Dry skin in winter — what to do, cream, hands, mask, care

Dry skin dermatology has called xerodermia. She needs more care and hydration. About how to return to normal epidermis condition and what it needs to do and will tell this article.


Dry skin in winter may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Hormonal or physiological changes in the body, which are displayed through the development of dry skin.
  2. Do not sufficient fluid intake, causing the body’s lack of moisture. Cells in this case not receive the necessary moisture that affects the skin condition.
  3. Bad habits – Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages negatively affect the body systems, including the condition of the epidermis.
  4. In women dry skin in winter may be associated with menopause. In this condition the problem can be solved only by drug therapy.
  5. Not correct or not sufficiently rigorous skin care. For example, is not sufficient hydration in people with sensitive epidermis in a week can lead to skin dryness.
  6. The use of soap and hand washing, which will Assosiate the skin. Especially harmful to use soap, an aggressive alkaline, which will affect the early aging of the skin.

  7. The effect of cold on unprotected skin can lead not only to dryness but also to flaking, irritation and redness. In more severe cases, the skin may experience spider veins.
  8. Aging of the skin, which is accompanied by a decrease in the sebum and as a consequence dryness.
  9. The use of poor quality cosmetics or the use of funds, shelf life of which has expired. In this case, in addition to dry a person can watch themselves allergic reactions, manifested as rash, itching, redness, etc. In this condition should be consult a dermatologist.
  10. The use of cosmetics, which escusive the skin. Such are Foundation and powder. In General, beauticians do not recommend frequent use of such cosmetics. Instead, it is better to put on a regular sunscreen.
  11. A poorly balanced diet in which a person is not getting enough vitamin and minerals. Particularly clearly, a deficiency of vitamin observed in winter and spring. At the same time suffer not only skin but also nails, hair, eyesight and General wellbeing.
  12. Affect the dryness of skin are some diseases of the digestive system and diabetes. In this case, the problem is solved only by addressing the root causes of disease.
  13. Frequent practice of scrubs and peels injure the skin, causing it can dry out.
  14. Washing with hot or chlorinated water.

What to do

If you encounter problems of dry skin should follow these tips:

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  1. Drink more fluids to maintain normal water balance in the body. For a good account on the day you need to drink at least two liters of pure water.
  2. Revise your diet and enrich it with vitamins and other useful substances. Thus, in the menu, add more greens, fruits and vegetables. It is also helpful to eat dairy products, dried fruits, nuts and meat. You can drink juices. After a month of this diet, you will see a noticeable improvement in the body.
  3. Give up bad habits (Smoking, alcohol). This will not only improve skin condition, and also minimizes the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.
  4. If the problem of dry skin caused the disease, then you need to get a complete diagnosis and start treatment. In this case you should address to several specialists — a neurologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist.
  5. It is important to install a humidifier in the room so that the skin is not so dry.

  6. Should abandon the frequent use of «heavy» makeup, as well as to exclude the use of substandard cosmetics.

Rules winter care for dry skin

Treatment for dry skin in winter provides is:

  1. The use of moisturizing creams.
  2. The application of nourishing masks.
  3. The use of protective creams.
  4. The use of essential oils.

Care for very dry skin regularly and to its maximum hydration. This requires the use of several different types of cosmetics – creams, gels, mousses, scrubs.

It is important not to dry your skin after washing your face, and just gently blot with a towel so that the epidermis remains wet.


Skin moisturizing creams is a mandatory step maintenance. This is especially true of dry skin, which needs regular moisture the most.

The composition of these creams should include vitamins, fats and other nutrients. In the winter it is necessary to use more fatty creams and in the summer light.

It is also worth noting that with age the sebaceous glands is changing, respectively, and the moisturizing cream will not be superfluous to change in order to maintain the normal condition of the epidermis.

In the winter time moisturizer for face and body can be enriched with essential oils.


The best masks for dry skin are:

  1. A honey mask. Mix equal amounts of honey and olive oil. Apply to the skin evenly. Wait ten minutes and carefully wash off the mask with clean water.
  2. Mix half a Cup of milk and the same amount of mineral water. Wipe face with this mixture, then wash with water.
  3. Mix avocado and banana. Add some cream and apply the mixture on dry skin. Leave on for twenty minutes, then rinse with water. You can also use this mask for body after taking a shower.
  4. Application of aloe juice and yogurt on dry skin.
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Popular recipes

The best popular recipes from dry skin are:

  1. Soak paper towel in milk and apply it to dry skin. The same can be done with yogurt. After ten minutes remove the towel and moisten the skin.
  2. RUB the skin with aloe juice, which is necessary to moisten a cotton disk. Repeat the procedure daily for two weeks. After that, the skin will become softer and get enough vitamins.
  3. A great remedy is beeswax. It should melt in a water bath and mix with olive oil and aloe Vera. Ready means to wipe the skin in the problem areas.
  4. Very well help oil. They nourish the skin, saturate it with vitamins and other useful substances. For this purpose you can use oil of apricot pits, almond and peach oil. Also for the face you can apply the jojoba oil.

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What not to do when skin feels dry

In order not to aggravate the situation, when skin feels dry not to do this:

  1. You cannot take a bath with ordinary soap, as this will worsen the skin condition.
  2. Don’t visit the sauna and take a hot shower.
  3. It is prohibited to use a basic hydrating cream based on hyaluronic acid in less than half an hour before going cold. The same applies to the use of creams, water-based.
  4. It is not necessary to use greasy baby cream, despite the view that they are useful. In fact, these creams are only good for baby skin. For an adult they are harmful, because they disturb skin respiration, that leads to clogged pores and inflammation.
  5. People with dry skin it is not desirable to use the pool, as they chlorinated water.
  6. Do not use scrubs to cleanse the skin, as they really hurt.

Helping hands

Hand, as we know, is that part of your body on which you pay close attention when meeting. They should always be in perfect condition.

The problem of dry hands in winter is very common, and to help to resolve it, you can do massage for the hands using oils. Great help in this flax and almond oil.

Well «work» paraffin bath and the application of balms for the hands.

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We should also speak about the importance of using protective creams for the hands in winter, and wearing warm mittens, which will save the delicate skin of the hands from freezing and redness.

When to consult a doctor

To go to the doctor at the first signs of dry skin, because people will not be able to identify the root cause of the disease.

Moreover, if the dryness caused the disease, the earlier they start treatment, the better for the person.

In addition, in no event it is impossible to postpone the visit to the doctor when dry skin started to have sores, redness or itching. This is a dangerous signs of allergic reaction, which should be addressed by medication.

Useful tips

The problem of dry skin it is important to use the following tips:

  1. The composition of means on care of a skin should include oils, waxes, fats or glycerin. It will provide a normal level of moisture.
  2. For dry skin you should wear cotton clothing that will not dry up the epidermis.
  3. When choosing cosmetics it’s important to pay attention not only on their composition but also on packaging and shelf life. If you doubt the quality of a product, it is better not to buy.

The same applies to the consistency of cream. She should be monotonous, without the presence of lumps or streaks. Otherwise, this will point to the poor quality of the product.

  1. Dry skin can react to beauty mask and other means, so it is important to individually choose for themselves what best suited him.

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