of each oil);
  4. of grated or sliced into slices of the pulp of fresh cucumber;
  5. mixture of cucumber puree and crushed leaf parsley.

Excellent moisturizing and tonic has the juice home aloe, plant-healer. You need to cut the sheet on the day you put it on the refrigerator door, then squeeze the juice and lubricate dry skin around the eyes. The same effect has a pharmacy drug aloe.

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Useful tips

In order to avoid dry skin around the eyes, don’t need to do anything complex. However, it is important to adhere to certain rules.

Recommendations for prevention of dryness of the dermis near the eyes the following:

  • to observe the drinking regime, drinking daily at least half a liter of clean drinking water;
  • to use high quality, matched by age cosmetics. Avoid creams and gels with strong fragrance and dyes, switch to a light moisturizer;
  • if the dryness caused by allergies, choose not only hypoallergenic makeup, but also is a hypoallergenic diet, eliminating all potentially dangerous products;
  • daily care for the skin of the eyelid, carefully to wash off makeup before bedtime.

In some cases, dry skin is caused by lack of vitamins A, C, and d, E. In this case, the physician must buy vitamin and mineral complex, well balanced composition, and to drink away his course for the shortfall of nutrients.

It is also important to protect the skin from aggressive environmental influences, not only from the wind, rain, cold, but also from ultraviolet radiation. People prone to dryness of the skin around the eyes should always wear sunglasses.

The skin after 35 years it is possible to prophylactically fed with grape seed oil. This tool, unlike heavy, greasy creams does not harm the eyelids, does not cause swelling and dryness. In addition, the preference of care must be given to tools that stimulate the production of collagen and contain hyaluronic acid.

Providing skin, near eyes proper care, maintaining water balance, by normalizing food and a night’s sleep, you can cope with the problem of dryness, to preserve the beauty and restore health.

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