Dry skin on fingers crack, the reasons

Today on the skin to have frequent negative impact, because of improper care, household chemicals and even the cold air can negatively affect the epidermis in this area. That provokes dryness and how to treat it and will tell in this article.


Most often the dry skin of the fingers develops for the following reasons:

  • Aggressive influence of liquids household chemicals. With regular open contact of the fingers (without use of protective gloves) with soap powders, the receiving means for dishes, etc., the skin quickly gets dry and loses its elasticity. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of cracks in the areas of greatest skin tension.

Even more dangerous is considered hand washing with the use of low-quality soap and the washing tub or toilet chlorine-containing means. This is a real torture for the delicate and sensitive skin of the fingers.

Moreover, some people have to such events easily can develop a severe allergic reaction, not to mention the serious harm to the health of the whole organism.

  • Not the right measures to care for your hands. At the same time, lead to the drying of the epidermis may not sufficiently hydrated skin that is in contact with cold wind or contact with cold water can peresushivaya and to cover the cracks.
  • The use of certain cosmetic products that do not fit the person and cause skin dryness. In this case, a pathological lack of moisture is regarded as one of the forms of allergic reactions.
  • Contact dermatitis may develop after hand contact with acids, glue, varnish, paint and other chemical allergens. Thus there are two forms of this disease: acute and chronic. The acute form occurs and develops quickly, while chronic lasts long time, with frequent exacerbations.
  • Fungal infection of the skin of the fingers. These diseases occur due to a sharp decline in immunity (with antibiotics). In this state, will be affected not only fingers, but also the folds between the fingers. In addition to the strong dryness, fungal infection can cause itching, white patches, thickening of the skin and redness.
  • Eczema is a dangerous disease that can affect the skin on the fingers, especially the fingertips.
  • Diabetes can seriously impair blood circulation in the body, and the power of the hands in particular, which leads to dryness of the skin.
  • Sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the condition of skin, especially exposure to cold and dry climate.
  • Frequent contact with water. Despite the fact that, seemingly, the water will moisturize the skin, it is actually exactly the opposite — the water will dry up your epidermis and do its protective fatty layer.
  • The use of cosmetics on skin care products, the shelf life of which has expired. Also cause dryness can and just low-quality products.
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Additional factors affecting the dry skin hands are:

  1. A weakened immune system.
  2. A vitamin deficiency resulting from poor diet. Especially often it is observed in spring and autumn.
  3. Congenital dryness and genetic susceptibility to this condition.
  4. Psoriasis.
  5. Reiter syndrome in addition to the primary symptoms may cause dryness of the skin.
  6. Ichthyosis is a hereditary disease that may increase the keratinization of the skin. The epidermis cracks and is reminiscent of fish scales. It develops due to hormonal imbalance.

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Characteristics appearance dry skin on fingers in some cases

In some cases, dry skin on the fingers may be accompanied by individual symptoms or additional features. Let’s consider them in more detail.

About nails

The dryness and peeling of skin around nails substantiates frequent contact with household chemicals and plain water, which is the cause of irritation.

Additional probable causes dryness of the skin in this area can be:

  • hormonal failure
  • diabetes,
  • disorders of the thyroid and psoriasis.

To establish the diagnosis will help the dermatologist after examination and passing a series of tests patient.

On the pads

Dry skin on the fingertips may cause the usual deficiency of vitamins in the body and an acute lack of nutrients.

In this state, in addition to dryness may also experience peeling, redness and sensitivity. In a more poor condition can cause pain and spotting.

If symptoms person you need to contact the doctor, because lack of vitamins affects the whole organism.


Cracks on the fingers can occur due to the influence of external factors, as internal failures.

The skin can become covered with cracks due to prolonged treatment with antibiotics or hormonal drugs.

Also, this skin condition happens with long contact with water, effect of acids or exposure to cold.

Cracks in the skin must heal, after they could easily get infected.

There are wounds

The sores on the skin is almost always an indicator of allergic reactions or serious illnesses. In any case, with such manifestations need to consult a dermatologist and diagnose.

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Wounds on the skin can be a symptom of:

  1. eczema,
  2. fungal infections,
  3. or other equally serious diseases.

They can also lead to infection of human blood.


Itching on the skin causes an allergic reaction to household cleaning products or cream. Apart from itching the person may suffer from burning sensation and redness of the skin.

Methods of treatment

To treat dry skin on fingers ways:

  1. Ointments.
  2. Creams.
  3. Folk remedies.

Let’s consider them in more detail.


The best ointments from drying out are:

  1. Vulnusan.
  2. Levomekol.
  3. Bepanten.

Before using the ointments you should consult your doctor. Otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation.

It is undesirable to apply the ointment during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


The cream can be used when the cause of dry hands become not disease, and external factors (the influence of cold, etc.). These creams will help to moisturize the skin and eliminate the pain.

Usually for this purpose is assigned to the following cream:

  1. Apilak.
  2. Lanolin.
  3. Velvet hands.

To use the cream carefully, because sometimes they can also cause allergies.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers means for getting rid of dry skin on fingers:

  1. The mask of honey. For its preparation you need to mix a spoon of honey and same amount of glycerin. Apply it on hands and leave for fifteen minutes, then rinse with water.
  2. Well helps fat sour cream and potato juice. These components should be rubbed separately into the skin.
  3. For very dry skin, you can use essential oils – almond, peach, tea tree oil. They not only eliminate the dryness, but will also enrich the skin with vitamins.


To reduce the risk of dryness on the fingers, you should follow these tips:

  1. Regularly moisturize the skin with special creams and lotions. Their composition should be present lactic acid or oil. It is advisable to do this moisture differently morning and evening. Additionally, you can practice baths for toes with added essential oils.
  2. Do not use those cosmetic products, which you doubt. In General, it is recommended to purchase hand cream and other remedies in pharmacies or specialized stores.
  3. Do not apply the cream if after applying it once caused dryness, redness or itching.

  4. All home treatments for cleaning, washing, washing dishes, etc. should always be done in special protective gloves. The only way to protect the delicate skin from the negative effects of household chemicals.
  5. To avoid frequent prolonged contact of hands with water.
  6. Wash hands with a mild cream soap lotion or gel, as ordinary soap dry out the skin.
  7. After you have washed your hands, they should carefully wipe with a towel, including the skin between the toes.
  8. Especially carefully it is necessary to take care of the hands in spring and autumn, when the immune system is weakened and there is a deficiency.
  9. In the cold season do not forget about gloves or warm mittens. They will protect the delicate skin of the fingers from cold and moisture loss.
  10. To prevent deficiency of nutrients, it is important to eat right. Enrich the diet of vegetables and fruits and juices, fish and seafood.
  11. When hard physical work is also necessary to use special gloves. They protect the skin from the brutality and scratches.
  12. At the first suspicion of disease of the skin need to tighten and in time to see a dermatologist. This specialist will help to eliminate the disease and prevent the development of complications.
  13. Refrain from complying with overly restrictive diets, since poor nutrition affects not only the skin, but also on the body.

  14. Useful to practice mask for hands. You can do them yourself at home.
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To keep skin hydrated is not an easy task, but it is doable if you follow all the recommendations of a cosmetologist. Also you should be attentive to their health and time to treat the accompanying illnesses that can appear on the skin condition of hands.